Sunday, 28 December 2008

Another of Erte's Paintings.

Have had a very quiet day today not an out and about day at all as it has been dull cold an dark not nice at all after all the sunshine of yesterday. Stuart did the cooking today so that was nice always enjoy his cooking.
As I have nothing to tell you about today thought I would post some of the other photographs I took yesterday when we managed to get out for a while.

This is the opposite end of the loch from where we live. You can still see the frost.

Love the reflection on the water.

This is untouched it's bit pale but that was the way it was. The Whooper Swans were
calling all the time were there it is such a melancholy sound.
Thats about it for tonight so till next time Love Joan.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Such pretty pictures. I love seeing the ones with the sunshine brightening up where it shone. Nice to have someone else cook for a change, I think here I'll just heat up some soup. Very chilly and windy so it is a good day for it.

Jan said...

Isnt it nice to have a meal made ready for you ? I always enjoy it when Maurice cooks for me ,your scenery is beautiful Jan xx

Missie said...

The pictures area really pretty! Have a good week coming up.

Missie said...

The pictures area really pretty! Have a good week coming up.

Marie said...

You certainly live in a most beautiful part of the country Joan. I hope to get up to Scotland to visit one day, but in the meantime enjoy your pictures. :-)

Jean said...

Hi Joan ,your photos are so pretty ,glad you enjoyed having your meal cooked for you ,always tastes better when someone else does it .Wishing you a very Happy Healthy New Year Jeanxx

LYN said...

You sure do live in Gods Country..beautiful pictures...

Jenny said...

It looks so lovely and peacful there. wishing you a happy new year.
Jenny <><

Roaming Retirees said...

Hi Joan, You followed my blog for a time, but in my dysfunctional way, I neglected to answer of acknowledge. Your pics are lovely; we love Scotland and have ancestorial (is that a word?)ties as well as being faithful Presbyterians.

April 15 we will fly to Holland and take a 10-day river cruise to view the tulips in bloom. Then, we hop off at Heathrow and spend a week with friends in Oxford. What a thrill to explore the area sans tour group.

Happy New Year to you.

Sylvia aka allisonsatlarge.blogspot

Yasmin said...

Wish I had someone to cook for it has been very murky out and cold, great pics thanks for sharing.

Take care


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