Friday, 30 January 2009

Friday Update.


Good Morning, it seem ages since I wrote anything bit have  been a bit busy as I am having a new kitchen put in next week so have a bit of preparations to make but looking forward to seeing it all done.

Ellen had a great day skiing on Tuesday but there was a mishap. Ellen's best friend we will call her N does not travel well and was very sick all over Ellen on the way to the Ski slopes it was not to bad as they were outside all day and she said she had a great time. Back on the bus they all had a change of clothing with them but unfortunately N was sick again on the way home while Ellen was sitting beside her.  Ellen just about made it but eventually the smell got to her and she was sick too.  I was told all this my my dil Ellen did not mention the sick bit to us she just told us about the snow being not too icy and the run she was on was great so obviously the incident did not bother her too much so dil was left with a utility room full of very smelly ski clothing etc including trainers, glad it was not me.

Weather wise we are having a bit of a lull before some nasty weather comes to us late Saturday/Sunday. We hope it is not too bad as we have to go to Dundee for a hospital appointment for Stuart on Monday  it is on a main motorway and dual carriageway so hopefully it will be ok it just being retired now we usually don't go out on bad roads now if we don't need to.

I think that's about it for today so I wish you a happy weekend till next time. Love




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How exciting to have a new kitchen put in. It will be nice for you. I do hope your weather remains good for your trip...I don't like driving on bad roads either. Winter is not ever going to be a favorite time of year for me. But it comes every year and is a part of life, so we go on.
'On Ya'-ma

Stuart said...

i as checking the forecast just now and it seems they have changed their minds

Missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

Sugar said...

Have a lovely wkend, hoping for nice weather for you.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan hope the weather isn't too bad for your trip on Monday ~ and Glad Ellen enjoyed her time on the ski slopes ~ shame about her friend being sick though ~ Ally x

Kath said...

Hope the kitchen fitting goes well Joan.What a pantomine getting ready for something like that.I hav ehad it all in the past.The upsets worth it all in th ened though.I wish you a safe jouney Monday and also I hope the appointment goes well too.Poor girl being sick and poor Ellen having to catch it all.Yucky.Yes it's given out quiet a heavy snowfall for my area next week.Yikes!!When is spring going to come?Have a nice weekend.Take care God Bless Kath xx

Yasmin said...

Poor Ellen glad she is okay and had a good time. New Kitchen, hope you take some photo's when it's finished.

Wishing Stuart well for Monday and hope the weather is not too bad on the motorway.

Have a good weekend


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Poor Ellen, there is only so much of that sick, throw up smell you can take. Wow, how neat having a new kitchen put in. That's my dream. xx

Jan said...

How lovely to have a new kitchen ,so you will be upside down for a bit ,but oh how worth it ! so sorry for poor Ellen and her Mum ! still as long as Ellen enjoyed it all ,thats the main thing ,hope all goes well at the hospital,and safe journey Janxx

Roaming Retirees said...

A new kitchen would be lovely. And "Having It Put In" would be a dream. I have a husband who insists on doing everything himself. He does a wonderful job, but a "one man show" takes forever. We painted our den in anticipation of the new TV; didn't like the contrasting color on 3 walls, so had to do-over. Took over a week; the painter would have been finished in a day...Steve is here, and we have this mammoth TV now, so as the old, tired eyes get worse, we should see it for a good long while... I think the neighbors might be able to enjoy it from their cozy chairs at home if I open the drapes. Part of the Superbowl will be in 3-D, so we have the glasses ready. Y'all must think the Superbowl mania is crazy...we aren't partying this year...a cozy evening with the mammoth TV. Enjoy the weekend; hope the nasty weather bypasses you.
Love, Sylvia

Aileen said...

Thanks for your 'visit' Joan
I'd love a new kitchen...BUT, not on the Cards for now
Could we have some before and after Pics?
We have Cold weather, and a flurry of snow, bet it's cold in your little corner of the World

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