Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My Garden Flowers in June

Good Evening, it is a lovely evening here the sun is shining at last after four rather misty days. It is not so hot as it is further south just a very pleasant 22 at 7 30pm.  The knee is much better and I even managed to clean the inside of the car out today with the big hoover a big accomplishment indeed for me as it is so heavy.I am cheating a bit with the title tonight as it has been Stuart that has been keeping our garden this summer between my Phumonia in the Spring and the knee for the last six weeks I have been useless in the garden.

We have been taking pictures of the flowers this month and I thought I would how you haw they have been doing this month. Hope you enjoy this little visit.


All gone now but they were beautiful for a few days.


I think this is Achillea. That is still looking good.


This little plant will flower all summer long not spectactular but dependable its called Astrantia


This is the first of my self seed Oriental Poppies they grow all over and I just let them as they all flower at different times of the summer depending on where they are in the garden.


Some of my foxgloves that choose this spot to self seed one on them is now over six feet (two metres) high and as straight as a poker.


This is our bird table that I don't use during the summer as I like the birds to eat a natural diet during the summer if possible so we hang some baskets on it.





These are this years tomatoes doing fine trying mini ones this year for a change they are fruiting well as you can see. A friend in Holland wanted to see my mine greenhouse so these are for you Herrad.  Hope we get enough sun to turn them red. Last years effort was a disaster so am hoping for better things this year. We have also been growing salad leaves in trays and they have been great, just nip out and cut when you want them.

We have no proper supermarket just now our Summerfield's closed down in the middle of May and will reopen in mid July as Sainsbury's so it has been a bit tricky having everything we need on hand and ordering enough for the week when I get my online shop. The salad leaves have been very handy. Looking forward to having a proper supermarket again as the little shops are a bit short of varitity. I think that's about it for tonight not watching the tennis tonight have not recovered from Andy Murray last night yet. Hope he has.                             Love,




Herrad said...

Hi Joan,

Lovely photos really like the Poppies and especially the Oriental Poppies and the Foxgloves.

Great idea using the bird table like that during the summer.

And love your greenhouse what a brilliant idea, looks like you will have tomatoes soon great stuff.

Really enjoyed my visit.
Hope you are having a good evening.

ps Thanks for the mention really nice of you.

Jeannette said...

Hi Joan, I love your poppies, they always look so fragile don't they? The foxgloves are one of my favourite flowers. I've really enjoyed my visit to your garden tonight! It must be awkward without a supermarket, glad Sainsbury's will be open soon. I'm so glad the sun has finally got up to you. Jeannette xx

Stuart said...

I love poppies and foxgloves - we got rid of the latter this year to protect young Adam

Julie said...

I love your self seeding poppies, I will have to try them. They last such a short time though. Your tomatoes look great. I have been thinking of getting one of those green houses. Do they hold up well?

Jeannette said...

Your flowers are so pretty my friend. I had loads of foxgloves at one time but they all disappeared as did all but one of my poppies. Why they did not self seed I have no idea. Mike does most of the work in the garden these days, maybe that has something to do with it lol

We feed our birds all year around we just give them a different diet and save the fatty stuff for winter.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do see a few things in your garden like the poppies and the foxglove that I have in mine. The self seeding ones seem to come back every year. We got the seeds from my mother which is nice to remember her by. You do have a few things we don't have though and they are beautiful. I'll be on the look out for them here. We really have no place for more of anything though. It's at the point now that we keep seperating things and taking out because they all are perenials and come back each year. Of course the birds always give us a few surprises too. Scattering seeds from other places. Sunshine is important for tomatoes and we've not had a lot of it so far. I cannot imagine being without a super market. That would be difficult. Thanks for sharing your garden!

Hollie said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Those tomatoes look great also. I'm glad you are doing better.

Aileen said...

Glad you are 'managing' better.Too hot for me just now, and I have to keep out of the Sun. My favourite Foxgloves, but not much luck with them here, as they get eaten.My Poppies have finished too.If you remember my Hostas? also eaten before chance to flower.
Take care

Missie said...

Your poppies are beautiful. Poppies are one flower I can't seem to grow for some reason.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan your poppies are lovely ~ I had some grown from seed you sent me ~ when I went to take a picture of them the wind had blown the petals away and all the seeds with them ~ glad your knee is feeling a bit better ~ glad Stuart is there to help you in the garden ~ the bird table looks good with the hanging baskets ~ Your tomatoes look to be doing well ~ Ally x

Jan said...

We have lots of self set poppies too Joan Ilove them ,Well done cleaning the car ,I hope you knee continues to improve ,what a disapointment Andy losing however we should we proud of him he did well ...love Jan xx

Sybil said...

Your garden is looing great Jaon, especially when you think of the kind of cold wet spring we had. So glad to read that it has warmed up somewhat with you. Mary and I are just back last night from 5 days down at Torquay we had such glorious weather we were truly blessed. Slightly cooler today but still at 8.30pm all doors wide open.
Love Sybil xx

Sandra said...

Hi Joan,

Thanks for showing us around your garden, you have some lovely flowers. I`m wondering if the plant you called Achillea is a Huechera. I have several Achillea and they look really different. My foxgloves didn`t even flower this year so I`m hoping they are going to be enormous next year! Good luck with the tomatoes, mine are doing well and all they have to do now is stay healthy and ripen to a nice, edible red!

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

natalie said...

Dear Joan
thanks for the lovely photos!

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