Thursday, 12 November 2009

Autumn in Scotland.


Good Morning, I thought I had better post these photographs now before winter really gets settled in.It has been cold and frosty this week and we have had some rain too but it is very cold or is it just me feeling it more this year.

Some of the pictures I am posting are from Dundee Botanic gardens really enjoyed this visit it the first time we have been at this time of year so it made a grand change unfortunately the rain came soon after we arrived so the light was not great but the pictures are not too bad.




the next group were taken around Loch Earn and Loch Lubnaig about a month ago the day we I say my dragon.




Think that's about it for just now and I hope you enjoyed seeing them.  Take care Love,




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for a beautiful start to my day. The pictures are lovely. Most of our color is gone now and it's looking pretty drab around here. Leaves are everywhere only they are now on the ground waiting to be raked up. The nights are cold here but it's been warming up during the day. There have been several very frosty mornings. I hope your Thursday is a great one!

Sugar said...

what beautiful pics! ty for sharing.
it's rather cool here, but not bad yet. won't be long till snow & ice will blanket us, with teen & single digit temps, brrr.
have a busy day, have to have my presugrical testing today, & do last minute things,as tomorrow is surgery day.

Mark and Elayne said...

On this cold,grey, rainy day (we have a Northeaster blowing in) it is so nice to see such lovely pictures.
And your beautiful pictures reminded me I need to post my as well.
Hugs, Laini

Julie said...

lovely shots. It is cold and windy here today. Fall was short. Thanks for sharing the photos.

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Lovely pictures. Winter is on our heels over here too!

Sybil said...

Thanks Joan enjoyed my wee stroll...It reminded me of the days when Jane was fit and well and we were often to be found in the botanic gardens..they are so lovely at any time of the year.
It has been quite a good week here as frost as yet...but this afternoon gales and heavy rain paid a visit and has so far forgotten to go away !!
Take care,
Love Sybil x

Jeannette said...

You live in such a stunning area Joan. I envy you, in the nicest possible way. It is a pity my father decided to return to the South East which he did because of his job. Mum always wanted to live somewhere with wide open spaces and I have always felt the same.

Jeannette said...

Scotland in the autumn is beautiful Joan! That's the time I visited, it was so pretty albeit a little too nippy for me! Jeannette xx

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