Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Its the Pump.


Good evening, I thought I would update you on the heating situation. Stuart called our plumber this morning he is a great chap and was with us by 11 o'clock seemingly our pump has packed up and we need a new one. He (the plumber) is going to pick up a new one later today and it will be fitted tomorrow.  Fortunately the weather has been a bit milder today so we have been ok. We have a gas fire in the lounge which we do not use a great deal but it is handy when something like this happens.  We have lived in this house for 18 years now we fitted a new pump just after we moved in and that one lasted 15 years we fitted another one 3 years ago and that's the one that burned out yesterday.Seemingly they are only guarenteed for one year not very long considering the price they are.So hopefully by tomorrow night all will be long.

Had Ellen for tea tonight and she was trying to play Mahjong she is not the most patient person but she was very good she managed the first level of the game I have, so she will be anxious to get going when she comes next week.

Think I have stretched this out as much as I can so till next time I will leave you today's picture.   The picture below was taken today as we waited for Ellen coming out of school we were parked in the school car park Stuart was watching the under 9's playing a rugby match looking down to Perth and the snowy hills beyond.  Love Joan



Sugar said...

glad you're getting it taking care of so quickly & the weather is not too bad.

Stuart said...

It's a pain when the heating breaks down.

Ours broke down last Friday. Fortunately we are covered by a protection plan and the engineer was out in two hours to fix it.

Hope yours goes ok tomorrow.
So you have a real fire?

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Glad you are able to get it fixed quickly but they sure don't make anything like they used to. Three years isn't a long time compared to what your old one lasted. It seems like most things are like that now. xx

Yasmin said...

Glad the pump is being fixed I've had 2 and have lived here for 14 years, but touch wood. Mahjong is one of my favourite games, have many many hours playing this.

Take care


Marie said...

Glad you're getting your pump sorted soon. Our boiler burns out some nipple or something every year because it burns calor gas and it burns too hot or some such so we always end up without heat at some point during the winter months. I dread it every year! we don't have a gas fire, just a little electric one. Great photo as always!

Jeannette said...

I'm glad you know now what the problem is and it's getting sorted. I waited over four years to get a pump for mine. I had heating but no hot water, I live on the 17th floor so need a pump to pump water up to me! I hope yours lasts a bit more than three years, it doesn't sound very long. They don't build things to last now do they? Those kids must be freezing out in that rugby field!
Stay warm and have a great weekend! Jeannette xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan glad you are getting your heating sorted ~ 3 years don't seem very long compared with the one that lasted 15 years ~ they don't build things to last like they used to ~ Glad Ellen is enjoying Mahjong ~ and I loved the picture of the under 9's playing Rugby ~ It does look cold though :o) Ally x

Jenny said...

The photo was lovely. It's good to have something using gas when the pump goes or you end up staying in bed a lot.
Jenny <><

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