Saturday, 2 January 2010

2nd January 2010.


So here we are the 2nd day of the new year already. We had a beautiful full moon on New Years eve and we were lucky enough to have a lovely clear sky to see it. They called it a blue moon, I had heard the saying but did not know why we say 'once in a blue moon' but now I know and I was quite intrigued by the reason behind it. In case you do not know (maybe it was just me that did not know) it is because we had two full moons in one month this is really rare in fact we only have 41 of these 'Blue Moons in 100 years. It was so bright on the 31st of December reflected on the snow I literally could have been able to read my book. Stuart and I stood at the back door quite in awe at it were glad we noticed it from the window.

Tomorrow in my dear hubbies 70th birthday. Don't think he is very pleased about it 69 is one thing but 70! We are being taken out to lunch by our son so we are looking forward to that, hope we don't get too much snow overnight and has us unable to get out the drive although Richard has a 4 wheel drive so we should be ok. It seems no time at all since we were both teenagers out first footing on his birthdays as at that time the New Year celebrations went of for a good few days.Happy Birthday Stuart have a lovely day. I just hope I can find one of the two birthday cards I bought for him I lost the first one I bought in October as it is always hard to get a nice card once all the Christmas stuff comes in, so I bought another one, I am sure there is someone in this house that hides things from me I am always losing things.

I have bought him a new Dab Radio as a gift for his birthday he has been looking at them for a long time but we are in a bad reception area and were not hopeful of getting any stations. We used the radio on the television which is good but I felt it was a awful waste of electricity. We had a little radio in the bathroom that we have had for over 30 years and last week it finally gave up the ghost it was sad it was such an old friend. They don't make things like that any more. Unfortunately Stuart feels his new one is too good to go in the bathroom so we are going to buy a new small radio for the bathroom so Stuart can sing along in the shower.

It has been snowing here on and off all day really heavy at times. I have never know snow to lay so long that's been well over two weeks now, usually it's gone in a couple of days. I don't know how we are going to get the pavements clear the heaps of snow are about three feet deep and more where people have cleared the snow away from there driveways and I know the little snow plough that does out pavements will not be able to cope with that amount of snow. We cannot get out for a walk just now the best we can do is to go the supermarket to have a walk round there which is not that great, oh to get my legs stretched.

This has turned into a bit of a book tonight hope you enjoyed all my news so till next time take care and keep cosy. Love

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Bunny said...

Welcome to the ranks of the septuagenarians, Stuart. It's not so bad!
Hope you all have a lovely lunch, Joan, so well-deserved after all the holiday grind. Me, I'm wondering if the fish and chip shop is open tomorrow - IF I can get down to the road. I have run out of things to do with a cooked chicken....

Julie said...

Happy birthday to Stuart. Our snow will be here now until March or April. Sigh. Hope yours melts soon

Sugar said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY stuart! enjoy your special day!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are cold and snowy here but nothing like you have. It will come at some always does but usually it doesn't last that long. Happy Birthday to Stuart! Every birthday is something celebrate for sure! It's nice your son is taking you out.

Sybil said...

Good Morning Joan,,,,and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STUART,,,,hope you are able to get out and have a lovely lunch.
I am sorry you are still having snow. I was speaking to Jane and she was saying she has never known so mcuh snow to lie in Elie either as they are right on the coast, in fact out the garden gate and right on to the beach, they seldom even get frost..
We have been lucky down here far..very hard frost but it goes by 10ish then comes down again around 3...with nice sunny days
Love Sybil xx

Marie said...

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY STUART!! Hope it's a great day and if I know Joan it will be! I did enjoy the full moon the other night. It was incredibly beautiful as you say. I had no idea though that it was the second one in a month or of the background behind the term bluemoon! You have educated me. Thanks so much! A very Happy New Year to you and to Stuart. May it be all that you hope it will be! xxoo

LYN said...


Jeannette said...

Happy Birthday Stuart. I am not all that far behind you and Mike is ahead of you. I hope your Dab radio works well, I have had one for a few years. Did not see the moon here, we have had some cloudy nights. They forecast snow showers for us on Wednesday, we shall just have to wait and see.

Jeannette said...

Happy birthday Stuart! I hope you managed to get out to celebrate! Let's hope this snow goes soon and we can return to normal, it's such a pain when it hangs around and out stays it's welcome! I saw the blue moon, it was beautiful, I just love looking at it when it's full, it looks like a huge Christmas tree bauble. There's something in my home that hides things from me too! Jeannette xx

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Stuart! Enjoy your DAB radio. I have one having been told we would get good reception in our area but I'm afraid it's very hit and miss. So much for Comets (that's C-O-M-E-T) young experts!

I don't know about a blue moon on NYE but we ndid see out of the window what appeared to be hundreds of little 'moons'. They looked a bit like the lights on helicopters but there was too many for that so I've no idea what they were.

And no, there were no little green men!

Missie said...

Happy Birthday to Staurt. I'm a little behind here!

Love the photo on this entry. No snow here right now thank goodness!

Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Gosh you're otters look quite happy taking a dip in the freezing waters, and I do love your white trees, they look so enchanting.

Happy late birthday to hubby.


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