Sunday, 27 December 2009

Snowed In.


Hello, so here we are Christmas is over and we are still snowed in, we managed out on Christmas day then yesterday and overnight we have had another heavy fall so I would say we have a good foot of snow here in Tayside at least some parts of it. It seem some parts of Scotland are clear and others are bad I am in the bad bit . This is day 11 of this spell of weather and it is becoming a bit boring. I thought we were going to have a bit of a thaw earlier today but it soon stopped.

Our birds are starving just now as there is no ground showing, I am trying to help as much as I can with food and water and I know you will all be helping too. Thought the graphic at the top was very appropriate. If the blackbirds would only eat instead of fighting all the time I think they would do better. We had a bit of a rarity in the garden today we a Brambling. This breed comes in from Scandinavia if the weather there gets too hard for them. Its long time since I have seen one with the weather getting warmer. brambling_300_tcm9-139624

As you can see the bird looks a bit like a Chaffinch but is much brighter and has a white tummy and more white on the wings. Here is another one for you ...........


I hope this lovely little bird comes in again tomorrow.We would love to see him again. This is not my photo we could not get out to take photos the snow is just too deep today. No newspapers here today either poor Stuart.

That's about it for today hope you are all keeping warm and safe as I know some of our friends over the ocean have a lot more snow that I have so till next time . Love



Sybil said...

Hi Joan, sorry to hear that you are still snow bound. I was speaking to my friends in Elie and she was saying she is stuck there as well..what a shame we have got rid of all of our snow and ice. I was so happy on Xmas morning when I woke up to see no frost and I was able to get out for first time in a week.
Now you will have th new Year to look forward to....Don't think we will be seeing you parading along Princess Street though will we LOL
Love Sybil xx

Hollie said...

I'd like to see a little snow, but nothing like that. Just a little dusting maybe. Stay warm & safe & please feed the birds.

Jeannette said...

We are feeding the birds but it is a lot easier here with no snow. The food goes as soon as we put it out. I have never seen a brambling, a beautiful bird indeed. You were lucky there.

Julie said...

This deep snow is such a bother and it does get very old fast. They are predicting more snow and freezing cold weather all next week.

What a lovely little bird. Ours are all upset that usually ground feed. the ground is completely buried. Haven't seen the deer or the turkeys. Hurry up spring.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are really having a rough start to winter there...hopefully it is not a sign of things to come. We have maybe 3 inches of snow that fell overnight here. Take care and keep warm and safe there!

Missie said...

All our snow has melted thank goodness, but I do need to fill up the bird feeders before the next storm. Have a good week.

Sandra said...

Hi Joan,

I hope you had a nice Christmas. I can imagine how you must be feeling stuck indoors like that. It was bad enough last week when I couldn`t go out for two days! I did manage to feed the birds though and they are eating me out of house and home at the! I`ve never seen a Brambling but we get lots of chaffinchs, I make sure there is plenty of food on the ground for them and the robins. Take care.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Angie said...

Joan, I had no idea you were so snowed in. Take great care and enjoy the excuse to sit at home and read books!

love, Angie, xx

Jeannette said...

That's a pretty little bird Joan, I'm glad he showed up in your garden! I heard we're in for more snow and freezing weather this week, will it never end. Where's my global warming?! Best to stay home in the warm, I know I would if I didn't have to go out to work! Jeannette xxxx

Kath said...

WE have had such a lot of snow too Joan,and the roads have been like glass.It's just thawed out and now they have given out for more today Brrrrrrr, it's freezing here in the pennine area.My birds have had everything I could possible put out for them.They have had a realy good Christmas.He-He.I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas.I havn't been online much at all over the holiday,so today I thought I would have a nice quiet hour doing catch up on blogs.Lovely pictures and I love the one of you in the garden.I hope Stuart is well.On our way to the New Year now.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

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