Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My Week So Far.

Good Morning, just a short catchup entry as I promised to try to write more often so here goes. Over the weekend we planted out (well I say we it was Stuart doing the planting because of my knee) the rest of our annuals as we hope there will not be any more frost. I still have one more tray to put out but they have been a bit slow and need a bit more time yet. On Monday we had another of our days out and I will write about that when I get time to download the photographs we took.
Yesterday was our one and only grand-daughter's 8th the birthday so we visited last evening for coffee and birthday cake. She had received a lot of Lego and we made a hay barn and a tractor and had a great time it ages since I played with Lego. She had a complete farmyard and a horsebox etc. She just loves her Lego think she takes after her Dad I still have his big tin of pieces here not as fancy as they are now but still in good working order after all those years.
Today is shopping delivery day and we also collect Ellen from school for tea and then Richard collects her later on so Stuart does the homework with her and I just know he loves doing that. Think that's about it for now so there you have my week so far all exciting stuff. ha ha. Love Joan


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We had a few late frosts this May and it did put planting a couple of weeks behind for many here, but I do think it has finally decided to get warmer and stay that way. Summer is almost here so it's time. Hope that knee is feeling better for you. Take good care!
'On Ya'-ma

Sugar said...

good to hear you're almost done with planting. :)
a big hb to your gdtr. glad you all enjoyed the time with her.
hope your knee is better soon.

Angie said...

I'm not convinced we're done with the frost yet! Yes, I know it's June so we ought to be but it has been so cold lately I fear the worst!

Fortunately it's Keith who does our garden and he's planted everything he had, including geraniums which go nasty if they get frost.

Lkg fwd to hearing about your latest trip.

love, Angie, xx

Jan said...

Well done getting most of your plants in now ,I too hope we have no more frosts ,its still not very warm though ,I cant believe Ellen is 8 ,oh! Lego my kids loved it ,can remember walking with bare feet and standing on a stay peice ouch Jan xx,

Julie said...

We are finally done with the frost and my plants are going crazy. Glad your getting yours in. Hope your knee is getting better. It takes awhile with them.

Jeanie said...

I planted my fuchias too soon and one of them is definitley not thriving. Now that it is June we should hope for a bit more clement weather for planting out.
Shame about your knee Joan. I hope it soon wears off and gets better soon. Your photos in the previous entry are stunning! I love to see nature in all her glory.
Meanwhile..stay well and pain free.
Jeanie xxxx

Stuart said...

AH Lego never did get Lego not a construction type person

Kath said...

Hi Joan good to be back reading you again.I hope your knee soon mends (ouch) I knowthe feeling.Yes I know your Grandaughter is the same age as mine on the same date.I went along to play two new games on the Wi they have. I wasn't much good though but it was fun and a laugh.LOL!! Plus cake and a good chin wag with company at my daughters.I hope the frosts have passed for you.Ours are gone over here.A lovely start this morning clear blue sky and sunshine.Just trying a few comments then I must try and find energy to cut the lawn.Both Take Care and look after yourselves.God Bless Kath xx

Marie said...

Glad you were able to visit your grand daughter on her birthday! My kids always loved lego. They spent hours playing with it!

Hollie said...

Colt always loved playing with Legos too. Hours of fun. Glad you got some of your panting out of the way!

Yasmin said...

Hi joan...lokks like you ahd a high old time with ellen on her birthday..I used to like Leggo and Stickle Bricks.....those were the days when we made our own entertainment. glad you got all your planting done and hope your knee is getting better.

Take care


Jeannette said...

I think I missed this one! Happy belated birthday to Ellen. Im ashamed to admit I used to steal my kids Lego and build houses with it, all their pleadings for it's return went unheard! Lol! Enjoy the week! Jeannette xx

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