Friday, 30 January 2009

Friday Update.


Good Morning, it seem ages since I wrote anything bit have  been a bit busy as I am having a new kitchen put in next week so have a bit of preparations to make but looking forward to seeing it all done.

Ellen had a great day skiing on Tuesday but there was a mishap. Ellen's best friend we will call her N does not travel well and was very sick all over Ellen on the way to the Ski slopes it was not to bad as they were outside all day and she said she had a great time. Back on the bus they all had a change of clothing with them but unfortunately N was sick again on the way home while Ellen was sitting beside her.  Ellen just about made it but eventually the smell got to her and she was sick too.  I was told all this my my dil Ellen did not mention the sick bit to us she just told us about the snow being not too icy and the run she was on was great so obviously the incident did not bother her too much so dil was left with a utility room full of very smelly ski clothing etc including trainers, glad it was not me.

Weather wise we are having a bit of a lull before some nasty weather comes to us late Saturday/Sunday. We hope it is not too bad as we have to go to Dundee for a hospital appointment for Stuart on Monday  it is on a main motorway and dual carriageway so hopefully it will be ok it just being retired now we usually don't go out on bad roads now if we don't need to.

I think that's about it for today so I wish you a happy weekend till next time. Love



Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sunny Monday.2


Good Morning, I know it will be after twelve by the time you read this but it is morning for me. I did this entry last night and made a mess of things and did not have time to do it again.

We had a lovely walk yesterday in the sunshine it was a super day and we took the chance to have another walk down by the loch.  It is wonderful to have access to it after all the years we have been restricted to a few hundred yards.I read in our local newsletter that the new trail is being well used by the residents and I am sure come the better weather it will be busy at times.  Hope we well still be able to get a quiet walk during the week.                     


The photographs today were taken with my trusty old Nikon we did try to get some pictures with our new camera and scope but we need a lot of practice, not bad with views but with the wildlife its a different story.Yesterday every time I got set up the duck either dived or flew away it was very difficult but with a lot of patients we will get there. Stuart had some good results last week from the kitchen window but he was inside and not freezing to death like we have been outside. The picture above was taken by me from outside the bird hide the water is frozen and just liked the effect I got.                        




This next picture is of Bishop Hill and Loch Leven the water being calm enough to give a nice reflection. There is just a dusting of snow on the top.


I feel so fortunate to live in such a lovely area of Scotland it is not a rugged as it is further north it is more rolling here but it has its own beauty. I just wish I was going to be fit enough to walk all the way round the loch (just over 10 miles) when the trail is finished later this year.

That's if for today so till next time.  Love,             


Sorry if you think you have read this before I tried to delete the entry from last night but it is still there. You seem to be able to see thepictures but I can't thats why I wanted to delete it. Love Joan.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

250 Years Ago.

Today is the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. Our National Bard was born in Alloway in Ayrshire Scotland all those years ago. It is a special day in Scotland and many families will have a traditional meal tonight. A Burns Supper as it is called can be a big occasion here, many Burns Societies in Scotland have big Suppers in Hotels and Halls where they will pipe in the Haggis and have readings of Burns works and songs. In homes all over Scotland we will have our own Burns Supper Stuart and I included. The menu will be traditional.....


Mashed Neep (Swede/Turnip)

Mashed Tatties. (Potatoes)

And of course a wee dram of Whisky

as a toast,

To the Haggis (The chieftan of the pudding race)

It is a lovely meal not to every bodies taste but it is good.

Stuart and I tried to go for a walk this morning but only managed to get to the news agent for a paper as the pavements we very slippy we had had a slight covering of snow then rain the whole lot had frozen over and left it all very icy. Stuart does not do slippy roads so we just had to come home. It's sunny now but think we are off the notion of a walk, you get settled down and then just can't be bothered. I think that's about it for today so till next time will leave you with some of the Bards words.......................

To A Mouse. By Robert Burns.

Wee, sleekit, cowran, tim'rous beastie,

O, what panic's in thy breastie!

Thou need na start awa sae hasty,

Wi' bickering brattle!

I wad be laith to rin an' chase thee,

Wi' murd'ring pattle!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Heat Is On.

Good Morning, Yes I am still here and glad to say the heat is on (at the moment). What a week Monday morning just out of bed at 8am when the plumber arrived so, it was all go as the the position of the pump and tank are in a cupboard in our bedroom and the beds have to be moved to get in. That done the plumber got started then discovered that he needed another part so off he went to Perth to get it thats about 38 miles there and back. Just after her arrived back the snow came on very heavy and continued for a couple of hours. It did lie but not very deep just a inch or so. By lunchtime the heating was up and running it has been a bit noisy and we still have to have another valve fitted to let the air escape so we have been told. I am absolutely fed up to the back teeth with this heating system this winter, it is getting old now but has cost us a fortune this winter. It has been strange in our married life every time we treat ourselves to something that is not absolutely necessary something essential will break down, last week we bought our new camera etc and then the heating goes wrong again its aways been the same it used to be the car always broke down now its the heating oh well mump over.

Yesterday we had a little run round in the car before doing the shopping and collecting Ellen from school. She is looking forward to going on a school trip next week sking in Glen Shee. She is a lucky girl. She has been having lessons since she was three on the dry ski slope at school so I am sure she will enjoy the real thing once more it is a while since she was on snow so it will be great fun with her classmates.

We have been trying to get out all week to try out the new camera and scope but the weather has been so cold and miserable it has been impossible. Stuart has had a bit of a practice from the kitchen window to the bird table and was pleased with the results. I have been amusing myself with my old playstation been playing Tomb Raider once again am finding it hard to get back to the level of expertise I was at a year ago it takes time to get the control back but I will get there in the end. I find I am not nearly as patient as I used to be and cannot stay on the playstation for nearly as long as I used to but I still enjoy it very much. Well I think thats about it for now waiting for the plumber coming to fit the valve and watching Andy Murray over the top of my laptop hope he does well. Till nixt time,Love

Friday, 16 January 2009

Oh No Not Again

For Outside Read Inside.

Do you remember our central heating broke down just before Christmas well its done it again. Last night it just refused to ignite (Its Gas). Plumber was here first thing but unfortunately he will not get the spare parts until Monday so we re in for a cold weekend. We have a gas fire which is very good but my lounge is open plan with a staircase at the back that leads upstairs so we lose a lot of heat that way. In our bedroom we have a fan heater so it's not too bad but when you go to the kitchen or he bathroom you need to put your coat on just about.

Not been much happening here this week other than we have bought a new telescope that has a camera attachment and the camera, so we can't wait for sunny day to go out and try it out it is just what we have been wanting for ages and this Nikon set is just perfect, will show you the results when I get some pictures taken. It will take a bit of practice but sure we will get the hang of it no problem.

I did a picture search and came up with this its not quite the same ours is all black but its near enough. Roll on a sunny day.

I have updated my Book Journal if you want a look to see what I have just read. Here is he link

Think that's about it for today so will be off now till next time.Love

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Second entry today ........

No entry all week then two in one day. I popped back to tell you there is a new channel on Sky maybe it's been on a while and I have just found it, it's called Zone Romantica on Sky 149 its also on freesat 139. Today it started showing North and South, the American civil war story with Patrick Swayze and an all star cast and I mean all star. We watched the first two parts tonight and really enjoyed it. They just don't make great programs like this nowadays it was actually refreshing to watch this great drama. Am looking forward tomorrow will record more. Till later. Love Joan.

January Gales.

Good Afternoon, after all the lovely sunny, very cold weather we have had we now have a January gale and heavy rain with it, so it's the old favourite graphic at the top thanks to D'sDesigns once again. Its been a funny old week all out of sink with Stuart being unwell at the start of it and recovering nicely later in the week. We managed out trip to Perth on Thursday instead of Wednesday so that make me think it was Wednesday when it was Thursday all very confusing. Yesterday we went to our local nature reserve most of the man made lagoons and ponds are still frozen solid but the loch itself was ice free which was good for the ducks and geese that were trying to feed. So that was our week in a nutshell so to speak.


I am having terrible bother with pop ups for some unknown reason suddenly, any suggestions how I can be rid, they are so annoying I have McAfee security but it does not seem to help with this problem. My pop up blocker is on says my toolbar.

Stuart and I both started our diet on Monday past so hope we will get some of the Christmas lbs off plus some other lbs we have accumulated over the past months. I am sure it will do us both the world of good to lose a good few lbs and with me a couple of stones (chance would be a fine thing) before Spring. Will go now its Biathlon time on the telly and Andy Murray too in the final of the tennis in Doha I wish him well. Till next time, Love

Sara made the siggi for me.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Good Afternoon, first of all Happy New Year I know it's the 5th already but thing have been a bit hectic here. New Years day was quiet and peaceful just the two of us, on the second we had a great bird watching trip with a friend, take a look its on my journal here then that night Stuart came down with some sort of tummy bug. Saturday was out postponed Christmas Dinner with the family and Richard's in -laws so Stuart put on a brave face and we went, he was miserable but we got through it but by the time we got home just about 5 he was shivering and had no heat in him at all. Got him upstairs and into bed with two hot water bottles and he was soon warmed through. He was not sick at all just felt sick and a bad stomach pains. He stayed in bed for most of yesterday and by evening was much better. Have had my nurses hat on and with all the running up and downstairs I am glad he is up and about today.
We awoke this morning to a covering of snow and had another heavy shower during the morning its now very nice all sunny and white, but it is very cold. I have been trying to read all your entries but am a bit behind, some I have read but not commented on but normal service will be resumed as soon as.
Will have to go duty calls. Till next time Love Joan.

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