Tuesday, 19 January 2010

19th January 2010 It's Green.


If I am not mistaken the graphic above is green yes that's the colour the grass is just in case you have forgotten. At last half of our garden is clear of snow but in a dreadful state.  There is bits of apple, seeds husks etc all over the ground will have to go out and clean it up. We have had a new bird in the garden these last few day they are the tiny Siskins a lovely little green and yellow bird.  There is a small party of them three males and one female.  The niger seed feeder just holds three of them at a time so the little female just sits and waits her turn. I know its winter but everything looks so dead you feel that it will never recover from four weeks in the deep freeze.


On Sunday past we managed at last to get a walk to the supermarket for a paper and rolls it was the first time we have been able to walk anywhere in our village since the snow came on the 16th of December. There were still some dicey patches and we had to walk on the road some of the way but we got there.

Yesterday we went up to Perth it was sunny and mild what a change the mercury got up to 9c that's about 48f great, it was so good, in the winter it's amazing what a little sunshine does to the spirits.

There is not a lot happening just now doing cosy things like crosswords reading and on the pc but have been enjoying it just fine most of the time.

Stuart is off on Saturday for his Swine flu injection hope he will be ok with that. Well I think that's about it for tonight really don't have mush to say today so till next time.  Love




Sybil said...

Hi Joan, So glad to read that your snow is at last moving..it seems to have been such a long time just sitting there staring at us !!
All gone down here as well. So have been able to get out and about to get shopping in. Forecast is perhaps more snow overnight tonight but I am sure it is going to be somehwere else LOL
Love sybil xx

Kath said...

Hi Joan,yes when I saw the greenery and all the snow gone it was lovely.As you know I have had my clean-up,I couldn't wait to get rid of all the bits scattered around.I don't like foodstuff hanging about it attracts virmin.I always take empty y hoders and things in th eevening LOL!!It has been a little milder here today but damp and foggy,and more snow predicted for tomorrow grrr.Happy you got a nice few hours out.Roll on spring what do you say? What a lovely bird arn't they pretty.Take Care God Bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We too have had some snow melt. I considered a walk on Sunday but there was too much ice on the walkways yet. Glad you were able to get out. I love your little colorful birds the Siskins. I don't think we have any around our part of the world. Now I'll have to check that out. I agree a little sunshine does do wonders for sure!

Sugar said...

happy to hear it's looking up a bit for you there. our weather has improved too. :)glad you got to get out & enjoy the milder weather.

Aileen said...

Hello! Joan

Thought about you and your 'area' and read how bad it has been.
I went out for the first time since Christmas on Tuesday 12th but it was for a Hospital appointment....:>(
I had the Swine Flu jab in December, didn't know what to expect but seemed OK, and least of my worries just now,will post an update soon....Aileen...X

Marie said...

WE have no snow left at all now Joan. It was very good to see the green again. I never thought I'd be so happy to see the end of the snow! Glad things are beginning to green up for you as well! I had my swine flu shot several months back and it went well. Fingers crossed that it will be the same for Stuart! xxoo

Jeannette said...

I know what you mean about the mess. Our garden looks dreadful. With all the melted snow the ground is a bog and with two dogs running up and down on it, it is all churned up. It is so dark today I have the lights on. Mike has gone for his eye check-up.

So glad you were able to get out. It is amazing how quickly gardens recover though. Once we get the new leaves and some sunshines, they will be transformed.

Jan said...

Yes thankfully our snow has gone too,we dont want it to come back either do we ? so pleased you were able to get out again ,you get abit stir crazy dont you hee hee ? I love your green theme ..love Jan xx

Julie said...

What a pretty little bird. They just passed some law against feeding the wildlife in our state. I guess the deer are getting TB and they don't want to spread it to the cattle. I will have to put my bird feedings up high.

Bunny said...

Thought we were in for another dose of snow, but it stayed away from this part of Wales.
I always feel very privileged when the siskins make one of their rare visits, they are like little jewels.
We have not been offered a swine flu shot; perhaps at 74 and 83 we are too old!!!
Bunny xxx

Angie said...

I think every garden in th country must look a mess now Joan. I know ours does. They always come back though.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just had to pop in and let you know that our American Goldfinch is a variety of your siskins. I went on line to research it. They quite resemble them too. They loved the sunflower seeds we had in the summer, but haven't seen them in the wintertime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
Lovely post, the photo of the siskin is very good.
Thanks for sharing.
Keep warm and well.

Stuart said...

Missed this for some reason.
swine flu injection should be ok a bit sore afterwards and perhaps off colour for a day at most.

Sandra said...

Hi Joan, I know what you mean about the state of the garden. Mine has improved greatly since the snow first melted, it looked dreadful then. Today though I was walking around and tidying up and it was good to see Spring bulbs poking through the once frozen ground. A sign of Spring even at this early stage. How nice that you saw siskins, I don`t think they come this far south though I might be wrong. I hope all went well with SWtuart`s injection.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a pretty bird, his beak is like a thorn.


Herrad said...

Hi Joan,
The siskin is very pretty qonder what they sound like.
Are they the same size as a Great Tit?
Have a good day, look forward to seeing your crocuses soon.
Keep warm.
ps just a big snow shower here veru cold and icy here.

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