Thursday, 6 November 2008

Joan Being Controversial!

The Last Rose of Summer!

Good Morning, I never like to be controversial in my journal but today I just might be. Your remember my entry on Tuesday about my birdbath in the garden well the story continues. Yesterday morning I was standing watching the birds on the bird table feeding and there was a Collared Dove sitting on the roof of the table when an other one landed along side him he flew of and landed on the birdbath for a drink he had just bent his head to drink when a black cat jumped up on to the birdbath grabbed the collared dove by the wing and jumped over the fence trailing the poor bird along with him the bird was still alive it was so upsetting to watch as I felt it was my fault for inviting the birds into our garden. I have never been a cat person but had nothing against them till this year. In the springtime I had a nest of baby blackbirds that had just hatched and a cat got to that too. We have tried everything to keep cats away from our garden most of them take the hint but one just will not. Still feeling very upset at what happened but I suppose cats will be cats.

Todays picture of the day is of a lovely summery day in Norfolk (Burnam Overy Staithe) it is a dull dark day today so I though we would have some sunshine and blue skies today. Love Joan.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Same here with the birds and the cats. Our neighbor who is a friend has several outdoor cats and no matter how we try to watch out for them they watch our feeders and cause some misery for the little birds. I have a really hard time with that and thinks she should keep them indoors, but some people feel like they should be out. This saga has gone on for years so nothing new here.

Thank you for the SUNSHINE this morning ! We have promises of a very mild day here . 'On Ya'-ma

Jan said...

I know how you feel Joan re cats and birds grrr ,is your bird table holding up still ?Lovely picture taken in dear old Norfolk Jan xx

Stuart said...

We have alm ost always had cats and fed the birds and the two don't meet at all if you manage the bird feeding and nesting sites properly, we have found.

Our feeders and bird baths are in positions that can't be accessed by cats.

Jenny said...

A bird had to climb in our cats mouth before it took any notice of them, but some can be pests.
Jenny <><

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan can imagine how upset you must have been ~ nature can be so cruel ~ we do have one cat that comes into our garden but Nin and Barney always chase it away ~ Ally x

Yasmin said...

Must have been very upsetting Joan, I have cats but they are indoors mostly, so luckily do not cause any harm. The bird table is still holding up so that's good, nice photo good to see some sunshine.

Take care


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for the "head's up"...i added a followers section to my all the wonderful info from Scotland......!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

That's a beautiful summer picture, Joan.

My daughter has a cat that lives here. She's an indoor kitty and never goes out. I'm not really a cat person either. I tolerate ours but really love the dog. I just don't like watching them run off with birds and baby animals. I know that is upsetting.


Marie said...

I would love to have a cat, but Todd says our bird station would become nothing more than a feeding station for the cat. So, alas, we don't have one as I do love the birds and get ever so much pleasure out of watching them.

Jeannette said...

I know it's upsetting, one of my former cats used to catch birds daily ~ just the pretty tits and robins etc. They're just following instincts like a lion would kill a zebra. My neighbours dog killed my pet rabbit. I suppose we can't keep animals as pets and expect them to conform to our standards can we. My cats are indoor cats so they cause no damage or upset to others! Your photo is gorgous Joan, very peaceful and calming! Have a good weekend! Jeannette xx

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