Friday, 21 November 2008

Will I or Won't I.


Morning, when we watched Countryfile last Sunday morning the guy that does the weather said it would be snow on Friday wow he got it right it is just starting here a bit of a mix of rain and snow. Further north the road is blocked short of Inverness and beyond there things are said to be chaotic. Had a lovely day in Perth yesterday bought myself a new pair of trousers bought the wrong length so they will have to go back silly me. The town was buzzing yesterday as M & S had 20% off everything folk were passing me with armfuls of things they must has taken in a fortune yesterday. I did not know about it we just went out because it was a lovely day and because of the weather forecast was so bad for the next few days. Ellen had a busy day on Wednesday she was at a big Scottish Country Dance Festival for local schools 1000 children were taking part . She had a great time and was as high as a kite when we picked her up she really enjoyed herself. She used to do ballet but Ellen is not the ballet type but she loves doing here Scottish dancing. She has been doing this at school for the past three years and it is more her thing. Am really going to have to get on with my Christmas shopping I don't have many to buy for but all are great problems to me. I ordered a book for Stu yesterday on Amazon its the first time I have bought anything online by myself so I was very careful typing everything in but I have had an email back saying there is something wrong with my credit card it's the first time I have used it for anything at all so I will have to start again and try that. I went into the World of Warcraft website yesterday and have the offer of a weeks free trial, have never tried a roll playing game before so not sure if I should have a go or not everybody seems to think it is great so maybe I will. That's about it for today so till next time I will leave you with my usual picture.


This is Railbridge over the River Tay. You can just see the remains of the pillars that were left after The Tay Bridge Disaster in 1879 the bridge was blown down with the loss of 75 lives.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you got out and enjoyed the day before the weather got bad. We have just a little snow on the ground, but they keep saying more on the way. East of us always gets more snow and as I listen to the radio this morning it seems the roads are bad over there. Hope you get your online purchase straightened around. It does make it nice to get things if you can order early enough and not worry about what the weather will be like to go out shopping.
Have a great Friday! 'On Ya'-ma

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan we had some hail / sleet and rain here this morning and it is very cold ~ glad you managed a day out yesterday before the weather got bad ~ Sounds like Ellen had a great time at the Dance Festival ~ hope you can sort out Amazon ~ have ordered quite a lot from them and they always arrive the next day ~ Ally x

Jeannette said...

Glad Ellen had such fun. I have been using Amazon and other sites online for years Joan. The problem is usually something like getting your card numbers in the wrong sequence and more often the security number on the back. I have an Amazon add on my journal as you know but nobody has ever bought through it so, after Christmas, it will probably come off.

Yasmin said...

Glad you had a nice day out and Ellen enjoyed the dancing. I use Amazon quite a lot, they're very good re: deliveries etc it can be a bit fiddley with card etc. have a go at the Warcraft sounds like fun and it's a free trial.
Very gloomy windy and cold weather down here.

Take care


Jeanie said...

I loved the highland dancing myself Joan. I'm glad Ellen had a great time...I can imagine it myself. I have a few more items to get for Christmas and then it is just the shopping list and writing out the cards.
That's a great photo today.
snow? I hope the forecast is wrong down here in the Lakes..I want to be out and about tomorrow night to Lancaster. I hate driving in snow.
Stay warm and snug.

Jeanie xxxx

Jeannette said...

Brr! Snow! I don't do snow so I hope it stays north of the border, I'm a southern softie! Lol! I'm glad you managed to get out before the weather changed. I'm going shopping with my grand daughter today so hope it's not to cold out. I'm glad Ellen enjoyed her Scottish dancing festival. I hope you get your Amazon thingy sorted out. Stay warm! Jeannette xx

Jenny said...

Snow is nice but why does it have to turn to ice????
Jenny <><

Dawn said...

I'm glad that we do not have to deal with snow any longer. We did go to Indiana this past weekend and as we were boarding the plane to return there were snow florries starting. I order a lot from the computer, and love the service received from, they have just about everything. Take care. Dawn

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