Thursday, 9 October 2008

I Did It Too.

Good Afternoon, so after all our worrying and fretting a few clicks and it was done our J-land journal was uploaded onto blog spot just as easy as that. I have brought over my Birdwatching Journal as well and I think I will start doing more entries in there. I was not going to manually transfer my old journal but when I discovered just how easy it was, it was a dawdle, I say that because usually when I get to the last click something goes wrong so you can see how delighted I was, I am going to leave it as is, I am not going to try to join it to this one it will just be archived, as long as it is there I will still be able to pop in from time time if I want to check on anything. When it was uploading and I saw all the titles going by it was amazing how many I remembered proves my memory is not as bad as I thought.

Stuart and I were out this morning for a walk just to the bank (oh should I mention that word this week) and the paper shop it was a lovely morning not sunny but very mild and no wind.The photograph below is of a big Chestnut Tree that grow outside our bank it is just starting the change colour and would have looked better if the sun was shining. How things have changed it is now raining and is very windy glad we did our errands this morning. Did have a gardening job planned for this afternoon but that will have to wait for another day. I have two round big bowls and I wanted to plant them up with mini Daffs for the spring thankfully we still have time to do this little job.

Stuart is upstairs trying to get his new laptop to accept our printer but it does not want to know don't know why, my laptop is on
Vista Home Premium too and it went on mine no bother at all.
Yesterday when we were out shopping I managed to get ball point ink all over the peach skin shirt I had on as it is one of my favourites I was really upset. Last night before we went to bed I tried the old, soak it in milk trick. When I came down this morning I gave it a little rub with a nailbrush and hey presto it was gone so I think that is one remedy that works well. I think that's about it for today so till next time Love


Sara said...

Well done Joan... took me a few go's before mine went over, but it's there now :o)

Never heard of that soak it in milk thing, will have to remember that!


Stuart said...

I tried to note mine on the phone but It said my old journal did not exist. Several people say the can't access my new blog

Yasmin said...

WooHoo Jaon glad all went well, I love the way your pages looks very warm and inviting.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always say I learn something new everyday. Never heard of the soak in milk before. Thanks for the tip. 'OnYa' - ma

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always say I learn something new everyday. Never heard of the soak in milk before. Thanks for the tip. 'OnYa' - ma

Kath said...

Yes at last after much ringing AOL and other things Joan explained in my post today I have trasfered my old one too.Don't understand all the jargon that goes with at sometime tho we may lose the pics from our old ones.Lovely pictures.I hope you get your bulbs planted up.Lots to do in a garden all yr round isn't there now.I read in a magazine last week the best thing for taking stains from anything is the inside of a banana skin but I havn't tried it as yet.Glad you got your stain out Koan.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jan said...

Well done Joan ,it looks great ,I have manasged to transfer mine now too ,arent we clever ...cant believe how easy it was ,,,love Jan xx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Mine took quite a few tries to migrate but finally it did. It's a whole new blog so I'm just keeping it to the side. Funny how wacky printers and pc's can be. Hope you get it sorted. xx

Sandra said...

I had to get a new printer when I got my new computer(home premium) vista too. I got the same kind and it works great just as nice as the other one..... same name but differrent numbers lol.... seems they updated the printers and that is how they get people to buy new ones I guess. Hope Stuart gets his to work ok.

Sherry said...

I love the subscription alert will I get a email when you post ?

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