Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tuesday happenings and Live Writer.


 Good Evening, I have downloaded Live Writer Stuart over on Specimen Days says it is so easy so I am giving it a go to see how I get on.I have already done a trial entry in my practice journal and it turned out just fine hope I have the same success now.

We have not been out today as it has been very cold again. We were at St Andrews yesterday and it was perishing in the north wind. Did get a bit of my Christmas shopping done just two or three odd and ends but still its a start.  All is now well with Amazon order book on Friday here on Monday and that was free delivery what more can you ask for.

Our heating has decided to die on us tonight don't know what it is it was working earlier in the day but it has gone off now for some reason so we will have to phone the plumber tomorrow to see what's what.

This seems nice to work with and you get paragraphs which is great. I think that's about it for tonight don't want to do too much in case it does not go over to blogger so I will leave you with today's picture.


Knott Hamlet on Sky.


Stuart said...

if you did that with Live Writer see how easy it is!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Gee, Joan, I hope you can get your heater fixed without it costing too much. My went out last year when it was frigid.

I know a lot who use live writer. I'm still sort of afraid to try. LOL...I'm always afraid to try new things.

Hope you can keep warm...xx

Jan said...

Your entry was great ,I keep hearing about live writer ,now I am curious ..It is the wrong time for your heating to die on you I do hope you get it fixed soon and it doesnt cost an arm and a leg ..love Jan xx

Sugar said...

i heard several use live writer, but i'm afraid to try & download as i don't have much room. :(
hope you get the heating fixed soon!

online casinos said...

wanna try that Live Writer too!

Missie said...

I love live writer, and the best part, it saves your blog entries on your computer!

Jeannette said...

I hope the plumber will sort out the heating. It's just too cold to go without! I hope you have a couple of portable heaters to see you through? I've never heard of Live Writer, have to look into it. Your book was delivered quickly Joan! I love the photo of the hamlet, very pretty! Jeannette xx

Marie said...

I hope you got your heating sorted Joan! Not very nice weather to be in the cold! It's positively frigid here. I love your picture of the day. It looks so sunny and warm! I have never used life writer and don't even know what it is?

Yasmin said...

I use google documents, which you can use in conjunction with blogger, and it saves all your work which is much better.
Hope you get the heating fixed it's much too cold to be without it.
As usual great photo.

Take care


Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan what an awful time for your heating to die on you ~ hope your plumber can fix it quickly for you ~ I downloaded Live writer (Stuart gave me the link) and found it really easy to use ~ now all I have to learn is how to put things in my side bar ~ :o( ~ Lovely photograph ~ Ally x

Ally Lifewithally said...

PS Joan I see you have a comment from the Online Casinos ~ I got one of those as well :o) ~ Ally x

Kate said...

I'm impressed Joan with your IT knowhow. Lovely photo. By the way I found you through Jeannette's journal - thanks for getting in touch again. Maybe one day, seeing as we are almost neighbours, we will have to meet up for a coffee.

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