Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday Scene.

Good Afternoon, thought it was about time I took pen to paper so to speak as I have not updated here for some time. Things are very quiet here not a lot happening I have a bit of the cold this week and have been nursing myself with the usual cold cures or non cures as it is still here, this is day 6 and its still here.
Last Monday we went out to lunch to our favourite restaurant in Perth and were really disappointed that it is now only open on Saturdays for lunch. It took us aback and we had to rethink where to go. In the end we headed to Perth Theatre which has a nice restaurant, we had not eaten here before just had the odd coffee but any meals we had seen passing us always looked good. It turned out we were right we had a lovely lunch thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. The occasion was my birthday on Wednesday we were a day or two early but Monday suited better.
Wednesday we collected Ellen as usual and the homework was a real hoot. Instead of the usual sentences she has along with spelling and reading all we had was a run through of what will be happening at her Christmas concert. She sang danced said her words for about 15 minutes then collapsed in a heap exhausted on the floor. She soon recovered enough to have her tea and play on my laptop.
Stuart has been busy getting ready for his Art Group Christmas Exhibition which is on this weekend. I went along yesterday so see all the artwork. Along with the painting (all small ones this year) there is handmade silver jewellery, photography, hand painted dishes some prints and hand painted cards. It was lovely as we have a new small conference centre attached to our Episcopal Church it is small and just perfect for a cosy atmosphere there are plenty of decorations too just ot set things festive.. Think I will pop back in tomorrow for another look around.
Will have to get our Christmas cards written this week we had two in the post today so will have to get on. Christmas shopping wise doing not too bad still have to figure out something for Stuart and daughter in law my two problems.
Well I think that about it for this time hope you are keeping well and free from colds and flu so till next time take care and keep cosy. Love



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is always good to hear from your. Hope you shake that cold and feel better soon. Happy late Birthday wishes! How nice you got to go out to lunch. I love the art shows like that and it sounds wonderful. Hope you get some pictures for us. But then may be they don't like pictures taken there, I've noticed that some feel that is infringing on their privacy. Take care and feel better sonn.

'On Ya'-ma

Sybil said...

Hi Joan, glad to see you back, Thought that maybe you had been swept away with all the rain !!
What a shame to have a cold at this timeof the year I think it is always worse as there seems so mcuh to be doing, so do hope it goes on it's way soon....have you been having a hot toadie ?? or two !!
Love for now Sybil x

Jeannette said...

Glad you found a new place to eat. Hope your cold clears up quickly now. I have all my Christmas shopping now apart from Becky and Dean. Becky always sends me a list and I choose from that. Still got things coming in the post. It will be here and gone before we know it. I would like to have seen the exhibition. Hugs.

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Feel better and have a good week.

Marie said...

So there you are Joan!!! I was wondering where you had gotten to!! It is so nice to see a post from you. Sorry you have been fighting a cold. I hope you gt over it soon and are in tip top shape for the holidays! xxoo

Julie said...

I love art fairs, glad you found a nice place to eat and Happy Birthday..

Stuart said...

It sounds lovely I can picture Oerth theatre and I think many many years ago we ate there to. That would be in the dark ages!

I love your updates.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear from you again Joan you both sound busy with the usual Christmas preparations ,I would have loved to listen to Ellen practising for her part in the Christmas activities , Jan xx

Herrad said...

Hi Joan,
Thanks for your post, it is good, Happy Birthday for Wednesday.

Jeannette said...

Happy belated birthday Joan! I'm glad you found somewhere else to have a good meal. I hope your cold is on the way out too. Stuart exhibition sounded good, I would have loved to have seen it! I hope Ellens' Christmas concert goes well for her. Jeannette xx

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