Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Day Away


Hi have not been on journals much of late other things needing attention.  Yesterday we had our weekly day away.  We had a lovely walk round Dunkeld and a good coffee one that you could call coffee and a homemade scone.  We then went to Lady Charlotte's a series of forest walks we have visited many times. We had a spot of lunch then headed off for a walk with the camera and binoculars. It is a uphill start to the walk and after about half a mile I had to call a halt as my hip was so very sore and I had lost my breath too.  This is a walk Stuart and I has dove many many times over the years but yesterday was not one of them. It is such a great place and a lovely walk up to two little lochs.  I have never felt so old and helpless as I did yesterday I don't think I will ever attempt it again it is making me feel so low. We did however have a lovely run in the car and took some great pictures according to Stuart I have not downloaded them on my PC yet will get to them when I feel better.  That's about it for today, sunny and breezy here did a bit of pruning today as it was not too warm to work outdoors.  Till next time. Love



Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday's Weather


Good Morning, not that it is here we have lashing rain here again this is the third day running my laundry basket is full to overflowing and I will have see to it today regardless of the weather.

It is not the best time for us just now I set the cooker on fire last Saturday browning off macaroni cheese. The grill caught fire and since then we have not a cooker. We are waiting for a insurance assessor to come and say what is happening if it can be repaired or can be replaced it has been one phone call after another. We did not get our day away last week as we stayed in for phone calls we were not wanting to miss any news. Man is coming on Tuesday to sort things out so its cold meat and salads for us again tonight although I made great stovies in the microwave the other night.

Summer here is passing us by and there is definately a touch of Autumn about the winds we had yesterday were gale force and I would not be surprised to hear of fallen trees the leaves were passing the windows and our Swift have packed there bags for warmer climes.

During the time we have had to stay home I have been playing games on Pogo there is such a great choice and I love doing all the challenges they set us.  Had a lovely chat to Jeannette (Outside Looking In) yesterday afternoon it was great to chat to another lady that likes games and to chat to a lady who likes a natter is really enjoyable.

Stuart is doing very well and can walk about one and a half miles without pain so he is really pleased at this outcome. He walks so fast I can't keep up with him but he always has done so nothing new there. 

Think that about all for today hope you all have a lovely day and the rain stays away.

                                               Love  joan


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tuesday's Spiel


Good afternoon, it seems a long time since I said a word in my journal been so busy playing games on Pogo I have not had any time at all to spare.

Hospital appointment last week for Stuart nurse appointment for me will it never end.

Yesterday we took the chance of no appointment to take a bus ride to Stirling (Braveheart Territory) for a much needed shopping expedition. It was sooooo busy full of children misbehaving and noise. We did get all we went for so that was good, Perth is fine but not a lot of big stores. When we turned into our little cul-de-sac when we got home there was not a sound and not a person in sight it was lovely after such a busy day. We like to use the bus with our faithful free bus pass when we go to Stirling as the bus station is right at the shopping centre which is great just up in the escalator from said bus station and your there. By the time we got home out feet were killing us and today we are suffering with a few aches and pains think its the slow strolling that does that. On the way home after a sunny day the usual the rain came on, will we have any more completely dry days this summer. Today is dull and looks like it might rain any moment.

That's about all I have for you today other than to wish you all well. Car goes into the hospital tomorrow for a service if you can't beat us join us, so it Perth for us, then up to feed the rabbits as the family are still away. Would you like to click into my new widget top right would be nice to see you there. Till next time Love


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