Friday, 3 October 2008

A Very Sad Story.

Good Morning it is another lovely day here in Scotland but very cold with a strong north wind, ideal for the laundry that is now hanging out on the line. Have been trying to get on with the housework this morning as I seem to have been at this pc all week trying to keep abreast of things, everything seems to be happening at once.

Some of you will remember me telling you about the Loch Garten Ospreys during the summer and how I was watching their progress. When they were old enough they were ringed and tagged with a divice that would let us know where they went once they left the nest. They were named Deshar and Nethy by the local school children and they have taken a keen interest in them. They left the nest eventually in mid August and started their long journey to The Gambia for the winter. Deshar flew out into the North Sea before he turned south Nethy headed south straight away. They both found great spots where the fishing was good Nethy was at a place called Fairford, Deshar was just short of Dover ready to cross over to the continent.

We thought they were not going to move any further as they sat there until the end of last week. The wind must have been favourable as they both set off almost together. First Nethy she crossed the channel and is now sitting by River Charente in France taking it steady. Now the bad bit Deshar did not seem to have any sense of direction and headed down the English Channel and out into the Atlantic Ocean he then headed south missed the Canary Islands missed the Azores and then we got the terrible new on Tuesday he had zero height and zero speed he had perished in the ocean all alone cold and hungry, he had flown over 2000 miles without a stop. I have been in tears as has a great many other people that have been following these lovely birds. So to close this item three eggs one killed by siblings one drowned at sea one on her way God speed Nethy.

I think by the graphic above here will guess what I am going to say if you are 65 or qualify it is time to phone and make an appointment for you flu jab, come on you know it makes sense, Stuart and I are going on the 11th for ours (smarty pants).
Hope you are all having a lovely day and the sun is shining in you neck of the woods. Till next time, Love,



Jeannette said...

Oh Joan, how terribly sad, that poor bird. Feel upset now. Hopefully the other will survive and breed. Doesn't it seem quiet on here, we are so used to the old alerts and going to view our comments. I hate having to keep going back into my blog to see if anyone has visited.

By the way, did you know you can take the word verification thing off your blog so people do not have to type in the code to comment. It is somewhere under settings.

Katja said...

Am so sad about that beautiful bird. I just hope the other bird will survive.
Cathy. xx

Suzy said...

Oh that's so sad....Nature is so cruel.

Jeanie said...

I don't know how you did it Joan...I'm hoping to be up and running with my own Blog spot soon. Well done to you for managing it all.
Jeanie in the Lakes. xx

Yasmin said...

Hopefully the other bird will survive, it's all very sad.

Like the way you have set up your journal, I find it a bit easier on here, it's just having to get used to new things. On the news today they were talking about the flu jabs and how important it was to keep up with them.


PS I've added your bookshelf to my list.

Diane said...

Poor thing it is so sad lets pray the other one survives.

Diane xx

Jan said...

Oh poor Deshar ,I hope Nethy has a long and happy life ,Thanks for the flue jab reminder I know just what you mean about the time spent here this week lol Jan xx

Missie said...

The poor little guy!

Marie said...

Oh how sad Joan. Sorry to hear this news. Todd has his appointment to get his flu jab this coming week. He was supposed to go this past week, but forgot all about it! Naughty boy!

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