Friday, 5 June 2009

Last Weeks Grand Day Out and My Knee.......


Hello, I am getting very bad at writing in my journal I like to write every day or so but lately have not been doing so well,will have to try to get back to more entries.

The weather has been fabulous this week very hot for here and wall to wall sunshine. It has cooled down now but still sunny that's the main thing.

Three weeks ago I bent down to pull a little weed out of the garden and my knee clicked and since then I have been suffering terrible pain. Visited the doctor last week was given the usual pain relief and told to come back in 10 days if it was not any better. I got to yesterday (Thursday) and could stand it no longer so went to see him again. This time I was given anti-inflammatory tablets to take along with the pain killers and sent to the hospital for and x-ray.  Today things seem to be a bit better not so sore so hope the new pills do something for me. Have not  been out and about much due to the pain but last week we did manage our late spring visit Dundee Botanic Gardens.We had a lovely day the weather was sunny and warm and I managed to limp around for a while. The Rhododendrons and Magnolias are past, but the trees in the Arboretum were fantastic all dressed in there Spring green all fresh, they were at their very best. I had my trusty camera with me and here are some of the photo's we took, I say we as Stuart took some of them as I was a bit awkward with the knee.

DSCN0178  There was a little seat here and I sat  and enjoyed the view.


Some lovely Himalayan Poppies.


This is in the Scottish seaside garden, lovely Thrift.


I loved this tree with the black cones. It is called a Sikkim Spruce


Monkey Puzzle Trees.


and up close and personal.


The long and winding path.

It was so peaceful in the gardens we hardly saw anybody all afternoon plenty of lovely seats to sit and admire the plants and trees we really had a grand day as we always do when we go back to our roots.

Till next time Love,



Stuart said...

Hm your poor knee!
I love Himalayan Poppies we have them in the back garden aren't they just stunning.

Sugar said...

lovely pics, ty for sharing. :)
sorry to hear of your knee...please take it easy for awhile, give it rest & take that med...go back to see dr if needed.

Julie said...

Lovely shots, Sorry about your knee. Hope it gets better soon

Angie said...

Poor Joan! It's just not your year is it? It's horrible hurting, I can vouch for that. A lovely amble through the gardens with frequent sitting down stops must have been pleasant though. Take care of yourself.

love, Angie, xx

Bunny said...

Knees are a physical and mental PAIN. I live with a troubled pair (not mine).
My Himalayan poppies sullenly refused to germinate, tried the fridge, everything. I do love that wonderful blue.

Missie said...

Don't even mention knees to me! LOL

If you heard a sound in your knee and then pain, you really should have an MRI. An xray won't show tissue damage.

Take it easy this weekend.

Yasmin said...

Goodness Joan you have been in the wars lately, hope you knee gets better soon, i've not written anything for ages, going to have to pull my finger out. I added you on FaceBook..good to see you there, your going to love all the games Thanks for sharing your pics with us .

Take care


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm hoping that knee is much better by now. I loved seeing all the pictures of your outing. Isn't it grand to be outdoors this time of year. I'd never seen the blue poppies before. They are beautiful. I'd never seen the black cones like the ones on that spruce either. I love being able to see bits and pieces of your part of the world. 'On Ya'-ma

Aileen said...

Lovely pictures, and sounded like a great afternoon out. Love the Poppies!
I sympathise with the Knee problem. I fell down stairs 3 years ago,some days are better than others. Was offered Knee replacement, but declined for the time being.Hope you are feeling much better by now

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