Monday, 4 January 2010

Monday 4th January 2010.


Good Afternoon, having a quiet day after all the festivities yesterday. Stuart had a lovely birthday and really enjoyed himself. We went out with the family for lunch, the first hotel we went to had a telly on with football so we had to leave as it was spoiling our day. We were fine in the Green Hotel. It must have been strange for Richard and Lisa as they both used to work there Richard as a porter in the conference suite and Lisa as a cocktail waitress in fact that is where they met. Changed days, Richard now with HM revenue and Lisa runs her Dad Engineering business it makes town centre fitting eg benches bollards planters etc. Richard just takes our pennies.

We are still snowbound up here as you have maybe seen on the news, in fact Fife our neighbouring county has ran out of salt and folk there are being advised not to travel. Stuart and I were going to try Perth today but we thought better of it and anyway we have to go on Thursday as the car goes in for its first MOT oh joy. We then thought we would walk to the supermarket we managed about 200 yards walking on the road on the hard packed snow but when we got to the main road walking on that would have been too dangerous and the pavement was still deep snow like walking in sand on the beach so we about turned walked back and got in the car.

Took the camera out today and here is the results......

DSCN0440 DSCN0441



The last picture is one of our bedroom windows which is north facing can you see the icicles hanging. I have not seen this since I was a child living in Dundee when they used to hang down for three or four feet from the high buildings. Bet all the kids are having great fun in Dundee it is the perfect place for sledging as it is all up hill from the river, the whole city is almost built on a hill. I remember it well we used to have a great place to sledge in the middle of the road down a steep hill, it was safe as there was not any traffic in those days when it snowed. According to the weather forecast there is no end in sight for us, to what they call a cold snap we are now on day 19 hardly a snap in my book. Thank goodness we put in our new heating system in September. I have seen gas engineers out a few times around here these last few days. Hope the poor folk have not had too long to wait for a repair with the temperature being so far below zero at nights and only getting to 0c during the day if we are lucky.

I think that's about it for today so till next time take care. Love



Angie said...

Oh Joan, how fortunate you got your heating sorted before this lot hit. We are still snowed up and we're forecast more this aft and tonight. Actuallyh I thought it wouldhave started by now but rather not as the workmen are here - at last - putting our new windows in......THISA WEATHER!¬!!!!

Julie said...

You have so much snow also. It does look lovely but gets old doesn't it. We are expecting more.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks about the same here today, but it is nothing new for us. Every winter we have it. Sometimes more and sometimes less but snow and ice all the less.
Glad you had a good time. It was great seeing all the smiling faces.

Jeannette said...

Those are lovely photos of you and your family Joan! I'm glad you managed to get out to celebrate Stuarts' birthday. I hope the snow will soon melt and you can get back to normal! I remember having those big icicles when I was young and also the frozen pipes outside! Jeannette xxxx

Sugar said...

great pic of u had the family! :)
happy stuart had a nice bd.
the snow is pretty to look at, but not to get out in. we've had it since before Christmas, & with singles digits & -0 f temps it will be sticking around. plus every few days we have more. brrr
glad your heating was in before your cold hit!

Kath said...

Happy belated Birthday Joan to Stuart,What a lovely family picture.I too have stopped putting family in and removed lots from my old blog.It's -4 here just now and freezing once more.More ont he way tonight.Your pictures look a very similar to home here Brrrr.I am nursing a very sore back froma coupleof slip ups today(see new posting)So if I were you and Stuart I would stay put.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

Hi Joan,

What a lovely family you have, I`m glad I got to see them before you removed the photo. My goodness you have had a lot of snow, ours melted before Christmas but its bitterly cold again and snow is forecast once again. This morning it was -6 and even at lunchtime it was still -2, cold enough I think....brrrr!

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Jan said...

Yes Iam pleased you got the heating sorted that is alot of snow still hanging around and yes those scicles are something I havent seen for a lot of years ,Happy Birthday to Stuart ,Hasnt Ellen grown ? keep warm ,keep safe Jan xx,

Sybil said...

Thank goodness that you manage dto get out for the birthday lunch and that all enjoyed it. Thanks for putting on that lovely photo...
I have not seen icicles like that hanging down from the house for many a long year. I think I have some photo's of the iceicles when we lived in Newtongrange,,I think it was quite common maybe we are just becoming soft in our old age !!! I certainly have never seen the frost inside the windows since we came down here !!what lovely patterns there used to be. Still white frost down here it was -6 this morning and never went above -1 today.
Love Sybil xx

Missie said...

Great picture of the gang! No snow here thank goodness. I'm sure more is coming soon though. Have a good week.

jean said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Stuart, Glad you posted the picture of your family, and what a nice looking family you have. Take care and stay warm, jean

Jeannette said...

I think that is a beautiful photo Joan, truly lovely and you should be proud to show it. You certainly have it bad up there. I remember the last big freeze we had in the late seventies, we had huge icicles hanging down outside our front door, Mike had to break them off. We are having problems with out new heating and looks like we will have to call them out yet again. Spent and hour and a half sitting on the phone tonight trying to get through, all I got was please hold we are busy. Our boiler keeps losing pressure to no apparent reason.

Stay safe, it is all too easy to fall. Best off indoors if you can be.

Aileen said...

Hello! Joan, I'm a stranger to Blogs over the last year, but hope for better 2010.(I did post yesterday))
Nice to see the picture before it was moved, a milestone to celebrate.
Our road looks very much like yours this morning, but think it must be bad for you 'up north'.


Jeanie said...

I'm glad you all had a great time celebratng Stuarts birthday.
Magical icicles hanging from your roof. It's been many a year since I last saw those anywhere.
We too have thick snow in the Lakes. The same as everybody now..looking at the news.
Take care on venturing out.
Jeanie xxxxx

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