Friday, 25 June 2010

June Bursted Out And Is Now Nearly Gone

Good afternoon, have you ever noticed hope quickly June flies in. I look forward to June I think it is my favourite month and here we are on the 25th already and next week it will be July. Up here our summer is very short and good weather is always in short supply. This year has been much better we have had little or no rain this month and it was quiet a dry spring. Already councils are talking about water shortages and hosepipe bans. After the winter we had how can this be. Stuart read a piece out of the Scotsman on Monday saying that the island of Mull is practically out of water and are having to bring it in by tanker. Hotels have had to close down and one lady that owns 8 cottages and has to cancel all here bookings. This will effect jobs where there are not many normally. Surely they do not have enough storage as I am sure they get plenty of rain being on the west coast.

It has been a lovely week up here lots of sunshine earlier on in the week a bit cloudy now but still warm enough to sit out with your book or paper. I have been reading a lot of late, have made a big change away from my thrillers to Penny Vincinzi books pure fizz but very addictive reading and each so different from the last and all about 800/900 pages so you really get into them. I have just finished one that took place during the last war about three girls and what they did during that time it was great very informative another one was about Lloyd's names and all the troubles for them in the '90 so you see what I mean all very different but great stories.

Well I think that's about it for today time to make some lunch just back from Sainsbury's with a nice crusty loaf. Till next time take care, Love Joan.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another Big Twitch.

Tormaukin Inn Glan Devon.

On Thursday evening Stuart was checking Bird Alert and saw there was a rarity very close to us, but Friday can be a bit difficult for us as you know Stu has his art class in the morning and we were sure the said bird would be gone by the time we could get there. Now this little bird should be in Siberia. We arrived about 2-30 the sun was shining and it was warm. The bird a Common Rosefinch had taken up residence behind a little hotel in Glen Devon a really sheltered spot. We meet another couple from Edinburgh and stood chatting to them watching all the time for our little visitor. We all went to the inn for a coffee and sat outside on the patio for a rest after standing for a while, it was very hot. Then just after 4 o'clock we heard him calling a very loud distinct call for such a little bird. When you look at a picture in a bird book usually when you see the bird it is never as brightly coloured as the book but this little guy I say guy because this is the male was so bright he was so red, if it had been a female she is very drab and brown. We all had great views and this was a life bird for us so that is another one to add to our life list. I would like to thank Jack for sending me the picture he took of the Rosefinch and allowed me to put it in in my blog. So here is the little chap.

The Common Rosefinch.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Holiday Photographs.

Good Afternoon I have put in some of our holiday pictures to let you see what we were up to it is so difficult to do this type of entry working back words so I hope it reads ok. Raining here this afternoon after a glorious week pity it had to end even if the garden will enjoy the drink. So here you go..........................
This a lovely little plant was growing in the wall at the Abbey we visited I brought home a cutting to see if I can get it to grow in between some flagstones thought it would better than the weeds.
A busy day's birding at Titchwell look at the colour of the sky, magnificent

Steam Engine at Well Next the Sea getting ready to go to Holt.

North Creek Abbey. A wonderful tranquil place to sit and contemplate.

Lifeboat Station Wells

Beach huts at Wells

More beach huts at Wells.

Titchwell. RSPB

Hope you have enjoyed seeing or holiday shots as much as I enjoyed taking them. Till next time Love Joan

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