Sunday, 24 May 2009

Water Water Everywhere

Good afternoon, I hope you are all having a very peaceful Sunday. Dry blinky sun here and windy. This morning When Stuart came down he discovered a puddle at the bottom of the stairs, we thought he had spilled coffee last night but he dried it up, but when it was back this morning we thought the worst. Thinking it was the big tank in the loft Stu went up to investigate, after crawling about the loft for ages he could not find anything wrong. We tried to trace where the drips were coming from and at last traced it to the hot water tank which is in our bedroom.Why oh why does this sort of thing always happen on holiday weekends. We phoned the plumber and he said tomorrow (Monday) afternoon is the soonest he can get here. Fortunately we have found the drip and have a big jug under it so hopefully it will be all right till then. It seem to be some sort of valve that is leaking, oh dear the things we have had wrong with our plumbing since we moved here is unbelievable you name it and we have had it it has cost us an arm and a leg. It is not an old house it was built in 1986 and we have been here since 1990.

I would like to take this opportunity today to thank you for all the very positive comments you made after my bird watching entry. I have a separate journal where I normally write my 'adventures' but as you all seemed to like reading about my outing I will try writing them on Joan's Musings and see what happens. I do find it hard to find something to write about, I do love writing in my journal but it can be difficult some days finding something that I think will be of interest. I know my plumbing is of great interest to you all as I write about it enough ha ha.

Hope you are all having a good holiday weekend and are finding lots to do or just sitting with your feet up in the sunshine. Till next time, Love



Angie said...

These thngs HAVE to happen at holidays, it's the rules! We had a combi boiler installed 4 years ago so no tsnks. Every cloud has a silver lining though - at least it did it while you were home not when you were away. That could have been dreadful.

You're quite right, I for one love coming bird watching with you. Please keep telling us wo't you? I'll bring my own sandwiches next time.

love, Angie, xx

Julie said...

I had a water pipe break on christmas eve one time. They said it would be 400 a hour to come out. Can you believe that! Needless to say we rigged something up so we could make it past the holiday. I love your bird watching as you can tell by my frequent posts about birds, LOL.

Yasmin said...

I had a similar thing happen in the bathroom on Friday, it was the sink leaking but I managed to get the carpet up and put it outside to dry..and the plumber was pretty prompt too, but as you say always on a holiday weekend.

Take care


Cathy said...

Want to thank you for the honesty of a comment to my last post - which may sound treasonous to some fellow Yanks but too bad, this USA Inc. is supposed to allow me to speak out I heard. Yes Joan, friends tho we be, we'll have to agree to disagree and what can be more wonderful than that! At least you had the guts to say so. GLAYVA!!!

Jeannette said...

Oh yes, we just can't get enough stories about your plumbing Joan! ROFL!! Seriously, I think you should have every pipe removed and replaced with new ones! It always happens at weekends and holidays doesn't it? I'd like to hear more of your birding adventures too, as long as you don't cut short the plumbing tales!! LOL! Jeannette xx

Sybil said...

Poor you and you water situation !! Do hope that the plumber came yesterday. we just enjoy reading all about your everday life Joan so please just pop in and "speak" to us...even if it is just to have a cuppa with us..we love sharing. I am only sorry that I havn't got a journal now but still selfishly enjoy others.
Much Love Sybil xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoy your posts whether they are about your birds, your daily life or your plumbing. I do hope the new repair won't cost you an arm and a leg for sure. How disturbing to have so many leaks etc. My post always seem about the same either work or camping,but you know friends just like to keep in touch.
'On Ya'-ma

D said...

murphy's law.. grrr... glad you found the leak tho and hopefully all will remain dry til the plumber gets there.

Jeanie said...

Aye Joan..I love to hear about your birds and your plumbing dear girrrrl! Lol!

Hope you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it though.
Jeanie xxx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hello Joan I do hope that plumber turned up and sorted out that leak for you ~ Ally x

Jeannette said...

Poor you Joan, in the wars with your knee. I hope the pills will calm it and help it to repair. I loved the photos, they're just so colourful. I really wanted to get out and get some flower photos but I'm working nights and never seem to get time to do anything else! Today I was too tired to do anything! Jeannette xx

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