Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thursday's Catchup.

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Good evening we are having some lovely weather here this week really summery for a change.

Was at the physio today and have a big list of exercises to do for the knee so hopefully this will sort it out. It is much better this week sorting itself out I think, the only thing is all the pills I have had to take these last few week have upset my tummy, thankfully  I don't need many now thank goodness.

There will be no ironing for me for me for the next few days as my trusty board fell to bits today so until I get to the shops that's there will be no more ironing for me ho ho. In this hot weather that's great news for me. I don't mind normally but it is hot just now.

We  had out day away on Monday but have not downloaded the camera yet so will make another entry later in the week.

You do get lazy in this weather don;t you so till next time Love,



Julie said...

Oh to bad, no ironing, LOL. I wouldn't mind not doing that. Glad your knee is showing some improvement.

Angie said...

No Ironing eh? Awwww, sad! I wouldn't bother trying to show us your pics. I was trying to put some of mine up and it wouldn't have it for love nor money.

Glad your knee is improving. Did you have to go privately to a physio?

love, Angie, xx

Cathy said...

Sounds like you're right on top of things, working on that knee in physio. Keep it up. Glayva!

Jeannette said...

What a shame you can't do the ironing Joan! I hope the physio works on your knee so you can enjoy the weather. I always come alive in the heat, must be because I'm solar powered! Lol! I'll look forward to seeing your photos. I saw Angie's comment about photos not going up, I never use the Blogger upload thingy on the left of the box, I always put them in via Photobucket. Enjoy the weekend Joan. Jeannette xx

Missie said...

What's an ironing board? What's an iron? LOL

I can't remember the last time I ironed. If it can't be worn right out of the dryer, we don't buy it. LOL

Have a good weekend.

Hollie said...

I would be thankful about the ironing board. I do not like to iron. I'm glad you are getting better. Looking forward to your photos.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I am glad your knee is showing signs of improvement ~
I know how sad you must be knowing that you can't do any ironing :o) Looking forward to seeing your pictures ~ Ally x

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