Sunday, 1 February 2009

February at Last.

Good Afternoon, hope you are having a peaceful Sunday. Well that's January done and dusted for another year. I always thought when we were younger that January was an exceptionally long month we were paid monthly at the time and were paid early in December so it made it even longer as funds were running short by the end of the month. Now we have our state pension weekly and our private pensions monthly and it works out great but January is still a long long month.

We have a weather warning out for snow tonight and for the start of the week hope we can get to Dundee tomorrow for Stuart's appointment at Ninewells Hospital it is an 80 mile round trip we will just have to wait and see and decide tomorrow. We usually just have to go to Perth but Stuart need special equipment for his tests tomorrow that is not available there.

We have been busy all weekend getting the kitchen ready for the refit tomorrow it is the first time we have done anything big in the kitchen since we moved in her in 1990 so it is really needing done as these are the original units that are there. We have saved hard to have this done and I am really looking forward to the change even though we are not changing the design. Roll on Tuesday.

If we get away tomorrow I am hoping to get some photographs taken so I hope it is nice and bright . It is very cold here today an east wind and just 37f but it feels much colder with the windchill factor.

That's about it for today till next time Love


Angel said...

I love the way you say "that's January done and dusted for another year." I say good riddance; January was tough here in Wisconsin this year. Hope you are able to make the journey tomorrow, and that remodeling goes as planned. We'll be watching the Super Bowl today, even tho the Packers didn't make it in the finals.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I am ever so glad to see January gone. It did seem to go fast this year but ugh, the snow we've had has been horrendous. Hope your weather holds off for Stuarts appointment. It must be so exciting to be getting a refit for your kitchen. Enjoy your Sunday...xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm not a bit sorry to say good bye to this January for sure. The 1st Day of February has blessed us with Sunshine and above freezing temps. How grand to feel some warmth from the sun. We had that bitter wind chill just about the whole of January so I'm long past due for a change. Tomorrow we'll be back to snow and cold, but today I'm counting my blessings for sure. Take care on your trip tomorrow and I hope you have clear roads and a safe trip.
'On Ya'-ma

Sybil said...

Praying that all will be well for tomorrow Joan and that the forecaster are just trying to frighten us half to death !!
Mind you it is colder down here than with you today -1 all day and with the wind factor it feels like -8 !!Thank goodness for a nice wee cosy house..
love for now Sybil.
PS Looking forward to seeing photo's of the new kitchen etc.

Kath said...

Yes I'm happy too January is out Joan.I never did like it.After the feast the famine was always my Motto for January when the children were small and all at home LOL!! Suppose it's stuck with me since then.It's been bitter here today and yes we are in for quite a lot of snow,this coming week brrrr.Iv'e been saying when I go out I'll be playing at all fall down again He-He.Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen you desrve it after all the hard saving and a safe journey tomorrow.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

Hi Joan, It looks as if February has blown in with a vengence if the weather reports are to be believed. It`s absolutely freezing here so anything could happen. I know what you mean about a long moth financially. I took extra care not to overspend and ended up having more money left in the bank than I usually do at the end of the month. I hope Stuart makes his hospital appointment tomorrow. Have a safe journey.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Jeannette said...

I'm glad to get January out of the way, it always feels like a dull grey month to me! February has started out so cold here, it's 24F right now with a blizzard outside, ugh! I hope you make it to the hospital appointment tomorrow and you also get the new kitchen up and running! Jeannette xx

Stuart said...

I hope all goes well tomorrow. Wish Stuart well.
This January has been uber speedy for us as we had all our problems to deal with.
Last January was specail because Adam was born.
It will take more than that to make January tolerable

Yasmin said...

Watch out for the weather tommorrow, warnings on the news. January is such a long month glad Feb is here but not the snow. good luck with the new kitchen.

Hollie said...

If y'all get out please be careful! I'm looking forward to your pictures.

Missie said...

January is a long month. I'm glad the month is over!

Enjoy your week.

Jan said...

When Iread part of your entry in my side bar Ithought you had said we always thought we were younger than Jan ..hee hee you meant January ,good luck to Stuart tomorrow ,and Ilook forward to seeing your pictures ,and in time of course, the new Kitchen Jan xx

Marie said...

It is hard to believe that January is all over. It went ever so quickly. I hope the weather behaves so that you and Stuart can get the things done today that you need to do. We have some lovely snow here, but then I don't have to go driving in it. Can't wait to see your kitchen refit and hoping it all goes weil without any hitches! XXOO

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I hope you manage to make the trip to Dundee ~ I have heard the snow has brought a lot of disruptions on our roads ~ we have that snow warning here as well ~ it has been snowing on and off for the last two days ~ and some of the side roads are really dangerous ~ Ally x

Jeanie said...

I come late to your journal Joan and already thepredicted snow has fallen here in the Lakes. I hope you and Stuart have a safe journey to hospital.
Your new kitchen plans sound wonderful. All that saving and now the fruition of your plans will soon bear fruit. I too can't wait to see your photos.
Safe journey and stay warm.

Jeanie xxx

Jeannette said...

I hope all goes well for Stuart and that the journey goes well especially if you have our weather.

Bunny said...

I hope that whatever is happening with you, Joan, is going smoothly. January was like a long dark tunnel. I remember some pleasant weather last February- we can only hope!

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