Saturday, 5 September 2009

Pre Breakfast Preamble.


Good Morning, it has not been the best of weeks here between the weather the cooker and the central heating oh yes we are back to that subject again not having the best of times.

First the weather we have just had 36 hours of terrencial rain with lots of bad flooding a bit further north than here, bridges washed away rivers bursting there banks people having to be evacuated from there homes, we were lucky here as we don't stay near a river just the loch and that was ok

Next the cooker, it is now four week today since the fire and I am still waiting. Ten days ago the insurance company said ok you need a new cooker instructed us what cooker we could have and where to go for it. We are limited for width so the choice is limited and there was only two models that fitted. The one I liked was out of stock and would take a few days to get and then they only fit in my area on Mondays and Friday I was told I was too late for yesterday so Monday is the big day. I have been really fed up cooking in the microwave one thing at a time trying to keep things hot till the next thing was ready or going next door to use my neighbours oven as she is away just now but I don't want to use her hob just in case of accidents so I am looking forward to Monday in hope it all goes well. 

Lastly the heating, we had the engineer in on Thursday to service it and he condemned the boiler.  We could get a spare part for it but the thought of another winter with it breaking down and spending in excess of £169 to get it fixed just now we have decided to have a new boiler put in. The one we have is over 20 years old and I think it is time to stop throwing good money away and calling it a day. The man from the Gas Board is coming on Tuesday to tell us all about it so if it is within our means we will have a new system for the winter.

Going back to the cooker, insurance nowadays it has cost us £100 excess plus £85 delivery and fitting and £8 to take away the old cooker and we will loose our no claim bonus as well does this seem a good deal to you as it does not to me.

Sorry to rant this morning but this is just the way it is hope things will be looking better in my next entry. Hope you are all keeping well so till next time take care.




Angie said...

I think it's disgusting that you've had to be minus a cooker for so long! How dare the insurance company dictate what one you must have? I think I'd be tempted to buy one that I wanted and take my insurance business elsewhere. My car insurance once tried to tell me which repairer I had to use when my dealer had been doing my servicing for years. I wrote and said I would take it where I always did and yah boo sucks. They paid!

I hope you get sorted soon

love, Angie, xx

Jeannette said...

Some insurance company, they have no right at all to tell you what you could buy as a replacement. When this is sorted, I would suggest changing insurance companies, I truly would. They sound like rip off merchants to me. So sorry about your weather, still dry as dust here, we would give about anything to have a truly heavy downpour. We should get our boiler replaced as well as it is older than yours but finances simply will not allow. Ho hum. Going back to insurance companies, Becky did the same with her car as what Angie said. They told her where she had to have it repaired after somebody hit her, she told them to get stuffed, she would go to her preferred place. They did agree in the end. You have to be firm. But I would lose them Joan and fast, find somebody better.

Julie said...

I would hate that also. If I had all the money in my pocket I spend on different insurances I would be a lot richer. Hope you get it all sorted soon. I also need a new furnace. I hope our old one last one more winter as I will be way down on my income with the surgery coming up.. Glad you didn't have any damage from the rain.

Hollie said...

I know you are tired of the hassle, & I don't blame you. Praying it will be over soon for you!

Jeannette said...

Hi Joan,I hope the rin has finally stopped for you. I can't say what our weather has been like aving worked nights and slept all day for weeks now! I know we had gales and rain last week but I'm off this week and so far it's sunny and warm! I hope th cooker saga is over now, I certainly wouldn't be told where I could buy a new one! I hope you can get the boiler in before the cold arrives. Jeannette xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That's the 3 then and now it should be done. What with the weather, the cooker and the heating enough is enough now. My mom used to tell us bad luck and death always ran in 3's as well as births too. I have 2 new grandbabes coming I wonder who the 3rd will be.

I hope all is well at your house soon.

natalie said...

I am so sorry that you have had to go through all of that!
Best of luck with the new things you have!
p.s. please come by my blog when ou can. nat

Sybil said...

What a carry on Joan, I can hardly believe that you are still without your cooker. I have never heard of an ins co. saying which cooker you could or could not dare they and as for loosing a no claims...well I am sure you will be looking around at once for a better Ins Co. Sorry about your weather as well, fingers crossed that it will be better start of Oct when I am comming up for a few days to Elie to see my old friends.
much Love Sybil xx

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