Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Good News.

Good Morning just checked out Google and the RSPB site at Loch Garten and we have good news I have copied the item and thought you might just like to read the warden report today.
She's made it to Africa, phew!
Posted on Monday, 6 Oct 2008 at 2.20 pm
What fantastic news to come back to after the weekend, that Nethy has successfully reached the African continent. David was watching the data over the weekend and found her to be in Morocco, as he reported, and in fact as of 8am this morning (6th) that's where she still is/was. David will take a look for new data later this evening and let you know any developments.
Nethy is well advised to be in warmer climes, as up here at Loch Garten it is full-on autumn now. It was white-over with frost this morning and really quite cold, conditions that will send fish deeper and harder to catch, hence the departure of ospreys. I was at the Osprey Centre yesterday to fill up the feeders for the red squirrel-cam, which maybe you're watching too, and it was a somewhat eerie atmosphere - Centre closed, David, Keeley and the Claires now gone, the paths and roads covered in yellow pine needles from recent windy weather - all very end of season. And yet with the tracking project the osprey season still goes on. Since the tracking went live in mid-July, approximately 35,000 people have visited the site - that's as many again as visited the Centre this past summer, such is the following they have generated.
After her long stop-over in Gloucestershire, her eventual departure south from UK coincided with the arrival here at Loch Garten of winter migrants from further north. Yesterday the loch was glassy calm, with perfect reflections of the birches in their autumn colours, spoilt only by the arrival of greylag geese from Iceland whifflling in to roost on the water along with loafing goosanders. The absolute silence was broken only by the whistles of wigeon and the horny bellowings of rutting red deer stags on the hills beyond, all very magical.
Richard Thaxton - site manager at Loch Garten.
So happy all is well with Nethy. the picture above is Loch Garten which is just north of Aviemore Highland.
Will be back later in the day all going well.
Till next time Love


Jeannette said...

That is wonderful about Nethy, Joan. I am so pleased. Let us hope she lives and thrives and raises a family of her own.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nature is just so amazing. I'm always in awe of migrating birds and all they are able to do. Hope your day is a great one. 'On Ya' - ma

Indigo said...

The picture is gorgeous. I loved reading about Nethy. (Hugs)Indigo

Yasmin said...

Love the article Joan birds are so amazing, and hope Neth settles with her little family. Nice photo at the top, thanks for sharing


Missie said...

Can you imagine being able to just get up and go off like that. Just start a new life some where like she did?

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