Friday, 16 January 2009

Oh No Not Again

For Outside Read Inside.

Do you remember our central heating broke down just before Christmas well its done it again. Last night it just refused to ignite (Its Gas). Plumber was here first thing but unfortunately he will not get the spare parts until Monday so we re in for a cold weekend. We have a gas fire which is very good but my lounge is open plan with a staircase at the back that leads upstairs so we lose a lot of heat that way. In our bedroom we have a fan heater so it's not too bad but when you go to the kitchen or he bathroom you need to put your coat on just about.

Not been much happening here this week other than we have bought a new telescope that has a camera attachment and the camera, so we can't wait for sunny day to go out and try it out it is just what we have been wanting for ages and this Nikon set is just perfect, will show you the results when I get some pictures taken. It will take a bit of practice but sure we will get the hang of it no problem.

I did a picture search and came up with this its not quite the same ours is all black but its near enough. Roll on a sunny day.

I have updated my Book Journal if you want a look to see what I have just read. Here is he link

Think that's about it for today so will be off now till next time.Love


Yasmin said...

Just what you don't need the heating packing up again and it is going to be cold this weekend, hope you've got your hotties for bed time, also nice hot toddie as well. Like your new Telescope you going to enhjoy that when you can start bird watching again.

Take care


Sugar said...

hope you get your heating fixed soon, bundle up this wkend & make a bed in frt of the fireplace & stay warm.
love the telescope.

Missie said...

Our heating system is between 35-40years old. I pray every day during the winter it keeps on going!

I hope your heater gets fixed quickly.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry to hear about your heating. It would not be very nice at all to go with out it right now. Glad you have a little back up though. Take care and keep warm. 'On Ya'-ma

Julie said...

Oh no, I remember when my furnace broke a couple of years ago, burrr. My son just had his water pipe freeze. Terrible cold. I am so envious of your new toy. OOOHHHHH I want to play with it. Can't wait to see the shots.

Kath said...

Sorry to read you are in for a very cold week-end Joan.I know the feeling as I havn't got central heating in this home,and my staircase leads open plan off the lounge too.Brrr.Love your new gadget Whoo-Hoo I bet you and Stuart are going to be very snap happy this spring and summer.Well when it finally arrives that is LOL!!Keep as warm as you possibly can.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Hollie said...

Brrrrrr...sorry about your central heat breaking down again. I can't wait to see your photos. try to stay warm.

Indigo said...

Your central heating broke down on what is expected to be the coldest weekend yet. I hope you and your family can stay warm.

Can't wait to see what pictures come from the telescope camera. (Hugs)Indigo

Sybil said...

Why is it that boilers wait till the freezing cold weather to break down...I am sure there must be a conspiracy...Here two of my neighbours gas boilers broke down last week as well....Hope your does get sorted out soon. My that looks a sure posh camara attatchment. Will be looking forward to seeing some stunning pictures soon.
Love for now Sybil

Marie said...

I hope you're not too cold this weekend Joan! What a horrible time for this to happen!! What am amazing telescope! I look forward to seeing some amazing pictures from you once the weather improves!!

Jeannette said...

Wot? No heating? Brrrr! I hope your gas fire will keep you warm Joan, it's so cold out now and we have gales which make it feel colder. I love your telescope, I had one of them years ago that I could fit my camera on, I had great fun with it, I know you will too! You'll be able to get some great moon shots, once the clouds have gone! Stay warm and I hope that spare part for the heating arrives on Monday. Jeannette xx

Sandra said...

I don`t believe it Joan, we had our central heating fixed this morning because ours refused to ignite too. Its the second time in 2 weeks that we`ve had work done to it so hopefully its fixed now.It`s awful not to have heating when its as cold as its been lately. Take care and try to stay warm. :o)

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

Jeanie said...

Our heating went off for a time during the cold spell. Thank goodness for our log burner! It was awful going into the kitchen as we have one wall where it is just a patio door plus another window over the sink. I had to put my coat on to go in there each time. My sympathy is truly with you and I hope you get it sorted pronto!
It's not funny being cold indoors. Especialy during this weather.
I love your latest toy. I am so envious of it! Like the others I can't wait to see it go to work and produce lots of fab photos.
Stay as warm as possible Joan.
Warm hugs coming your way.

Jeanie xxx

Joan said...

Hiya, just popped by to say hello & long time no contact, LOL!! The new camera stuff sounds great!!! Hope you are not too cold!!! love Joan

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh no, just what you didn't need in the midst of winter. I sure hope you manage keeping yourself warm. That telescope and camera is really, really nice...xx

Bunny said...

No stranger to blips and gremlins, I do feel for you Joan.
Hope the weekend was bearable, and you've been fixed up by now.
Bunny xx

Dawn said...

Hope your weather gets a little warmer. There is nothing worse than being cold.


Dawn said...

Hope your weather gets a little warmer. I don't think there is much worse than being cold. Dawn

Dawn said...

Hope your weather gets a little warmer. I don't think there is much worse than being cold. Dawn

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