Friday, 31 October 2008

A Ghost Story for Halloween.

Charcoal drawing by permission of my hubby.

Good Afternoon,Stuart has just come in from his art class and I thought the charcoal drawing he did was a bit spooky for today, being Halloween.

I have not had time to look for a new ghost story for you with all the trials and tribulations we have all had over the past few weeks so I hope you will for give me for posting the one I did a few years ago. So without more ado here we

A Ghost Story for Halloween.
In Scotland , among hill walkers there is a story of 'The Old man of The Mountains'. Many people hear him but none see him. Today for Halloween I am going to tell you a true story of 'The Old Man of the Mountains'.
The story begins many years ,a young couple were on a weekend camping trip to Glen Lyon with the girls parents. They were very keen hill walkers and usually did this together but on this particular day the guy went to the mountains on has own. He was a very brisk walker and used to walk all his companions off their feet, maybe that is why he was on has own that day.
He set off at usual pace to climb the mountain nearest to the campsite, it was a lovely summer day with sun shining brightly and he made good progress up the mountain, we are not talking Ben Nevis here, but around the 3000ft mark, just a stroll in the park for this guy. Up he went enjoying the beautiful scenery all the way. On reaching the top he had a few minutes rest in the afternoon sunshine. He then set off down the mountain but as he walked a bank of fog rolled in and it turned cold. As he continued he thought he heard someone behind him so he turned to look but there was nobody there. On he went again but he could still hear the footsteps behind him. For a few minutes he kept turning round as he kept hearing the footsteps very close behind him. This really started to get to the him and he started to get the feeling of a presence as well. He kept turning round but could not see anyone there. He started to walk quicker and quicker. Now this guy was a seasoned hill walker, climbed many mountains and was not easily fazed but this was really getting to him. At last the fog was behind him and the sun was out again so he thought all would be well. The footsteps were still there and seemed even closer. He was close to the foot of the mountain now but the presence and the footsteps were still there. At last he crossed the bridge over the River Lyon to the side the campsite and the road were on and he could see the people, but the footsteps were still there . He kept on walking quickly towards the tents. He then saw his girlfriend walk out to meet him and as she approached the footsteps stopped as quickly as they had started and the presence was gone.
I don't know if you have realised it or not but the guy in this story in my Stuart and it was me the walked out to meet hem and he stands by this story to this day and it must have happened nearly 50 years ago. Talking about it today I could see that it still gives him the shivers even after all those years.

I hope you enjoyed reading our story and I apologise for repeating myself. Have a great Halloween if you are going to a party or such like and if you are staying in enjoy.

Picture of the day..................

Flat calm on Loch Leven.

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Yasmin said...

I enjoyed the story thanks for sharing,I don't know any spooky stories to add, but next year, loved the charcol drawing, are you going to put it up at home?

Have a good weekend


Jeannette said...

That is still spooky Joan, even if I had read it before. If that is Stuart's sketch at the top, it is stunning, I really like it. I so wish I could draw.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh I could just see him hurrying along and feel the relief when the foot steps stopped. I imagine he'll never forget that time. Happy Halloween to you too ! I'll be staying at home this evening just relaxing. Finally the weekend has come.
'On Ya'-ma

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I loved your story ~ but then I always do enjoy "Ghost" stories ~ Ally x

Sandra said...

I remember the story Joan and it was really spooky. Seeing as how Stuart reacts at the memory of it shows that it really did happen....very scary! :0!

Love Sandra xxxx

PS: I love Stuart`s drawing, it does have a spooky feel to it.

Jan said...

I had forgotten that story Joan ,right until the end ,wow goose pimples Ay? have a quiet and peaceful Halloween ,I love Stuarts picture its very moody ,,love Jan xx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

It gave me the goosebumps, Joan, even more so because I didn't realize it was Stuart. Truth is definitely creepier and scarier than fiction. xx

Missie said...

Great story! Happy Halloween!

Marie said...

Great story, wonderful sketch (what a talented husband) and a beautiful picture of the loch. It's all good. Have a wonderful weekend!

Joan said...

Stuarts Pic is lovely. Hope you are well.....we are looking forward to our holiday in Blaigowrie next March so we will be able to see all the lochs in person again!! Rob can't wait!

Joan said...

Stuarts Pic is lovely. Hope you are well.....we are looking forward to our holiday in Blaigowrie next March so we will be able to see all the lochs in person again!! Rob can't wait!

Jeannette said...

That was creepy! I like to think it was a guardian angel rather than a ghost with Stuart! His charcoal drawing is beautiful, he's a very talented artist. I love your picture of the day. Jeannette xx

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