Thursday, 11 December 2008

Thursday's Troubles

Thank you Donna for this one I know its an older one but it is lovely.
Good Afternoon, Thursday already can hardly believe it. Its been a busy week trying to get ahead before Christmas even having all this retirement time on my hands I still can get behind. I have tried to catch up a bit this morning reading you entries got way behind as I have been having computer problems. Think its nearly better now fingers crossed.
What a morning Stuart has had he had a double blood test this morning to test his sugar level his first appointment was at 9-45 fasting of course blood taken a ECG then a sugary drink came home waited till 11-45 still fasting then off for a second blood test. He came home starving so have fed him with scrambled eggs on toast so he is a happy bunny now but I think he has just nodded off watching the news.
We were out yesterday and did a bit of the non perishable food shopping armed with a years worth of vouchers it was great as my shopping hardly cost me anything. I always save my Tesco's vouchers from one year to the next and it makes it more worth while that way.
I think that's about it for now so till next time. Love



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry Stuart was off to such a bad start for the day, but now he's fed I'm sure he's feeling better. We don't miss it til we don't have it and men do like thier food. I used to know a man that would be sooo grumpy if dinner was 5 minutes late. Hope your day is a better one now. 'On Ya'-ma

Stuart said...

sounds quite a hard start to the day - hope it gets better

Yasmin said...

I always save my Tesco's vouchers, I don't think people realise they last for a year or so, it does make a difference come Christmas, glad Stuart is doing ok now.

Take care


Jenny said...

We save the Tesco £1 stamps and usually end up with about £150 by christmas to buy all the food and drink with. It certainly stops a lot of worry.
Jenny <><

Jan said...

Sorry to hear Stuart hasnt been so good earlier hope he's feeling better now ,I know what you mean about retirement time ,Im behind too ,lets hope we get caught up soon lol Jan xx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I think when you have retired, you find things to keep yourself just as busy as when you worked. I didn't work when my children were small and always found myself behind this time of year. Hope all is well with Stuart...xx

Missie said...

I hate fasting blood tests. It always ends up you can't eat for most of the day.

Enjoy your Friday.

Marie said...

I do the same thing with my grocery vouchers!! It makes the Christmas shop almost painless! Glad to hear that Stuart has now had his tests and am praying for a positive outcome for him! I am sure his scrambled eggs went down a treat!

Bunny said...

It's Parkinson's Law, the retirement bit. If I have spare time, I potter, and end up in a panicky rush.
Hope all the tests `come good'.

Jeannette said...

I'm sorry Stuart was left to starve so long! I hate those fasting blood tests. I hope the computer problems are reslved now, mine has been good for ages now! It seems like the more time you have on your hands the longer it takes to do anything. Having said that I've done nothing for Christmas and probably won't now! Jeannette xx

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