Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Is It Winter?

Wow has winter arrived or has winter arrived. The wind today was going straight through you, we have not had any snow yet but we did get the low temperatures it has hardly been above freezing point all day. I had to break the ice off the bird bath this morning thats the first time the Autumn or should I say winter. We did verture out for a little brisk walk round to the bank for some pennies and back about 20 minuties in all long enough in that cold. Later in the afternoon watched a film we had recorded so that was nice and cosy with the coffee and the bar of chocolate we shared. I do not really like watching the telly during the day but when the weather keeps us in its a fine way to pass an afternoon.

Watched 'Spooks' last night it was the start of a new series and I rally enjoyed it, part two tonight. I like 'Holby' but Stuart does not so he will do his own thing for a while. So with that in mind I will leave you with my picture of the day saying thank you again Jeannette for helping me with Photobucket what would we do without her. Till next time Love Joan.

Loch of the Lowes.
Loch of the Lowes.


Jeannette said...

Hi Joan, we've got winter here too! It was 36°F last night when I came home and it's only 39° now. We don't normally get it this cold till after Christmas. Good idea to stay in and watch a film! Stay warm! Jeannette xx

Sugar said...

cold here too, 23 this morning!!!! brrrr
have a good rest of theweek, stay warm.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope the cold we all seem to be experiencing is only a freak thing and that warmer days will return for awhile yet. We'd all appreciate that for sure. Our bird bath gets turned over and not used in the winter. It's impossible to keep it unfrozen. 'OnYa'-ma

Jeannette said...

Yes, it is bitter too for us here in the south and we are normally much warmer. Do not know if this means a harsh winter. I hope it will not be too bad because of the cost of heating.
It was my pleasure to help. The more you use photobucket, the easier it gets. Photobucket does not re-size your photos. So if it came out smaller than you wish, did you resize it yourself before putting it there? Also do not forget you can re-size yourself once it is posted but before you publish. Just click on the picture and drag the little white boxes that appear around it until it is the size that you want.

Like you we rarely watch t.v. during the day except in the winter. We recorded Frost on Sunday night and will watch that tomorrow afternoon.

Stuart said...

Aye it was cold.
I like that! 1 degree C today.
How did you get a photo in your header.

Jenny said...

I'm told about a mile down the road they had snow and rain. It seemed to miss us. I never even noticed it was cold. I'll see what it is like when i go to work tomorrow. I still have my summer quilt on the bed.
Jenny <><

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Lovely picture, Joan. It certainly feels like winter in the northern US. It was freezing this morning and never made it out of the 30's all day today. 20 overnight tonight...brrrr. The wind is the killer. I'm staying in and watching our Dancing with the Stars tonight. xx Chris

Yasmin said...

In the winter evenings if there's not much on the TV I tend to watch a DVD I like Holby, but on the weekend the TV schedules always conflict which is annoying.

It's cold down here and dreary.

Take care


Dawn said...

Even here in Florida it is colder than usual. I love how you have your blog name in the header picture. How about a lesson?

Marie said...

It's pretty frigid down here in the south too Joan! Brr...winter seems in a hurry to arrive!

Sandra said...

It was absolutely freezing here Joan, we had snow last night and my poor car was frozen almost solid this morning. usually we don`t even get snow in mid winter, let alone in October....it makes me shivering just thinking about it!

Love Sandra xxxx

PS: think of me going to work at 8.15 and having no heating when I get there....brrrr!

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