Saturday, 4 October 2008

Saturday Club and More.

Good Afternoon, what a morning it has been we have just swam back from our usual Saturday coffee outing the rain seems to be easing a bit now but it has been lashing all morning and very windy too.
In the morning when we are getting ready to go out or stay in we have the radio on in the bedroom, during the week it's Terry Wogan but on a Saturday it's Saturday Club on Radio 2 with good old Brian Mathews. This morning was the 50th anniversary of the programme so it must have started in 1958. Today we had played to us The Bachelors, Cilla Black, Gene Pitney,Helen Shapiro and of course The Everly Brothers a great favourite of Stuart and myself.The show is now called Sounds of the 60's It was a strange coincidence that should be on this morning as Stu and I started our "romance" the following year. On Monday we will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. Back to Saturday club I find when I am listening on any Saturday how many of the songs I remember the words to, today I don't even know what they are saying let alone remember the words.
When you here of an anniversary of a programme like Saturday Club it makes you feel quite old but we did have some great music.
I have been trying to put things like my weather pixie on this blog but with no success can anybody help me. Till next time, Love


Jeannette said...

No rain here my friend, but bitterly cold. To add the weather pixie to your blog, to to layout and then click add gadget. It will bring up a load of options. Scan down until you find the one that says something like add rich HTML, something similar to that. Click on that and you will be able to add the code for the weather pixie.

When you have it on your blog you can go back into layout and put it exactly where you want it to be.

Yasmin said...

Happy Anniversary for Monday.

Very very cold here today, and windy but no rain yet, I've had to have the heating on the last few days.
I wasn't able to put my weather pixie don't know why I've added it before. I use "WidgetBox"and have added a BBC weather thingy. enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Marie said...

Happy Anniversary on MOnday! We are having really horrible weather down here today as well. Blah...

Missie said...

I see the weather pixie on your blog now so you must have figured it out!

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