Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday's Weather


Good Morning, not that it is here we have lashing rain here again this is the third day running my laundry basket is full to overflowing and I will have see to it today regardless of the weather.

It is not the best time for us just now I set the cooker on fire last Saturday browning off macaroni cheese. The grill caught fire and since then we have not a cooker. We are waiting for a insurance assessor to come and say what is happening if it can be repaired or can be replaced it has been one phone call after another. We did not get our day away last week as we stayed in for phone calls we were not wanting to miss any news. Man is coming on Tuesday to sort things out so its cold meat and salads for us again tonight although I made great stovies in the microwave the other night.

Summer here is passing us by and there is definately a touch of Autumn about the winds we had yesterday were gale force and I would not be surprised to hear of fallen trees the leaves were passing the windows and our Swift have packed there bags for warmer climes.

During the time we have had to stay home I have been playing games on Pogo there is such a great choice and I love doing all the challenges they set us.  Had a lovely chat to Jeannette (Outside Looking In) yesterday afternoon it was great to chat to another lady that likes games and to chat to a lady who likes a natter is really enjoyable.

Stuart is doing very well and can walk about one and a half miles without pain so he is really pleased at this outcome. He walks so fast I can't keep up with him but he always has done so nothing new there. 

Think that about all for today hope you all have a lovely day and the rain stays away.

                                               Love  joan



Jeannette said...

So sorry about your miserable summer, they have predicted a heatwave week for us next week, you are welcome to it. I like is sunny and warm but not blistering, wish I could send it your way. That is so good about Stuart. Hope you get your cooker sorted as soon as possible. Yes, Pogo is fun and very addictive.

I hope we can chat again on the phone very soon. xxxxx

Sybil said...

I was just chatting to my friends down in Elie and they too were complaining about the wonderful weather you are having !!!
What a shame about the cooker andwhat a fright you must have given yourselves. do hope you get things sorted out on Tuesday. It is goo dthat at least you have the Micro. One of my Favs to do in the micro is potato bake alternate slices of sliced potato and onions finally topped with cheese pop in mico for about 10mins. great served with corned beef !!Jeanette also got me into POGO although I have never got further than MajYong.think thats how it's spelt !! but as you say a bit addictive !!
Love Sybil x
Love Sybil xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan so sorry to hear about your cooker Hope it is sorted for you soon ~ we bought a new one a while back and it caught fire on the second day ~ the shop replaced it for us I am glad to say :o) So pleased to hear Stuart is doing so well ~
The weather has been quite good here in Norfolk ~ but I agree Summer is passing us by even the nights are starting to draw in ~ Ally x

Julie said...

Sorry about the cooker. What a mess. Hope they fix it soon. Even though your so far away our weather seems so similar. We had rain and strong winds yesterday also. I love pogo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We had been having very cool weather all of July but now that August is here it has been warmer and this weekend and for the next two days is is extremely hot and humid. It makes you feel like you are in the tropics. I need a cool ocean breeze to go with it but that's not possible so I'm just trying to keep cool and have done little outdoors. Hope your weather improves and that cooker gets fixed soon.

Jeannette said...

Sorry about your weather, we had a gorgeous day yesterday, sunny and quite hot but I was working again so only caught it in my dinner hour. I hope they can get the insurance sorted on your cooker so you can get hot food before winter sets in! Summer has been a washout for most of us again this year, I get so sick of it! Nice to hear some good news on Stuarts walking. Jeannette xx

Yasmin said...

Hi joan sorry about your cooker, and good news about Stuart. Not a fan of very hot if we get any i'll send it your way.

Take care


Missie said...

Have a good week!

Hollie said...

Sorry about your cooker. It's been kinda stormy here for the past couple of days!

Herrad said...

Hi Joan,
Came by to say hello and wish you well.
Hope you are having a good day.

Jan said...

I am so pleased to hear Stuart is doing so well ,how awful for you setting fire to your cooker ,scary too... hope it gets sorted soon ,dont mention Autumn lol still waiting for summer Jan xx

Sandra said...

Hi Joan, Oh dear, your poor cooker! I remember when our oven gave up the ghost some years ago. It was near Christmas and we managed to get a restaurant booking for the 25th. It turned out to be one of the best Christmas meals we`ve ever had. There is definitely a feel of approaching Autumn in the air. The early mornings are quite chilly and the days are much shorter now. My hanging baskets have seen much better days and I`ve thrown some of them away. Take care.

Love and HUgs

Sandra xxxx

Monae said...

Hey Joan,

It is nice to come and read your blog. I too like Jeannette she is very sweet. I hope you get your cooker sorted soon. I am having a nice weekend I hope your goes great too. Do take care.

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