Thursday, 2 October 2008

What A Week!

Good Morning, it is very early for me to be up and about it is only just after 6am. It is a very cold morning the outside temperature is only 37f or 2c. quite nippy.
What a week this has been Monday started as normal with our day out to a very busy St Andrews, there is a big golf tournament on at the end of this week 'The Dunhill' it is known as so there was a lot going on here. This was nothing compared with what was to come. Monday evening was the start of murmurings of AOL journals closing. Don't usually do much on the PC on Mondays after being out all day just read emails and journals.
Tuesday Stuart and I were in Edinburgh for an art exhibition in the National Gallery of Impressionist Paintings which was fabulous, it rained a bit to start with but by the time we came out of the gallery the sun was shining as we walked back to get our bus home. When I logged on on Tuesday teatime all hell had broken loose on our journals everybody was upset and quite right too, we all put a lot of effort into out journals and it was so sudden. The email we received was very badly worded and not the least sympathetic. I would be leaving AOL if I was not tied to a contract after the was we have been treated. Back to Tuesday, my mailbox was full to overflowing with entries and I did not know what to do. I had started this journal on Tuesday night it had been set up a while back for something to do one evening but never thought I would use it so that was a bit of a help, but I like many of you did not have any idea how to use it. Some of you had seen this coming but to me it was a complete surprise.
Wednesday morning before we went to Perth for weekly shopping and to collect Ellen from school I tried to clear my inbox which was again overflowing and again last night I could hardly keep up with new entries, closing entries, saving new links, sending out my new one it was just madness and I was trying to watch the soaps as well. Needless to say I have not slept very well hence the early rise, my brain has been at full power all night, so I thought I
would come down in the quiet and get it all down on paper so to speak and clear my mind. Have not looked in my inbox yet or on the dashboard thing to see whats what, will do so when I have finished this entry.
And so to close, J-Land is to be no more what a pity no reason given that is the worst bit why why why? I have learned so much from keeping my journal over there new skills and having to work things out as they happened now we start to learn all over again it will keep me busy as being that wee bit older things take that bit longer to sink into the little grey cells .
I still have to make my last entry in Joan's Musings (over there) which I will do later today very reluctantly. It is so very quiet here this morning you could hear a pin drop just the tap of the keys on my laptop as I sit here alone. Till next time from a sad lady,
Love, and take care,


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is about 10 degrees warmer here this morning...very chilly. It has been quite a week. 'On Ya' -ma

Jeannette said...

It has been the same with me Joan, I have hardly been able to keep up with the flood of emails - people giving their new address. I only hope I have not missed anyone.

Oh, they did give a reason for closing us down, our journals ran at a loss, they were not making aol any money so to hell with the community, they are ditching us along with community and aol pictures. Yes, tis true. We made them nothing, they no longer wanted us.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Joan so glad to catch up with you ~ it has been busy trying to get everyone back ~ but I will I am sure ~ Ally x

Missie said...

It's been a very emotional and nerve wracking week for sure. I haven't done anything around the house since AOL threw us this curve ball.

Marie said...

It's very cool here this morning as well Joan. I have had to put the heat on. I think AOL has made a big mistake, although to be sure I don't understand why they are doing it. There has been such a wonderful sense of community there and some beautiful friendships have been built. Hopefully this will transfer over to blogger.

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