Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Our Christmas has been Cancelled

Good afternoon, as you can see from my title today our Christmas is cancelled well our Christmas dinner with the family is cancelled everybody that would be there with the exception of Ellen is down with flu. So Richard, Lisa and Lisa's Mum and Dad are all ill. Stuart and I are OK (we had our flu jags ) and we are not going to chance going up to our sons for Christmas Day. Stuart has not been at his best lately as I have said and he does had a heart condition too so we are going to give it a miss. We are all going to reconvene next week for our Christmas Day festivities. I always have the makings of a special lunch in the fridge for Boxing Day so I will bring it forward to tomorrow all I had to run out for was Christmas pudding as the one I had ready to take with us tomorrow is a very large one and I did not want to start it.

Have been out for odds and ends this morning and had a coffee in our local garden centre, lovely. I think that it from me only to say to all of you from Stuart and I we hope you all have a lovely Christmas and stay clear of this awful flu.
Love Joan.
Post has just arrived one last Christmas card + Gas and Electric bills wow what a Christmas Eve post. Happy Christmas.


Bunny said...

Oh Joan, I posted before I read your entry. What a shame. No two ways about it, you're right to abort, these bugs are too nasty to risk passing on.
Do hope you and Stuart have a nice quiet celebration with whatever you've got stashed away.
Happy Christmas!

Yasmin said...

Joan that's a shame but with this flu bug going around I would imagine a lot of people are going to be spending Christmas in Bed.

You have next week to look forward to.
You and Stuart have a lovely day tomorrow.



Sugar said...

so sorry to hear that, but you & stuart can still have a nice day, just the two of you.
hope all are feeling better soon (my son has it too).
Merry Christmas, my friend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry everyone is sick there, it is good that you both got that flu shot. I did too and am grateful for it as many are suffering this time of year. Take care and have a Merry Christmas! 'On Ya'-ma

Sybil said...

Dear Joan, what a shame...but as you say it is not worth the risk for anyone to get any more bugs. The flu has just come at the wrong time for us all. Thankfully for me it was 10 days ago so I am now...hopefully...germ free, just a cough left..
There are times mind you when it would be lovely to be on our own at Christams....nows your time to enjoy that idea. you can just do EXACTLY what you like eat and drink whenever you feel like it etc etc.
Have a lovely christmas I am sure there will be phone calls whirring around Fife...
Much Love sybil xxx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh, Joan, sorry that old flu bug is going around and hit the family. I wouldn't chance getting it if I was well either. Besides that, Christmas can be any day that you celebrate and carry on the spirit. Hope they recover soon. xx

Sara said...

So sorry to hear that everyone is ill m'dear. There are some rotten bugs around at the moment aren't there. My Dad has been quite ill too recently, with this flu bug.

I hope that you and Stuart have a lovely Christmas just the two of you, and that everyone is well again for next weeks Christmas dinner :o)


Jan said...

Oh dear what a shame but it its probably wise to avoid these awful bugs that are doing the rounds ,my sister in law had her flue jab ,but has had awful brochitis for three weeks she is a diabetic,so has to be careful what antibiotics she takes ,Have a lovely day both of you, all our love Jan and Maurice xxxxx

Missie said...

I sure hope everyone gets well soon!

Marie said...

What a shame Joan. There is a nasty bug going around though. Our dinner guests for today have cancelled due to coming down with it as well, so will be just Todd and I and a huge turkey! Hope all are feeling well soon! Happy Christmas! XXOO

Dawn said...

I'm sorry your Christmas is postponed. But let me wish you and Stuart a Merry Christmas anyway.

Julie said...

Sorry you had to cancel your plans. The flu is going around here also and I would do almost anything to avoid it. Problem is I did have to work so hope I didn't catch it there. Happy Christmas to you and Stuart.

Jeannette said...

You're very wise to stay at home Joan! Even with the flu jab I wouldn't risk going to an infected house. I hope the family soon feel better and you enjoyed your day with Stuart. Jeannette xx

Jeanie said...

I come late to your entry Joan as I had my daughter and children staying from Christmas Eve until today.
I hope you managed to avoid the flu bug. So sorry Christmas with the family didn't work out but it's best to avoid any bugs the older we all get.
Bryan and I have had the flu jab but that doesn't rule out everything else that is going the rounds at the moment.
Enjoy yourelves when you all manage to get together again. I'm sure you will.
Happy New Year to you and Stuart.
Jeanie xxx

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