Tuesday, 2 December 2008

It's my Birthday.

Sugar made this lovely tag.

This is the first time I can remember when I have looked out of the window of the morning of my birthday and was looking at a wonderful white world. Yes it had snowed overnight and it is the most beautiful day blue sky and snow what more could you ask for. Stuart bought me a new mobile phone as my old one was not holding its charge this one is all singing and dancing and has a camera too so there is no excuse now for now having my camera with me as I always have my phone in by handbag.

Stuart had a doctors appointment at the surgery this morning so he was up with the lark this was for the results of an chest x-ray he had for his breathlessness, must admit I have been very worried about it but all is well there, but more test will follow as his blood sugar is a tad high so he is having glucose controlled blood test next week so we will see what that tells us.

We always have a laugh on my birthday as for the next month I am only 2 years younger than Stuart until he has his birthday on the 3rd of January. Well I think that's it for today so till next time. Love Joan


Lindores. Tayside.


Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday Joan!!
We have a winter wonderland too although it has begun to rain.
I hope Stuart's results keep getting better and better. That was great news about his x-rays.
I have a phone camera but I don't have the connections to download it to my computer as it is one of my daughter's old ones.
Have a super day my friend.
Many Happy Returns of the Day.
Jeanie xxx

Stuart said...

Happy Birthday.
Isn't lovely to see all the world white and lovely.
Not going walking with the dog today as the snow is a little too deep!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Joan. Have a great day,

Kate x.

Jeannette said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend. How nice that winter has blessed with you a white blanket as an extra celebration. Many happy returns.

D said...

Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with happiness and love. I will send good thoughts for Stuart and his tests.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
May our dear Lord Bless you today and always. Have fun with your new phone and take some good pictures to share. I'm glad all is well with your husband and hope the remaining tests go well too.
'On Ya'-ma

Sandra said...

Happy birthday Joan....We have a winterwonderland here too.... It's pretty but you have to be careful walking so you don't slip...:>)

Yasmin said...

Happy Birthday Joan,

Love the way your page looks very festive.

enjoy the rest of your day
hope Stuarts resulta sre ok.

Take care


Sugar said...

HB!!!!!! Have a blessed day!
Prayers that Stuart will get good tests results & be better as time goes on.

Jan said...

A Very Happy Birthday Dear Joan ,how lovely to wake up to your very own real life snow scene ,Hope all goes well with Stuarts test results ,enjoy your day ..love Jan xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan Happy Birthday hope you have had a wonderful day ~ new phone sounds good and no excuse now not to take pictures ~ glad all is well with Stuart ~ hope his next lot of tests will have a good outcome as well ~ Ally x

Sybil said...

Happy Birthday Joan, You sure have a winter wonderland up there. thankfully it has not got as far as us down here in Wiltshire. However when I spoke to my friend in Elie yesterday she did say it was likely to snow !!!
Hope you have a lovely day.
Love Sybil x

Missie said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm glad you had a beautiful day to wake up to!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! But you are welcome to the snow. Hope you have a great day.
Jenny <><

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!!
I'm jealous of your snow, we've had none yet. Send us a little if you can, then I'll share ours with you when we do get some :o)

Glad the chest x-ray was clear.


ada said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great year. I will keep Stuart in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.

Marie said...

A bit late getting to this, but I do hope that you had a lovely birthday!!! We have a heavy frost here this morning, but no snow . . . :-(

Jeannette said...
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Jeannette said...

Happy belated birthday Joan! These alerts come through too late don't they?! I'm glad Stuart is OK, it must be worrying for you both. I've sometimes had snow on my birthday which is next week, it's cold enough to get it again this year! Jeannette xx

angel said...

I want to join in with all your friends to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you had a nice day. It's the same day as my sister Joan's. Enjoy the new phone. It is a comfort to have one in the purse.

Cathy said...

Most sincere but very belated birthday greetings from across the pond. http://cathy-daretothink.blogspot.com/

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