Sunday, 22 February 2009

More Sunday Snippits and Snowdrops.

Sunday again where does the time go. This week has been really Spring like sunny and fairly mild I even managed to get my washing dry outside today.
Earlier this week Stuart and I had a day out to Cambo House in Fife to see a national collection of Snowdrops. The sun shone all day and in a sheltered spot you could even sit out in the sunshine.
This is a quilt that is on display at an art collection they are showing in the big house it was magnificent. Someone must have spent ages on this masterpiece.

This is a collection of grasses in the walled garden. Not a lot to see at this time of year but sure it will be worth visiting later in the year.
Some of the snowdrops in the woodland there are lots of different varieties but very difficult to take a picture of as they hold their heads down as you know.

Cambo House built in 1870 and very nice too.
Loved this little clump of Iris Reticulata so delicate to be out in the winter.

There are some lovely sculptures around the estate these girls are on the wall of the walled garden.
This last picture is a great way to use your old bath the tiny daffodils were so beautiful. We both had a lovely day the snowdrops we fantastic there were also many Hellebore and Aconites the latter mixed in with the snowdrops. To think of the week before it was all under snow.
I think that's about it for today another busy week in prospect new bathroom starting tomorrow. Bye bye apricot suite won't be sorry to see it go as they say in the property programs 'very seventies'. So till next time, take care, Love,



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

THANK YOU sooooo much for sharing a little bit of heaven there. It does appear that Spring has come in your part of the world. After all our dreary grey days I just loved seeing all your pictures. To sit in a sheltered spot and feel the warm sun would be a dream come true. I fear it will probably be a least another month before we are blessed with such a sight. I've never seen those little iris's before. They are precious. I'll have to look at the greenhouses around here to see if I can find some to plant around our house. I do have some tiny daffodils that were a gift from a friend many years ago. The come up every spring, yet I rarely see the friend anymore. You'll have to share some pictures of all the remodeling going on at your house. 'On Ya'-ma

Ally Lifewithally said...

Snowdrops are beautiful I often wonder how such delicate plants can survive the snow :o) ~ Joan your pictures are lovely ~ and someone worked wonders on that quilt it really is a work of art ~ hope the bathroom refit goes well ~ Ally x

Hollie said...

What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. I'm so ready for warm days of sunshine.

Yasmin said...

Looking at your great photo's gace us a little touch of spring today, Camb house looks great, it will be nice to explore more in the summer. good luck with the new bathroom.

Take care


Stuart said...

hm not heard of this place is it NT?

Missie said...

I sure hope spring gets here quickly. I loved seeing those flowers. Gives me hope! LOL

angel said...

You're welcome. And I love to see your pictures and read your thoughts. My favorite is the pic of the girls on the wall. Your winter must be much shorter than ours as we are still getting blizzards.

Marie said...

What a beautiful breath of fresh spring air this post is today Joan! Love the snowdrop quilt. Someone is very talented!

Mark and Elayne said...

Your snowdrops remind me of fairydust. That's what I called it when I was a child.

Sandra said...

Thanks for showing such a lovely place Joan. I love Spring flowers. I have lots of irises in wall baskets amongst the pansies, crocuses and tete a tete daffs. The wall scultures of the figures doing cartwheels are great, I`ve never seen anything like them before. Its so nice to be able to dry washing outside, doesn`t it smell lovely once its dry? :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Cathy said...

You have a fine eye for things, I esp liked the wall-in garden shots.

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