Friday, 19 December 2008

Oh No Its Friday.

I just don't know what has happened to the days this week they seem of have disappeared like magic. With being in bed yesterday and not getting our weekly shop done on Wednesday I am like the cows tail all behind. Its one of those weeks when you wake up in the morning you have not got a clue what day it is. Hopefully tomorrow I will remember its Saturday and go for a coffee. I did get my shopping done today so we will not starve this weekend. Its been a dreadful day here heavy driving rain and strong winds with more forecast for tonight. We did not linger long when we were out today as I am not quite right yet but a lot better than yesterday and the wonderful weather people said it was going to snow by lunch time as usual they were wrong but whats new.
Wanted to say thank you to everybody who sent us all of those lovely Christmas cards they brighter up my lounge just lovely. Think I managed to get all the presents bought now will get them all sorted out this weekend, then it will just be finishing touches I hope. Not much else to tell tonight so till next time. Love,

Thank you Sugar for the siggy.


Sugar said...

my days seem to all run together, since i'm mostly home bound i have trouble keeping up with what day it is. grrr
son is sick with the flu, & this was my week to go to wally world to get my 2 wks supplies, i'm afraid to try to get out as there's patches of ice everywhere & so afraid of falling. son had said he'd go for me but now he's sick.
weather seems weird everywhere.
hope you get to go for a coffee tomorrow. glad your shopping got done!
have a good weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you are better and that you got out today, It was a terribly snowy, icy, rainy day here. A mixture that left me chilled for sure. I'm thankful it is Friday. The end of another long work week. 'On Ya'-ma

BlueRidge Boomer said...'s Friday!!!! I'm still working on Wednesday time.....your not alone in this holiday craziness.......have to shop tomorrow ....snow and ice on Sunday.......Hugs!

Marie said...

I hope you and Stuart have a wonderful weekend Joan! Glad you are feeling somewhat better. The weather really has been pants hasn't it!

Jeannette said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Joan, not nice being sick when there's so much to do. The weeks just fly past too fast for us all! Never mind, this time next week it'll all be over and people will be wondering what all the mad rush was about! I've done nothing for Christmas and it's too late now so I'll just forget this year and try again next year! I've been doing 12 and 14hr days at work and not had a chance to catch breath even! Have a good weekend, don't overdo it, don't want you laid up over the Christmas holiday! Jeannette xx

Yasmin said...

The week has flown by and I'm completely behind with everything, and to top it off I have a cold coming..oh well, glad your feeling better, and hope the weather improves so you can get out and about.

Take care


Jeanie said...

I lost count this week too Joan. Bryan just nods his head at me silently as if to say there's no hope!
I hope you keep getting better. Get well for Christmas.
Jeanie xxx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I can usually keep track of the days when I work. I've had to take so many days off this month that I'm getting befuddled about the days also. I still cannot believe it's 4 days until Christmas. Have a lovely Sunday! xx

Jan said...

Yes Iknow exactly what you mean ,what day is it ? lol ,Thankyou for your card too dear ,Christmas Blessings to you and Stuart Jan xx

Sandra said...

Hi Joan, I`m glad you`re feeling better. Your weather sounds awful but it`s completely different here down South. It`s been very mild and dry but who knows when that will change, certainly not the weather!
I hope you and Stuart have a very Happy Christmas. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I hope you are feeling better now ~ Your weather sounds dreadful ~ it hasn't been too bad here although it is really cold ~ hope you managed to have your coffee out ~ Ally x

Missie said...

Last week did fly by. I hope this week goes by a little slower so we can all get the little stuff done before Christmas.

Enjoy your week.

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