Thursday, 16 July 2009

Its Thursday Again.


Good Afternoon, it has been a strange week, everything out of our usual routine. We are very set in our ways we should not be now that we are retired its just the way we like it. Stuart was in hospital on Tuesday all very briefly for his op on his leg we went in at 8-15am and were out again by 11-55am. This was a big surprise to us as we were told to prepare for an overnight stay so we took all the usual bits and pieces with us but did not need anything don't think Stuart had even time to read his morning paper. So here we are Thursday and he is on the mend he has a lot of pain where his Angioplasty was put in and was a bit tired after it. We had a day away on Monday so the day would go in a bit quicker for Stuart and keep his mind occupied. Here are some of the pictures.


The Swallows were nesting in the garden centre on the security light so I imagine they paid extra for the central heating.


It was a lovely evening on the way home and we stopped by Lindores Loch just in case the Ospreys were fishing but no luck but the loch was looking fabulous.


Looking the other way from the fisherman's car park. Stuart was caught on camera in the corner.


The Thistles are just starting to come out here. Just caught the bee on top after a few tries.


And the last one for today.

We have been busy too this week watching the Tour De France which is in its second week. We have been doing well with one of our cyclist winning four stages but not the yellow jersey. He wears the green jersey as points leader. Today starts The British Open Golf from Turnberry on the west coast of Scotland south of Glasgow, so it is going to be a busy viewing time for us. I like to watch it over my laptop while I do this or play a game or ten. Stuart is glued to it but as he cannot go our for a few days yet it keeps him out of trouble. Well I think that all for today till next time take care.




Jeannette said...

Sorry to hear that Stuart has pain. Wishing him better really soon. The photographs are lovely. Lol at the Swallows, we never see them around here but they have a good place to nest. How lovely to see the Scottish Thistles, something we do NOT get around here.

Stuart said...

great entry glad to note you have moved Turnberrry can you tell me how? There are quite a few places I would like to move EAST ASWELL

Jan said...

I hope Stuart feels better soon,how lovely that you supply heating for your swallows,great pictures ,my favourite was the one with the thistles and ears of corn ,and bee ,...You should enter that one in a competion Jan xx

Julie said...

Glad Stuart is out and the surgery is over. Hope the pain goes away quickly.

Kath said...

Thats good news Joan about Stuart.I hope his pain soon heals and he mends quickly.What beautiful pictures you take and such a glorious place.Have a lovely relaxing weekend playing your games or twenty dare I say LOL!! Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jeannette said...

That was nice to get Stuart home so soon after the angioplasty. They do like to get people out fast nowadays, there's always a risk you'll get an infection in hospital due to being exposed to unfamiliar bacteria. The photos are gorgeous again Joan, it's so nice to be able to get out when the weather's good isn't it? I hope Stuarts' pain is going now. Jeannette xxxx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I am glad to hear Stuart got back home so quickly Hope the pain dosn't last too long ~ I hope they gave him some painkillers ~
Your pictures are beautiful and I love the one of the swallow ~ Scotland has such beautiful scenery and you have captured it beautifully ~ Ally x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thankful the surgery went well and Stuart is now on the mend. I'll be praying for a nice recovery for him and hope the pain is gone soon for him Your pictures were beautiful. 'On Ya'-ma

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