Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yet another Rainy Day


Good Morning, What happened to our Barbaque Summer we were promised  I can assure you we are not having one here these last couple of weeks. Yesterday was a lovely day today it is raining what will tomorrow bring.

I would like to thank all of you that left lovely comments on my fourth journal birthday it was great to hear you all love reading my bits and pieces and seeing my photograghs it gives you a lot of encouragement to carry on.

We had two days out this week both of them total wash outs. We did over 100 miles in the car on Monday got caught up in a mini rain storm that lasted most of the way and ruined a nice run. On Friday we spent the day in St Andrews and again we were caught up in the rain with no umbrella.  On our way there we had stopped at a nature reserve and I had left said umbrella there so we got wet in St Andrews.  We went back into the hide on the way home to do some more bird watching as the tide was coming in and that makes for more birds.  While we were there we had another big mini storm over the estuary where we were sitting, glad we were inside the rain was torrencial for about ten minutes and then cleared away as quickly as it came. Remembered to collect umbrella on the way out think we may just need it again this summer.

Family are away for a few day holiday visiting DIL's Grandparents in Wales hope they have good weather and enjoy there visits. They have not seen Ellen  now 8 since she was just over a year old, boy are they in for a surprise. She was telling us about visiting her relatives when she was here on Wednesday we had to laugh it was really funny. 

Not sure what we will be doing today I have a big basket of ironing from yesterday so I will get on with that and maybe I will make some scones.  Bought some new cutters and have not tried them out yet so will try to do that. Think that's about it for today so till next time hope you have a peaceful Sunday.   Love and





Jeannette said...

Oh Scones, how I used to love them especially with jam and cream lol. Those days are gone. Yes, the heatwave summer has not materialised. It is very humid here today but little sun, just strong breezes. Sorry your two days out were spoiled. Keep up the writing.

Angie said...

Is it nice at St Andrew's? Or would it be if it was sunny? We were going there last back-end when we went to Dundee but were told it's posh and expensive.

Don't you ever stop telling us about your days out! You have an avid reader here, even if I don't always comment.

love, Angie, xxx

Hollie said...

Scones? Those sounds great! Sorry about your days out being ruined by the weather.

Monae said...

Hello. My name is Monae and I came upong your journal. I really enjoyed reading it. I too have a journal/blog here is the link ----> . Do feel free to drop in anytime.

I would love some scones. It is not raining in Atlanta, Georgia today. It is a little warm but not too bad. Do keep us posted on your life. Anywho...take care.

Missie said...

The weather here hasn't been nice either.

Have a good week.

Julie said...

We are having lovely weather here right now. Not to hot, weather in the mid 80's and not humid. Strange weather, more like spring or early fall. I will take it though. It is usually extremely hot this time of year. Hope you get some good days soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We have been cooler and wetter than usual for July too. They say we will warm up abit so we'll is nice and sunny here today.

Kath said...

Hi Joan just returned from a four day break at the seaside flat and the weather has been lovely.I kept in touch with my Daughter and it has certainly been much better than here at home.I left the sun yesterday to come home to rain here too.Sorry your journey out was spoiled with the heavy showers etc.It's a pain!!! soon we will be heading back to Autumn OH!! how I wish it would warm up somewhat.I go away to your favourite place Norfolk this Saturday the 1st August but know I will be commenting in your blog once more on my return.I love your blog and especially your beautuful pictures of your homeland.I know what you mean about laughing at Helen kids say the funniest things LOL!!I hope they ahve a good break in Wales.Thankyou for sharing.Take Care God Bless kath xx

Monae said...

Hello. Congratulations on "4" years. I want to thank you for being here. Its always nice getting to know people here in their journals and blogs. Its nice getting to know you. I try to comment on people's journals to let them know that I appreciate them sharing their lives. Its nice coming to visit you. Do take care.

Sybil said...

Can't believe I missed your latest news. Sorry..I have had a visior from Edinburgh for last week so thats my excuse !! I wonder when our sumer will reapear ? The rain in the Bristol area has been the worst on record for a July..and I am not at all surprised..I do love going to St Andrews unfortunatly I havn't been able to get there for aome time as each time we are up in Elie I have to look after my friend to give her sister a wee rest..maybe next time we will be up end of September.
Keep smiling and telling us about your wee jaunts.
Love Sybil xx

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