Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Thank you

Good evening, just popped in to say thank you for all your good wishes on Friday we had a lovely day a great meal the steak melted in your mouth and the movie was just fine so all in all a good day.
It is very cold here today windy and it is now dark although it is only just after four. We were a St Andrews yesterday for a wander got a great bargain of Patricia Cornwell's very latest book The Scarpetta Factor in hardback from a charity book shop for £2 50, it only came out last month so that made my day, oh I do like a hardback book, better not fall asleep with it in my hands it would make an awful thump on the floor.
That's all I have for today so till next time take care. Love


Friday, 13 November 2009

50 Years Together.


Friday 13th November 1959.

Good Morning, today is a very special day for Stuart and me. It is not our wedding anniversary, but it is 50 years to the day that we first met up again. We were at a cycling club end of season supper dance in Dundee where we both lived and worked. I have told the story before of how I met Stuart, my first of work when I was 15 and we were introduced at a bus stop, all very proper in these days and I knew he was the one, he did not and it took nearly 2 years for him to find that out. We always look on Friday the 13th as a lucky day for us and it has cropped up many times in our lives.

I had a lovely card today from Stuart with a poem he wrote himself and it was really beautiful but he would kill me if I wrote it down in my journal but take my word it was lovely.

It have put a photograph of us that was take last year at a wedding. I don't like having my picture taken at all and very seldom show one on here but thought today I should. Some of these days I will take time and scan a picture of what we looked like all those years ago.

Planning a grand meal tonight and maybe treat ourselves to a movie, Box Office on Sky are showing the latest Dan Brown movie Angels and Demons and we fancy that. So maybe a little drink, we both like Whisky Macs, and some nibbles and we will be all set.

Am off for my flue jab tomorrow just the normal one for me Stuart is waiting to be called for his Swine Flu jab but as yet no word. Till next time have a great weekend and take care. Love


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Autumn in Scotland.


Good Morning, I thought I had better post these photographs now before winter really gets settled in.It has been cold and frosty this week and we have had some rain too but it is very cold or is it just me feeling it more this year.

Some of the pictures I am posting are from Dundee Botanic gardens really enjoyed this visit it the first time we have been at this time of year so it made a grand change unfortunately the rain came soon after we arrived so the light was not great but the pictures are not too bad.




the next group were taken around Loch Earn and Loch Lubnaig about a month ago the day we I say my dragon.




Think that's about it for just now and I hope you enjoyed seeing them.  Take care Love,



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

To Old To Know Right From Wrong.

For many years I have had the strange notion that I would love to sit on a jury, its probably because of watching and reading too many thrillers but it is something I have always fancied doing. Yesterday at long last the letter came from the Sheriff's Office saying I had been selected to serve on a upcoming jury. Along with the letter was a little form to fill in. That was then I discovered that officialdom has waited too long to ask me to serve, as you have to be under 65 years old, so unfortunately I have missed my chance and am not happy about it at all. I know in the USA people of my age are used a jurists, think of all the money that would be saved if some of the good and true we made up of retirees we would not have to claim for lack of earnings just travel expenses. I suppose that would be too sensible for the country. I am really annoyed at this, not only because it was something I have wanted to do but I feel it is age discrimination and that is supposed to be against the law. End of rant for today. Take care. Till next time.

Love Joan.

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