Thursday, 31 December 2009

Farewell to the Noughties


Good evening for the last time this year. I do not have a lot to tell we are still under a foot of snow and barely able to get to the supermarket and back in the car, as far as walking anywhere the pavements (sidewalks] are like sheets of glass and we don't want to break anything, I think the hospital will be busy enough.  We did manage to stock up a bit today, was not needing very much still have plenty in from Christmas. We are not expecting anyone tonight, not like the old days when we had a houseful on Hogmany. It used to be the best of nights with all the first footing. Times change. So that is the end of the noughties the decade that changed the world and not for the best I am afraid to say,  we can only hope for more peaceful times in the Teens.  Will close this years Musings by wishing you all my online friends A Very Happy New Year and will drink to your health and wealth for 2010 at midnight if I am still up or in the morning. Bye for now take care and keep warm. Love



Sunday, 27 December 2009

Snowed In.


Hello, so here we are Christmas is over and we are still snowed in, we managed out on Christmas day then yesterday and overnight we have had another heavy fall so I would say we have a good foot of snow here in Tayside at least some parts of it. It seem some parts of Scotland are clear and others are bad I am in the bad bit . This is day 11 of this spell of weather and it is becoming a bit boring. I thought we were going to have a bit of a thaw earlier today but it soon stopped.

Our birds are starving just now as there is no ground showing, I am trying to help as much as I can with food and water and I know you will all be helping too. Thought the graphic at the top was very appropriate. If the blackbirds would only eat instead of fighting all the time I think they would do better. We had a bit of a rarity in the garden today we a Brambling. This breed comes in from Scandinavia if the weather there gets too hard for them. Its long time since I have seen one with the weather getting warmer. brambling_300_tcm9-139624

As you can see the bird looks a bit like a Chaffinch but is much brighter and has a white tummy and more white on the wings. Here is another one for you ...........


I hope this lovely little bird comes in again tomorrow.We would love to see him again. This is not my photo we could not get out to take photos the snow is just too deep today. No newspapers here today either poor Stuart.

That's about it for today hope you are all keeping warm and safe as I know some of our friends over the ocean have a lot more snow that I have so till next time . Love


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve 2009.



Good afternoon, So here we are Christmas Eve and we should be ready for the big day by now. Things have not been easy here the last few days we are on day eight of the snow and it is one layer on top of the last. We now have about 8 inches of lovely white snow crunchy and firm giving us a beautiful white Christmas for the first time in a good few years. Temperature wise it has not been above freezing for days now so it it very cold dipping down to about 20f during the night and about 28f during the day so no sign of a thaw yet. We did manage to get out today for some bread and rolls and some fresh meat for our Christmas Eve dinner. Just Stuart and me but the sirloin steak looks lovely.

Yesterday Stuart took a couple of pictures of me in the garden feeding the birds and trying to clear a bit of ground for them to feed on. You feel so sorry for the ground feeding birds they cannot get to there natural food at all.  There is plenty of food in the feeders but of course they cannot get to that.


I think you can see the depth of the snow we have its a long time since we had this much.

Think that's about it for now other than to wish you all wherever you may be a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and I hope you can get to where you want to be. Till next time keep warm and safe.

DSCF0951      So from me to you have a great Christmas.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Time is Running Away


Good Morning, I thought I would try to update my journal today as it seem quiet some time since I wrote a word again. I did do an entry last week but had a lot of problems and in the end I gave up and to be honest I could not be bothered trying again.

It is five years now since we retired and it has gone in so quickly it is alarming wish it would slow done a  bit feel my life is running away like the sand in a timer.

Last week we took our usual trip to St Andrews on Monday and I had my camera at the ready for the Interior Design shop that does lovely windows. I did not think they were a nice as last year but still lovely. Here they are it is a small frontage but they do a great job.

DSCN0429 - Copy


On Tuesday we took ourselves off to Edinburgh I thought these windows were nice but you should have seen Harvey Nicks they were spectactular but no pictures I thought I would get arrested if I got my camera out.  Yesterday we were in Perth trying to finish the Christmas shopping nearly there now but still not happy about what I have for Stuart.

Using the phone is a big problem for me being so deaf it is not easy for me to hear what people are saying but today I hope all this is going to change. I am waiting for a delivery of a new updated phone for people with hearing difficulties I so much hope it works. Also waiting for a new set of pots they looked  really nice.

We have our small tree up now and the cards are arriving daily so the house is beginning to look quiet festive.

Will have Ellen from lunchtime tomorrow as her school breaks up for Christmas earlier than most.Have a few things up my sleeve to entertain here but I suppose the PC will be the main attraction.  Sure we will have a great afternoon as long as I can keep Scooby off the telly as then you don't get a chat at all with her.

Think that's about it for today off to read some blogs after I get dressed.  Take care,   

Christmas Love Joan.


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday Scene.

Good Afternoon, thought it was about time I took pen to paper so to speak as I have not updated here for some time. Things are very quiet here not a lot happening I have a bit of the cold this week and have been nursing myself with the usual cold cures or non cures as it is still here, this is day 6 and its still here.
Last Monday we went out to lunch to our favourite restaurant in Perth and were really disappointed that it is now only open on Saturdays for lunch. It took us aback and we had to rethink where to go. In the end we headed to Perth Theatre which has a nice restaurant, we had not eaten here before just had the odd coffee but any meals we had seen passing us always looked good. It turned out we were right we had a lovely lunch thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. The occasion was my birthday on Wednesday we were a day or two early but Monday suited better.
Wednesday we collected Ellen as usual and the homework was a real hoot. Instead of the usual sentences she has along with spelling and reading all we had was a run through of what will be happening at her Christmas concert. She sang danced said her words for about 15 minutes then collapsed in a heap exhausted on the floor. She soon recovered enough to have her tea and play on my laptop.
Stuart has been busy getting ready for his Art Group Christmas Exhibition which is on this weekend. I went along yesterday so see all the artwork. Along with the painting (all small ones this year) there is handmade silver jewellery, photography, hand painted dishes some prints and hand painted cards. It was lovely as we have a new small conference centre attached to our Episcopal Church it is small and just perfect for a cosy atmosphere there are plenty of decorations too just ot set things festive.. Think I will pop back in tomorrow for another look around.
Will have to get our Christmas cards written this week we had two in the post today so will have to get on. Christmas shopping wise doing not too bad still have to figure out something for Stuart and daughter in law my two problems.
Well I think that about it for this time hope you are keeping well and free from colds and flu so till next time take care and keep cosy. Love


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Thank you

Good evening, just popped in to say thank you for all your good wishes on Friday we had a lovely day a great meal the steak melted in your mouth and the movie was just fine so all in all a good day.
It is very cold here today windy and it is now dark although it is only just after four. We were a St Andrews yesterday for a wander got a great bargain of Patricia Cornwell's very latest book The Scarpetta Factor in hardback from a charity book shop for £2 50, it only came out last month so that made my day, oh I do like a hardback book, better not fall asleep with it in my hands it would make an awful thump on the floor.
That's all I have for today so till next time take care. Love


Friday, 13 November 2009

50 Years Together.


Friday 13th November 1959.

Good Morning, today is a very special day for Stuart and me. It is not our wedding anniversary, but it is 50 years to the day that we first met up again. We were at a cycling club end of season supper dance in Dundee where we both lived and worked. I have told the story before of how I met Stuart, my first of work when I was 15 and we were introduced at a bus stop, all very proper in these days and I knew he was the one, he did not and it took nearly 2 years for him to find that out. We always look on Friday the 13th as a lucky day for us and it has cropped up many times in our lives.

I had a lovely card today from Stuart with a poem he wrote himself and it was really beautiful but he would kill me if I wrote it down in my journal but take my word it was lovely.

It have put a photograph of us that was take last year at a wedding. I don't like having my picture taken at all and very seldom show one on here but thought today I should. Some of these days I will take time and scan a picture of what we looked like all those years ago.

Planning a grand meal tonight and maybe treat ourselves to a movie, Box Office on Sky are showing the latest Dan Brown movie Angels and Demons and we fancy that. So maybe a little drink, we both like Whisky Macs, and some nibbles and we will be all set.

Am off for my flue jab tomorrow just the normal one for me Stuart is waiting to be called for his Swine Flu jab but as yet no word. Till next time have a great weekend and take care. Love


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Autumn in Scotland.


Good Morning, I thought I had better post these photographs now before winter really gets settled in.It has been cold and frosty this week and we have had some rain too but it is very cold or is it just me feeling it more this year.

Some of the pictures I am posting are from Dundee Botanic gardens really enjoyed this visit it the first time we have been at this time of year so it made a grand change unfortunately the rain came soon after we arrived so the light was not great but the pictures are not too bad.




the next group were taken around Loch Earn and Loch Lubnaig about a month ago the day we I say my dragon.




Think that's about it for just now and I hope you enjoyed seeing them.  Take care Love,



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

To Old To Know Right From Wrong.

For many years I have had the strange notion that I would love to sit on a jury, its probably because of watching and reading too many thrillers but it is something I have always fancied doing. Yesterday at long last the letter came from the Sheriff's Office saying I had been selected to serve on a upcoming jury. Along with the letter was a little form to fill in. That was then I discovered that officialdom has waited too long to ask me to serve, as you have to be under 65 years old, so unfortunately I have missed my chance and am not happy about it at all. I know in the USA people of my age are used a jurists, think of all the money that would be saved if some of the good and true we made up of retirees we would not have to claim for lack of earnings just travel expenses. I suppose that would be too sensible for the country. I am really annoyed at this, not only because it was something I have wanted to do but I feel it is age discrimination and that is supposed to be against the law. End of rant for today. Take care. Till next time.

Love Joan.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Thinking of Days Gone By


Last Friday Stuart did not have an art class and as the sun was shining from a cloudless October sky we thought we would have one of our grand days out. We set of for Crieff and coffee and scones at the visitors centre where we had a quick read of the papers sitting at a sunny window with our drinks. We then headed to Loch Earn and this is what got me thinking of day gone by. When I was a little girl my parents had a motor bike and sidecar and we toured a great deal in it. One of the runs we used to take was to this loch in fact it was where I had my very first holiday when my Dad got home from the war in so it must have been 1946 by my reckoning. On our runs and holidays there we always stopped to see 'The St Fillians Dragon'. It is a hand painted very large rock that has been painted to look like a dragon. As a child I was terrified of the dragon from the roadside and one day I was taken over the field and the railway line to see it up close to show me there was nothing to be afraid of. Even up close I was not convinced it was not real. We could not get a picture of it on Friday as there is no parking all along the road. I do have a picture of myself and my Mum and Dad standing under it but I cannot put my hand on it just now. I have however found one or two on Wikepedia to let you see what I am talking about. Unfortunately I cannot get the pictures to download on here so if you click the link you will see my dragon.

I don't know what it is just now but I am in a remembering mood, Stuart must be sick listening to me. I have been gifted with the great memory and can recall the slightest detail about things, sometimes it's a good thing other times you don't want to remember.

This entry has been done over a couple of days this week, since I started it I have been to the optician had a dreadful appointment that took 2 hours, waiting 25 minutes to be seen had the test choose my frames saw the 'Optical Assistant' to get all the measurements done which took ages then he went and got another 'Optical Assistant' and she did it all over again to check his work, by the time we got out of there I was 'up to high doh and past it. What a dreadful morning we had. Reading this you will now know I am not the most patient person in the world.

I think that's about it for now will let you know how the new specs are when I pick them up on Monday, fingers crossed I will be able to see out of them after all this carry on. Take care till next time. Love


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Good Morning.


Good Morning, one thing I love about this time of year is looking at  the way everybody uses graphics for the season and for Halloween they are all super. Halloween seems to be a bigger occasion on the US side of the pond than it is here although it is getting bigger every year.

There has not been a lot happening here since my last entry now let me think .....

I  broke my spectacles last week so they are stuck together with sticky tape. Made a good job of that and you don't see it too much.  Have an appointment next week with the optician as it was time for a new pair fortunately.

Stuart has been beavering away with his artwork, we were out on Monday and collected a few bits and pieces from the hedgerows, berries and the like to give him something to paint over the next few weeks.

I have been learning to play Canasta on line and am getting there thanks to Jeannette but still have a way to go.  I am sure  some of the people online have been playing for years and years. Still it is something to pass the time now the nights are creeping in and the TV is so bad most nights.

The county side is starting to put on its Autumn coat of many colours, it still has a way to go as we have not had a bad frost to help it along.

The Greylag and Pink footed Geese are back with us after the breeding season in the Arctic the skies are just full of them just now it is special to see them.  Some of them will continue South but a few thousand will stay all winter unless the our loch freezes over as that is where they spend the night brrrrrrrrrrr.

Think that about all the happenings from my neck of the woods for now so till next time. Take Care Love Joan

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Good Morning.



Good Morning, I noticed I have not written a word in my journal for too long and thought I should say something even though there is not that much to say.  There are so many journals and blogs disappearing just now I don't want to be another one.

At last I can report new cooker installed looking good and working great. We also had to have a new boiler for our heating system installed as our old one was condemned by the heating engineers, we knew it was coming but you do put these big jobs off don't you. Now we need to decorate the kitchen and plaster up the holes in the wall.  Not too big a job! We hope to start next week all going well.

At last we are having some dry weather after a very wet July and August it is a lot cooler but at least it is dry and we can get laundry dry on the line and get the grass cut.

Our granddaughter was on a school trip last week and she was telling us that they were pretending to be evacuees . The went to a farm about 70 miles away complete with labels on there coats and were told all about the children during WW2. She seemed to really have a good time although they were not allowed to touch the animals because of this Salmonella outbreak these type of places are having just now.

Stuart is doing well and able to walk me off my feet so his operation seems to have been a great success. I am very please to see him coming in after a  walk and not in great pain.

I think that's  about it for now will try not to be so long away next time.   Take care. Love


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Pre Breakfast Preamble.


Good Morning, it has not been the best of weeks here between the weather the cooker and the central heating oh yes we are back to that subject again not having the best of times.

First the weather we have just had 36 hours of terrencial rain with lots of bad flooding a bit further north than here, bridges washed away rivers bursting there banks people having to be evacuated from there homes, we were lucky here as we don't stay near a river just the loch and that was ok

Next the cooker, it is now four week today since the fire and I am still waiting. Ten days ago the insurance company said ok you need a new cooker instructed us what cooker we could have and where to go for it. We are limited for width so the choice is limited and there was only two models that fitted. The one I liked was out of stock and would take a few days to get and then they only fit in my area on Mondays and Friday I was told I was too late for yesterday so Monday is the big day. I have been really fed up cooking in the microwave one thing at a time trying to keep things hot till the next thing was ready or going next door to use my neighbours oven as she is away just now but I don't want to use her hob just in case of accidents so I am looking forward to Monday in hope it all goes well. 

Lastly the heating, we had the engineer in on Thursday to service it and he condemned the boiler.  We could get a spare part for it but the thought of another winter with it breaking down and spending in excess of £169 to get it fixed just now we have decided to have a new boiler put in. The one we have is over 20 years old and I think it is time to stop throwing good money away and calling it a day. The man from the Gas Board is coming on Tuesday to tell us all about it so if it is within our means we will have a new system for the winter.

Going back to the cooker, insurance nowadays it has cost us £100 excess plus £85 delivery and fitting and £8 to take away the old cooker and we will loose our no claim bonus as well does this seem a good deal to you as it does not to me.

Sorry to rant this morning but this is just the way it is hope things will be looking better in my next entry. Hope you are all keeping well so till next time take care.



Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Day Away


Hi have not been on journals much of late other things needing attention.  Yesterday we had our weekly day away.  We had a lovely walk round Dunkeld and a good coffee one that you could call coffee and a homemade scone.  We then went to Lady Charlotte's a series of forest walks we have visited many times. We had a spot of lunch then headed off for a walk with the camera and binoculars. It is a uphill start to the walk and after about half a mile I had to call a halt as my hip was so very sore and I had lost my breath too.  This is a walk Stuart and I has dove many many times over the years but yesterday was not one of them. It is such a great place and a lovely walk up to two little lochs.  I have never felt so old and helpless as I did yesterday I don't think I will ever attempt it again it is making me feel so low. We did however have a lovely run in the car and took some great pictures according to Stuart I have not downloaded them on my PC yet will get to them when I feel better.  That's about it for today, sunny and breezy here did a bit of pruning today as it was not too warm to work outdoors.  Till next time. Love



Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday's Weather


Good Morning, not that it is here we have lashing rain here again this is the third day running my laundry basket is full to overflowing and I will have see to it today regardless of the weather.

It is not the best time for us just now I set the cooker on fire last Saturday browning off macaroni cheese. The grill caught fire and since then we have not a cooker. We are waiting for a insurance assessor to come and say what is happening if it can be repaired or can be replaced it has been one phone call after another. We did not get our day away last week as we stayed in for phone calls we were not wanting to miss any news. Man is coming on Tuesday to sort things out so its cold meat and salads for us again tonight although I made great stovies in the microwave the other night.

Summer here is passing us by and there is definately a touch of Autumn about the winds we had yesterday were gale force and I would not be surprised to hear of fallen trees the leaves were passing the windows and our Swift have packed there bags for warmer climes.

During the time we have had to stay home I have been playing games on Pogo there is such a great choice and I love doing all the challenges they set us.  Had a lovely chat to Jeannette (Outside Looking In) yesterday afternoon it was great to chat to another lady that likes games and to chat to a lady who likes a natter is really enjoyable.

Stuart is doing very well and can walk about one and a half miles without pain so he is really pleased at this outcome. He walks so fast I can't keep up with him but he always has done so nothing new there. 

Think that about all for today hope you all have a lovely day and the rain stays away.

                                               Love  joan


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tuesday's Spiel


Good afternoon, it seems a long time since I said a word in my journal been so busy playing games on Pogo I have not had any time at all to spare.

Hospital appointment last week for Stuart nurse appointment for me will it never end.

Yesterday we took the chance of no appointment to take a bus ride to Stirling (Braveheart Territory) for a much needed shopping expedition. It was sooooo busy full of children misbehaving and noise. We did get all we went for so that was good, Perth is fine but not a lot of big stores. When we turned into our little cul-de-sac when we got home there was not a sound and not a person in sight it was lovely after such a busy day. We like to use the bus with our faithful free bus pass when we go to Stirling as the bus station is right at the shopping centre which is great just up in the escalator from said bus station and your there. By the time we got home out feet were killing us and today we are suffering with a few aches and pains think its the slow strolling that does that. On the way home after a sunny day the usual the rain came on, will we have any more completely dry days this summer. Today is dull and looks like it might rain any moment.

That's about all I have for you today other than to wish you all well. Car goes into the hospital tomorrow for a service if you can't beat us join us, so it Perth for us, then up to feed the rabbits as the family are still away. Would you like to click into my new widget top right would be nice to see you there. Till next time Love


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yet another Rainy Day


Good Morning, What happened to our Barbaque Summer we were promised  I can assure you we are not having one here these last couple of weeks. Yesterday was a lovely day today it is raining what will tomorrow bring.

I would like to thank all of you that left lovely comments on my fourth journal birthday it was great to hear you all love reading my bits and pieces and seeing my photograghs it gives you a lot of encouragement to carry on.

We had two days out this week both of them total wash outs. We did over 100 miles in the car on Monday got caught up in a mini rain storm that lasted most of the way and ruined a nice run. On Friday we spent the day in St Andrews and again we were caught up in the rain with no umbrella.  On our way there we had stopped at a nature reserve and I had left said umbrella there so we got wet in St Andrews.  We went back into the hide on the way home to do some more bird watching as the tide was coming in and that makes for more birds.  While we were there we had another big mini storm over the estuary where we were sitting, glad we were inside the rain was torrencial for about ten minutes and then cleared away as quickly as it came. Remembered to collect umbrella on the way out think we may just need it again this summer.

Family are away for a few day holiday visiting DIL's Grandparents in Wales hope they have good weather and enjoy there visits. They have not seen Ellen  now 8 since she was just over a year old, boy are they in for a surprise. She was telling us about visiting her relatives when she was here on Wednesday we had to laugh it was really funny. 

Not sure what we will be doing today I have a big basket of ironing from yesterday so I will get on with that and maybe I will make some scones.  Bought some new cutters and have not tried them out yet so will try to do that. Think that's about it for today so till next time hope you have a peaceful Sunday.   Love and




Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday


Good Morning, four years ago today I sat down and started to write for the first time in my journal, came up with the title Joan's Musings and the rest is history. I was trying to think how I got into this I had never written anything other than  school compositions and had never had any notion to write. I had retired in December 2004 and had more time on my hands, had stopped smoking in November 2003 so with one thing and another I needed something to do with my hands and you can only play so many games.

I did need help to get started I just could not get a picture to go in at the top of entries but with the help of Jeannette and Sara (Smiles) I got there in the end after many emails. With AOL we did have our problems that were not of our making too some days your entry just vanished into thin air and you had to start again and you never get it back the same again. I then worked out if I did my entry in Word and saved it I could try again without having to write it again. I now use Windows Live Writer as I like the way you can do your pictures as I just can't get the size right in Photobucket and the html get me every time and I end up with all text. The transition to Blogger after our eviction was not to bad for me my journal came across no problem but I know for others it was a marathon operation and some gave up.  In the last months we have lost so many J-land friend and this is sad as it is just as easy to write now as it was with AOL you just need a few tries at it. I have a trial journal where I tried things out to begin with and found that a great help.

I have tried to be of interest but being retired there is not an awful lot going on in our lives just a day out here and there endless doctors and hospital appointment that must bore everybody to death. I take photographs of my wonderful country and show them to you so one day you may visit this wonderful place.

One of the thing I love about our little community is if you are needing some support it is there for you in abundance. Stuart has had heart problems while I have been writing over the years and  I had a bad Spring this year and there is always prayers being sent and word of encouragement from you all. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

I love all the company I get from reading all your journals as I do not have much contact with female company so I treat this like a coffee morning when I read all your entries. I have had visits from all over the UK and the US and recently made a new friend in Holland, hope it keeps going round the world. Sorry Stuart R you are the only male that reads my blog other than my hubby but he never comments.

So here's to the next year and what it will bring, what mistakes I will make but I will keep trying to be of interest and get some new pictures for you.  Thank you all for visiting me here in Scotland and taking the time to comment it makes my day to read them. Till next time.                                 




Monday, 20 July 2009

Where Were You When Apollo 11 Landed On the Moon


Good afternoon, Where were you the night when Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon?  Maybe you were not born or too young to remember.  Me I was sitting feeding a two and a half month baby in the middle of the night. I remember it so well Stuart was sitting with me and Richard our one and only woke up for his night feed. We had set our alarm for the occassion there was no way we were going to miss it. It was fabulous to see even though the picture was very grainy but we were rooted to the screen of the black and white telly.   So here we are 40 years on Richard is 40 and we are a lot older and wiser I think. It is such a pity the the exploration of space 'The  Final Frontier 'did not continue after the Moon landings it could have been so great.  To all the astonauts on Apollo 11 congratulations on a job well done. Till next time. Love                  


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Its Thursday Again.


Good Afternoon, it has been a strange week, everything out of our usual routine. We are very set in our ways we should not be now that we are retired its just the way we like it. Stuart was in hospital on Tuesday all very briefly for his op on his leg we went in at 8-15am and were out again by 11-55am. This was a big surprise to us as we were told to prepare for an overnight stay so we took all the usual bits and pieces with us but did not need anything don't think Stuart had even time to read his morning paper. So here we are Thursday and he is on the mend he has a lot of pain where his Angioplasty was put in and was a bit tired after it. We had a day away on Monday so the day would go in a bit quicker for Stuart and keep his mind occupied. Here are some of the pictures.


The Swallows were nesting in the garden centre on the security light so I imagine they paid extra for the central heating.


It was a lovely evening on the way home and we stopped by Lindores Loch just in case the Ospreys were fishing but no luck but the loch was looking fabulous.


Looking the other way from the fisherman's car park. Stuart was caught on camera in the corner.


The Thistles are just starting to come out here. Just caught the bee on top after a few tries.


And the last one for today.

We have been busy too this week watching the Tour De France which is in its second week. We have been doing well with one of our cyclist winning four stages but not the yellow jersey. He wears the green jersey as points leader. Today starts The British Open Golf from Turnberry on the west coast of Scotland south of Glasgow, so it is going to be a busy viewing time for us. I like to watch it over my laptop while I do this or play a game or ten. Stuart is glued to it but as he cannot go our for a few days yet it keeps him out of trouble. Well I think that all for today till next time take care.



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