Thursday, 23 October 2008

Yet Another Grand Day Out

Good Afternoon, I have just managed to get my head around the new blogging system and today it is all change again oh well what will be will be.
Yesterday being a beautiful day we decided as we did not have to pick up our grandaughter from school this week, we would have a run out in the car for a picnic and a look at all the lovely autumn colours. Our first stop was Dunkeld where we had  a coffee and then a walk up the River Tay towards Dunkeld Cathedral.
It was a very cold day but it was worth getting wrapped up for as the river was looking beautiful.  The river Tay is the longest river in Scotland and flows out to sea rear Dundee.
I loved this picture of the old message bike which had the basket planted up with herbs.
Back in the car we continued to The Loch of the Lowes. I have already shown pictures of this loch as we visited here in June after Ellen's birthday party. It does look different today with its autumn coat on.  This is a very special place for me I have been coming here since I was five in other words over 60 years. I remember clearly as a child swimming here and in the winter walking out on the ice which would have been very thick. I am sure I have a photo somewhere taken on one such day.              
The loch itself has now become a nature reserve and it too has a pair of breeding ospreys.
All in all we had a lovely day out, so glad we went yesterday and not today as we are blowing a gale and pouring rain.
Had a short trip out this morning down the village for some errands but don't think we will get a walk today.  Till next time.    Love Joan.
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Jeannette said...

It sounds like a wonderful day out Joan. I love the photos, you live in such a beautiful part of the British Isles. I also loved the old bike. Sorry about your bad weather today. We have strong winds but no rain.

Astra! said...

Hi Joan...I can see you and hubby had a wonderful day out.The pics are so lovely and so full of autumn colours...beautiful!
I have got a book blog too.After seeing your book blog,i thought i would do the same, mind you i hav'nt got many books on there yet and i've still got more to add to it...
A lot of ex-AOL users that we know have got blogs on Facebook too where i found some of the people i wanted to find...
I hope your kepping well...Best wishes and take care...Astra!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you were able to get out and thanks for sharing the pictures. Everything is so lovely. It is the time of year that will be cold now, but to get out when the sun shines is wonderful Rainy days coming our way tomorrow and through the weekend.
'OnYa' - ma

Jan said...

What a lovely day out Joan I enjoyed all the pictures and the bike with the herbs and the word NUTMEG ,so sweet ..I wish I could get my blog layout to look like yours Jan xx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

The loch is really pretty. Does it still freeze thick enough to walk on? I absolutely love the old messenger bike. I noticed that some of the blogs have changed with the comments, yet others haven't so I'm scratching my head. I wonder if it's the template being used. xx

Missie said...

I loved seeing the pictures as always!

Sandra said...

No wonder you both enjoy your days out Joan, the scenery is stunning and perfect for a picnic. I wonder what tree that is in the first photo by the church? :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

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