Friday, 5 December 2008

A little helper for you!


Good morning, sorry to be mumping yesterday was feeling a bit down as I had been worrying a lot about Stuart's x-ray but as it turned out ok things are looking better. Alone this morning it being Friday Stuart off painting something nice I hope.

I have been reading you all saying you will have to get you Christmas cards written out so I thought this morning I would share with you the way I do it and hope it may help you and save you a lot of time and bother.

First of all you get on you computer now that's not hard to us that spend so much time on here. Put up a blank document on Word or whatever program you use. Type the name and address add a little Christmas graphic on one side save then move on down your address book keep saving as you go just in case. When you have all your names and address done, its a great job for a bad day but you only have to do it once as it is saved and you can use it year on year. Print off all the sheets on plain paper trim, some Pritt the none sticky sticky stuff or any paper glue to stick them on the envelopes and that's you done all you have to do is sign the cards and the Christmassy labels look great nice and clear for Mr Postman.

Let me know what your think I love it and I have been using it for the last five years had to redo it last year as I changed my PC but otherwise it has been great.

Love Joan

Hope the Pheasant can escape Christmas dinner.


Stuart said...

fine till you delete the file by mistake and lose the printed copy and have to go back three years and start again...........

Jeannette said...

Wish I had read this before I wrote and posted out all of mine lo.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to have all those addresses on the computer til last year when the old one crashed and I had to get a new one. I am going to take the time to do it again this year. It does make it all so easy.
My hand tires easily when writing too much. I can type much easier.
Usually I do a newsletter to put inside too, but this year I think I'll for go that one. I just don't have the heart for it. Everyone I care about reads my daily news online anyway.
'On Ya'-ma

Stuart said...

I am having Perthshire pheasant for Christmas Dinner! (honestly)

Bunny said...

What a good idea, Joan, I am halfway through mine, but by next year I should have learnt to do it!
Lots of RIPs on my list; just as well, stamps are getting prohibitive.
Mrs Scrooge.

Yasmin said...

Good idea about the Xmas cards in fact I do have a label maker, but rarely use it. glad to hear Stuarts results were ok.

Have a good weekend


Missie said...

Sounds like a good idea!

Have a good evening.

Sandra said...

I had all the addresses on the old computer and then lost them... this year Im doing it again along with my new address book.. Its taking a long time to do them both but I sure will be happy when its finished

Marie said...

Thats a great idea Joan! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jeanie said...

I have been meaning to do that each year as I sit down to write my christmas cards. They are done now, so maybe I can apply myself to getting one done for next year. Now I have to wait for it to thaw so I can get out to buy the stamps to post them. We still have lots of icy snow around on our hill.
I'm so glad your Stuart's x-ray results were o.k.
God bless
Jeanie xxxx

Dawn said...

Glad to hear that Stuart x rays turned out ok. That's a good hint about the address book. Thanks. Dawn

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

That's a great idea. My printer doesn't work and is out of ink. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a printer/scanner all in one. I'll keep this in mind for next year. I'm terrible with sending cards for any occasion :( xx

Sandra said...

Brilliant idea Joan, I must do that in readiness for next Christmas. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Jenny said...

Might give this a try.
Jenny <><

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