Saturday, 26 September 2009

Good Morning.



Good Morning, I noticed I have not written a word in my journal for too long and thought I should say something even though there is not that much to say.  There are so many journals and blogs disappearing just now I don't want to be another one.

At last I can report new cooker installed looking good and working great. We also had to have a new boiler for our heating system installed as our old one was condemned by the heating engineers, we knew it was coming but you do put these big jobs off don't you. Now we need to decorate the kitchen and plaster up the holes in the wall.  Not too big a job! We hope to start next week all going well.

At last we are having some dry weather after a very wet July and August it is a lot cooler but at least it is dry and we can get laundry dry on the line and get the grass cut.

Our granddaughter was on a school trip last week and she was telling us that they were pretending to be evacuees . The went to a farm about 70 miles away complete with labels on there coats and were told all about the children during WW2. She seemed to really have a good time although they were not allowed to touch the animals because of this Salmonella outbreak these type of places are having just now.

Stuart is doing well and able to walk me off my feet so his operation seems to have been a great success. I am very please to see him coming in after a  walk and not in great pain.

I think that's  about it for now will try not to be so long away next time.   Take care. Love


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Pre Breakfast Preamble.


Good Morning, it has not been the best of weeks here between the weather the cooker and the central heating oh yes we are back to that subject again not having the best of times.

First the weather we have just had 36 hours of terrencial rain with lots of bad flooding a bit further north than here, bridges washed away rivers bursting there banks people having to be evacuated from there homes, we were lucky here as we don't stay near a river just the loch and that was ok

Next the cooker, it is now four week today since the fire and I am still waiting. Ten days ago the insurance company said ok you need a new cooker instructed us what cooker we could have and where to go for it. We are limited for width so the choice is limited and there was only two models that fitted. The one I liked was out of stock and would take a few days to get and then they only fit in my area on Mondays and Friday I was told I was too late for yesterday so Monday is the big day. I have been really fed up cooking in the microwave one thing at a time trying to keep things hot till the next thing was ready or going next door to use my neighbours oven as she is away just now but I don't want to use her hob just in case of accidents so I am looking forward to Monday in hope it all goes well. 

Lastly the heating, we had the engineer in on Thursday to service it and he condemned the boiler.  We could get a spare part for it but the thought of another winter with it breaking down and spending in excess of £169 to get it fixed just now we have decided to have a new boiler put in. The one we have is over 20 years old and I think it is time to stop throwing good money away and calling it a day. The man from the Gas Board is coming on Tuesday to tell us all about it so if it is within our means we will have a new system for the winter.

Going back to the cooker, insurance nowadays it has cost us £100 excess plus £85 delivery and fitting and £8 to take away the old cooker and we will loose our no claim bonus as well does this seem a good deal to you as it does not to me.

Sorry to rant this morning but this is just the way it is hope things will be looking better in my next entry. Hope you are all keeping well so till next time take care.



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