Monday, 25 January 2010

Wow Two Again.



We  a bad weekend by way of Stuart being laid very low for 24 hours after his Swine Flu jab I think he had every symptom on the information sheet he was supplied with. Today with Stuart being recovered again we did not want to stray far from home  just in case Stuart took another bad turn. We decided we would pay  a visit to Vane Farm our local nature reserve. We did try on the 6th of January but we could not get in the car park with all the snow that had not been cleared away. It is a great observatory for winter birding as it is heated and you are inside in the dry and warmth we love it as we admit we are getting soft in our old age. It was a dull day cold with light rain on and off.  The loch is still partially frozen and there is still a lot of snow around on the hills and it looked like some fresh falls on the highest of them.

While we were sitting at the telescopes I was fortunate enough to pick up a Sea Eagle sitting on a branch of a fallen tree at the wide of the loch.  This bird along with some other chicks that hatched last spring were released about fifteen miles away last summer and some of them have been hanging around Loch Leven. ( If you want to Google it on Google earth it is Loch Leven Tayside Scotland.)

As we were watching the sitting eagle another one flew right over the building we were in so we had a beautiful view of one in flight take my word for it they are enormous.

Sea Eagles


I did not take this picture it was one I googled, I did not take my camera today as it was so dull and anyway I could not have got one as good as this.

We had as very enjoyable morning out, it bucked Stuart up no end and to see 2 lovely Sea Eagles on our doorstep practically was such a bonus.  There were ducks and some waders trying to find some open water not in the usual numbers as yet. We are hoping more will return once the loch thaws a bit more.  The ice did not seem to be very thick today not like the 12 " we had two weeks ago.

I think that's about it for today so until the next time take care.      Love,



Sugar said...

glad you enjoyed your morning out. love the flower collage.

Stuart said...

Wow! Sorry Stuart had such bad time. Sea Eagle pic although googles really catches it well

Jan said...

Wow how exciting to see the sea Eagles,Ibet you both felt good after sighting them ,hope Stuart is over his jab Jan xx

Kath said...

I hope Sturat keep on the uphill journey Joan.It's horrible isn't it when you are not well.Whata great mornign out you had.I have seen many programs on TV about sea eagles.Rooster loves those kind of programs.They are very big birds true.This is a lovely picture from Google.Thankyou for sharing your outing with us.You live in a fabulous place.Stay warm and keep well both of you.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I haven't had that H1N1 yet and am thinking I won't as they say most my age are immune to that flu anyway as we must have built up an immunity naturally to it years ago. I'm hoping so anyway. Yet if people have any health risks they say they should get it. Thankfully I don't. The eagles are amazing and look somewhat like our American Eagle. He's our national bird and we are quite proud of him. It must be lovely to have a place like that to go into and watch the birds. Glad you are getting out and taking pictures for us.

Anonymous said...

He looks very graceful for something so huge. Must really be a wonderful sight to see them for real. Am glad you're enjoying some snow free days out.


Yasmin said...

I like the photo of the Sea Eagle, so magestic, glad to hear Stuart is feeling better , it's nice to get out even if is a bit nippy.

Take care


Aileen said...

Sorry Stuart had a bad experience with the 'Jab'.I seemed to have got away lighly, with that.
But, otherwise my health doesn't improve, and keep meaning to update my Blog.
Glad you managed to get out, miserable day here, and very dark.

Missie said...

I'm glad Stuart is feeling better. I had some symptoms after getting the H1N1 shot a few weeks ago, but fine now.

Jeanie said...

What a thrill you must have felt when you were able to see the sea eagles up so close!
I had a similar thrill this morning when I saw a nuthatch for the first time feeding at my bird table. There are two of them busy gathering the nuts and seeds, oblivious to my joy.
I called out its name when I saw it at first but had to look up my book to make sure. What a thrill!
Sorry to hear that Stuart felt rough after his jab. I hope he soon gets over it.
I had some mild effects after mine which went quickly.
Jeanie xxx

Julie said...

What wonderful eagles, they are so fierce looking. Glad Stuart is feeling better. I have never been able to talk Rick into getting a shot again after he had a bad reaction to the swine flu shot in the 80's. Neither of us got this one.

Sybil said...

Oh Dear so sorry that stuart was unwell after his jab. Thats the first person I have heard of hat has been bad...most have just had a heavy arm for a few days more or less...anyway it was a good idea to get out for a wee while. what a bonus to be able to see hese beautiful birds,
Love Sybil x

Sandra said...

Hi Joan, I`m so sorry Stuart had such a bad reaction to his injection, I`ve heard that can happen. My grandchildren had their jabs today so I hope they`ll be alright. How lucky of you to have seen a Sea Eagle, they are magnificent looking birds.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

goodgame77 said...

hello~nice artile..................................................

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I hope Stuart is feeling better now ~ Lyn had swine flu and was really ill # but glad to say she is better now ~ the picture of the Sea Eagle is beautiful ~ Ally x

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