Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday


Good Morning, four years ago today I sat down and started to write for the first time in my journal, came up with the title Joan's Musings and the rest is history. I was trying to think how I got into this I had never written anything other than  school compositions and had never had any notion to write. I had retired in December 2004 and had more time on my hands, had stopped smoking in November 2003 so with one thing and another I needed something to do with my hands and you can only play so many games.

I did need help to get started I just could not get a picture to go in at the top of entries but with the help of Jeannette and Sara (Smiles) I got there in the end after many emails. With AOL we did have our problems that were not of our making too some days your entry just vanished into thin air and you had to start again and you never get it back the same again. I then worked out if I did my entry in Word and saved it I could try again without having to write it again. I now use Windows Live Writer as I like the way you can do your pictures as I just can't get the size right in Photobucket and the html get me every time and I end up with all text. The transition to Blogger after our eviction was not to bad for me my journal came across no problem but I know for others it was a marathon operation and some gave up.  In the last months we have lost so many J-land friend and this is sad as it is just as easy to write now as it was with AOL you just need a few tries at it. I have a trial journal where I tried things out to begin with and found that a great help.

I have tried to be of interest but being retired there is not an awful lot going on in our lives just a day out here and there endless doctors and hospital appointment that must bore everybody to death. I take photographs of my wonderful country and show them to you so one day you may visit this wonderful place.

One of the thing I love about our little community is if you are needing some support it is there for you in abundance. Stuart has had heart problems while I have been writing over the years and  I had a bad Spring this year and there is always prayers being sent and word of encouragement from you all. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

I love all the company I get from reading all your journals as I do not have much contact with female company so I treat this like a coffee morning when I read all your entries. I have had visits from all over the UK and the US and recently made a new friend in Holland, hope it keeps going round the world. Sorry Stuart R you are the only male that reads my blog other than my hubby but he never comments.

So here's to the next year and what it will bring, what mistakes I will make but I will keep trying to be of interest and get some new pictures for you.  Thank you all for visiting me here in Scotland and taking the time to comment it makes my day to read them. Till next time.                                 





Kath said...

Good Morning Joan,Congratulations on your four yrs of journaling.I myself have just done three and a half yrs up to press.I have enjoyed every read of your journals and will continue to follow you.I love the pictures you send out of YES your beautiful country which I managed to step over into a couple of weeks ago.Hoping another year to be able to go back and travel around more of it..I myself do not get much female company either and look forward to peoples posts but they do get less and it is a sad affair realy.Facebook is not for me and I just wish people would stick together in one place.I miss many from our old J/Land and have missed many of late to Facebook.Never mind I shall continue reading the ones who continue on Blogger to write.Thankyou for continueing to post here .Have a lovely day hope Stuart is making progress .It is pouring down here so I cannot send you any sunshine sorry..Take Care God Bless Kath xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoy your journal and all the lovely pictures you share of your part of the world. I haven't kept track of how long I've been journaling but like you I do value all the people in our community of what is now blogland. Congrats on your anniversary. 'On Ya'-ma

Dori said...

Congratulations on your four years! As you said, blogging makes for a wonderful community connection around the world and I'm all for that. I love getting to visit a while in the lives of others :) Thanks for visiting me at my blog. Have a wonderful day!

Hollie said...

Congrats on your 4 year anniversary!

LYN said...

Happy Anniversary!!
I do the same thing..sit here with my cup of coffee and check in with everyone...it's nice to know there is always someone else out there..

Herrad said...

Hello Joan,

Really have enjoyed reading this post, glad you started blogging 4 years ago.

A good decision.

It has been very good meeting you and I intend to keep coming by to visit and read.

Pave a good day today.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan these 4 years have just sped by ~ I always enjoy your entries and I love the Pictures ~ Scotland has such beautiful scenery ~ I really enjoyed my Holiday I spent there ~ Ally x

Jeannette said...

Congratulations Joan on your fourth anniversary or rather your journals lol. It has always been a pleasure to read and I know it will continue to be so. I have enjoyed your news, the lovely photographs you post and getting to know you and your part of the world. I also have a practice journal. As you say, it is not too bad if you try things out first, you and I prove that you are never too old to learn. So keep it up and once again, congratulations.

Julie said...

4 years, congratulations. I love your photos and I agree on the support from our community. Keep on blogging.

Jan said...

Four years ,gosh and I can remember Jeannette telling us to visit you ,and as you say the rest is history ,a group of us have become such good friends and know such alot about each other ,I particuarly like to discuss books with yoyu ,keep blogging Joan you do it so well ...love Jan xx

Jeannette said...

Happy fourth anniversary to your journal Joan! It's never boring to read of your hospital appointments and I love seeing your wonderful country. I've only visited Scotland once, I nearly got there a couple of years ago but Andy's illness forced us to cancel. I don't think many people like Blogger, it doesn't seem as personal as AOL even though I've always found it easier to add entries and with the save draft thingy you can never lose an entry! It's been so good getting to know you and I hope to read your musings for many years to come! Jeannette xx

Sybil said...

Good morning Joan, I am so happy when I see a new journal edition from you...I keep you and all my other "friends" in my Favs. list and pop in most days to see if you have something new for us. You areally are much appreciated. As you know I was one of the folks who gave up after the death of AOL, I think maybe I was getting a bit boring anyway !! But I have kept up with quite a few of the "old gang". I am not a facebooker, or a twetterer !! I think when folks go there they often fin dit takes up their time and so gradually journal less and less. Anyway please keep comming in and giving me the Scottish news !!
Love Sybil xx

Stuart said...

Well I never ever get bored reading your blog or catching your tweets.

I don't think men blog the same way.

Do they?

I think only women read mine!

Women are far better company for the most part than men anyway!

Missie said...

Happy birthday to your blog!

Blogs I read.