Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yet another Rainy Day


Good Morning, What happened to our Barbaque Summer we were promised  I can assure you we are not having one here these last couple of weeks. Yesterday was a lovely day today it is raining what will tomorrow bring.

I would like to thank all of you that left lovely comments on my fourth journal birthday it was great to hear you all love reading my bits and pieces and seeing my photograghs it gives you a lot of encouragement to carry on.

We had two days out this week both of them total wash outs. We did over 100 miles in the car on Monday got caught up in a mini rain storm that lasted most of the way and ruined a nice run. On Friday we spent the day in St Andrews and again we were caught up in the rain with no umbrella.  On our way there we had stopped at a nature reserve and I had left said umbrella there so we got wet in St Andrews.  We went back into the hide on the way home to do some more bird watching as the tide was coming in and that makes for more birds.  While we were there we had another big mini storm over the estuary where we were sitting, glad we were inside the rain was torrencial for about ten minutes and then cleared away as quickly as it came. Remembered to collect umbrella on the way out think we may just need it again this summer.

Family are away for a few day holiday visiting DIL's Grandparents in Wales hope they have good weather and enjoy there visits. They have not seen Ellen  now 8 since she was just over a year old, boy are they in for a surprise. She was telling us about visiting her relatives when she was here on Wednesday we had to laugh it was really funny. 

Not sure what we will be doing today I have a big basket of ironing from yesterday so I will get on with that and maybe I will make some scones.  Bought some new cutters and have not tried them out yet so will try to do that. Think that's about it for today so till next time hope you have a peaceful Sunday.   Love and




Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday


Good Morning, four years ago today I sat down and started to write for the first time in my journal, came up with the title Joan's Musings and the rest is history. I was trying to think how I got into this I had never written anything other than  school compositions and had never had any notion to write. I had retired in December 2004 and had more time on my hands, had stopped smoking in November 2003 so with one thing and another I needed something to do with my hands and you can only play so many games.

I did need help to get started I just could not get a picture to go in at the top of entries but with the help of Jeannette and Sara (Smiles) I got there in the end after many emails. With AOL we did have our problems that were not of our making too some days your entry just vanished into thin air and you had to start again and you never get it back the same again. I then worked out if I did my entry in Word and saved it I could try again without having to write it again. I now use Windows Live Writer as I like the way you can do your pictures as I just can't get the size right in Photobucket and the html get me every time and I end up with all text. The transition to Blogger after our eviction was not to bad for me my journal came across no problem but I know for others it was a marathon operation and some gave up.  In the last months we have lost so many J-land friend and this is sad as it is just as easy to write now as it was with AOL you just need a few tries at it. I have a trial journal where I tried things out to begin with and found that a great help.

I have tried to be of interest but being retired there is not an awful lot going on in our lives just a day out here and there endless doctors and hospital appointment that must bore everybody to death. I take photographs of my wonderful country and show them to you so one day you may visit this wonderful place.

One of the thing I love about our little community is if you are needing some support it is there for you in abundance. Stuart has had heart problems while I have been writing over the years and  I had a bad Spring this year and there is always prayers being sent and word of encouragement from you all. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

I love all the company I get from reading all your journals as I do not have much contact with female company so I treat this like a coffee morning when I read all your entries. I have had visits from all over the UK and the US and recently made a new friend in Holland, hope it keeps going round the world. Sorry Stuart R you are the only male that reads my blog other than my hubby but he never comments.

So here's to the next year and what it will bring, what mistakes I will make but I will keep trying to be of interest and get some new pictures for you.  Thank you all for visiting me here in Scotland and taking the time to comment it makes my day to read them. Till next time.                                 




Monday, 20 July 2009

Where Were You When Apollo 11 Landed On the Moon


Good afternoon, Where were you the night when Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon?  Maybe you were not born or too young to remember.  Me I was sitting feeding a two and a half month baby in the middle of the night. I remember it so well Stuart was sitting with me and Richard our one and only woke up for his night feed. We had set our alarm for the occassion there was no way we were going to miss it. It was fabulous to see even though the picture was very grainy but we were rooted to the screen of the black and white telly.   So here we are 40 years on Richard is 40 and we are a lot older and wiser I think. It is such a pity the the exploration of space 'The  Final Frontier 'did not continue after the Moon landings it could have been so great.  To all the astonauts on Apollo 11 congratulations on a job well done. Till next time. Love                  


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Its Thursday Again.


Good Afternoon, it has been a strange week, everything out of our usual routine. We are very set in our ways we should not be now that we are retired its just the way we like it. Stuart was in hospital on Tuesday all very briefly for his op on his leg we went in at 8-15am and were out again by 11-55am. This was a big surprise to us as we were told to prepare for an overnight stay so we took all the usual bits and pieces with us but did not need anything don't think Stuart had even time to read his morning paper. So here we are Thursday and he is on the mend he has a lot of pain where his Angioplasty was put in and was a bit tired after it. We had a day away on Monday so the day would go in a bit quicker for Stuart and keep his mind occupied. Here are some of the pictures.


The Swallows were nesting in the garden centre on the security light so I imagine they paid extra for the central heating.


It was a lovely evening on the way home and we stopped by Lindores Loch just in case the Ospreys were fishing but no luck but the loch was looking fabulous.


Looking the other way from the fisherman's car park. Stuart was caught on camera in the corner.


The Thistles are just starting to come out here. Just caught the bee on top after a few tries.


And the last one for today.

We have been busy too this week watching the Tour De France which is in its second week. We have been doing well with one of our cyclist winning four stages but not the yellow jersey. He wears the green jersey as points leader. Today starts The British Open Golf from Turnberry on the west coast of Scotland south of Glasgow, so it is going to be a busy viewing time for us. I like to watch it over my laptop while I do this or play a game or ten. Stuart is glued to it but as he cannot go our for a few days yet it keeps him out of trouble. Well I think that all for today till next time take care.



Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thusday Catch up and it's

Good Evening, thought I should show my face here as it is over a week since I last wrote a word. Have been mucking about on Facebook a great place to play games and Twittering to friends great fun and it only takes a moment to do so.
Have been enjoying all the good weather we had last week and it still ok not counting Monday when we had two big thunder storms back to back that caused roads to be closed it even flooded the garden but no damage done that could not be sorted. With all the sunshine and warm weather my tomatoes are ready for picking they are so early this year, so I will be sampling them this week.
On Tuesday we were in Perth and there was a big Military parade with The Royal Scott Dragoons a pipe band the Lord Provost of Perth and the lady Provost and two mounted guards too. We were sitting having coffee and coulds see it all Stuart went out to get some pictures for my journal know what's coming the batteries in the camera were flat and so were the spares I was so annoyed as it was such a colourful parade. Its always the same you either don't have a camera with you or the batteries are flat. When we are having our days away I carry three cameras but on Tuesday we were just on a shopping trip so I just had my small Nikon with me in my bag.
Today Thursday we have been tidying the garden Stuart did most of it I did a bit of weeding to help. Changed our beds this morning and have just finished ironing all the linen from them that's the worst of single beds all the bedding to be ironed. I am roasting here at the moment got my fan blowing to help me cool down it is very hot in the kitchen tonight as the oven was on for supper.
You will all be surprised to hear it T in the Park time again it seems to come round so quickly so I suppose we are in for a noisy weeked. It now runs from Thursday till Sunday midnight. For anyone that has not heard of this event it the biggest music festival in Scotland and takes place about a mile from where I live there are many big bands appearing like Elbow, Snow Patrol, Pete Docherty, Blur Dove etc. there 100,000 people expected at the festival so you can emagine what it will be like the village will be so busy. Parking will be a nightmare as it is bad at any time and just now with our supermarket being closed too it will be much worse. Best thing to do is stay in and watch Lance Armstrong in the tour De France.
Before I close Stuart goes into hospital on Tuesday to get an Angioplasty in both legs so put in a good word for in if you would be so kind, that everything goes will. Having to travel to Dundee for this as our local hospital is not equipted for this proceedure.
Think that's about it for today so till next time Love Joan

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