Saturday, 10 July 2010

Squelching Saturday.

Butterflies and Flowers final painting small

So here we are on the Saturday of T in the Park and its been raining all morning heavily at times.  It also rained yesterday until late afternoon and then we had a sunny evening and one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen here, the sky was blood red, so I don't know what happened to the saying 'red sky at night being shepherds delight'. It must be so miserable standing in a field with the rain pouring down, but I suppose something that is ok if you are young does not appeal to someone of my age lol.

On Thursday we had a lovely day and we went back to Birnie and Gaddon and I managed to finish the photo walk I started with you last Saturday.  This time the camera was well charged up to here is the rest of the walk.DSCF1023

There is a meadow up on this point of the walk all sorts of wild flowers are in full bloom and there were many many butterflies too.


I took this picture to show you how near we live to this part of Scotland you see the hill in the background well I live at the bottom of that so it not far at all. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world even if it does rain when it shouldn't. Speaking of the rain this is the first substantial rain we have had in 2 months.  DSCF1032

This is a photograph of Birnie the other loch, this is the original loch, Gaddon was made later so this one is more mature although Gaddon had caught up now the trees and shrubs are all very thick just now you have to wait till you get to a viewpoint that has been cut out of the vegetation to see the water.



The Mute Swans after much arguing with their neighbours have raised three cygnets. We say a very funny thing happening as we walked on Thursday there was a coot and a Great Crested Grebe nesting on floating platforms and the grebe was stealing sticks from the coots nest I was waiting for a big fight but the coot just sat there minding her own business we did have a good laugh at that.



Just about back to the car park here after about one and a half miles.  It is one of our favourite walk at any time of the year and we usually do it on the 1st of January weather permitting.

That about it for now off to watch a mountain stage in The Tour de France. Take care. Love,



Jeannette said...

Beautiful pictures Joan. I loved the last one of the lane through the trees, I would love to explore down there. Weather is killing here, we all all praying it breaks soon.

I have also updated my journal, I did email you.

Jenny said...

The weather in the south of England is too hot to go out comfortably in, but it won't last.

Jenny <><

Bunny said...

I certainly know the meaning of squelchy! We've had torrential rain for the last couple of days here in North Wales.
Lovely photos, Joan. What vision to create such a beautiful habitat.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful walk. It is so very lovely there. I'm glad you got some much needed rain. We did too and although it is brilliantly sunny today our temps have cooled down and it is what a call a perfect summer day here.

Sybil said...

Thanks for the continued walk...What a pity that the heavy rain just had to coem down this weekend for all at the park...if only it had waited another day or so everyone would have been happy. It is still very hot down here ut I am half afraid to moan in case it goes and forgets to return !!So I will just put up with it and hope in teh evening when it is a bit cooler and I can sit out that the sunshine will build us up for the winter...
keep walking and sharing.
love Sybil x

Jeannette said...

Hi Joan, yup, I know all about squelchy too! I spent this last week in the Lake District and it rained almost every day! I got back to the beautiful hot sunshine in Brighton this evening. Your photos are gorgeous, I love to see wild flowers and you certainly do live in a beautiful area. I'll be up there in nine weeks, around Loch Linnhe, Fort William and Skye so please arrange sunshine for me, I can't take another wet, windy, cold holiday! It's a shame it rained for the T in the park festival but as you say it6 appeals to the young ones and they can deal with rain! Jeannette xx

Julie said...

Lovely photos. It would be a favorite place for me to walk also.

Herrad said...

Hi Joan,
Lovely photos thanks for posting.

Jeanie said...

I enjoyed that lovely walk with you Joan. I can imagine the meadow was full of gorgeous butterflies. There sure were a lot of wild flowers to their liking in that photo.
We had rain here in Windermere on Friday and Saturday. A grey sort of day today, Sunday, but dry.
We can't complain as we are on a hosepipe ban and we need the rain. Or should I say..Manchester needs the rain water.
I love looking at photos. Keep it up.
Jeanie xxxx

Angie said...

I often have cause to feel ashamed of my - irrational I know - fear of butterflies. I love to see wild flowers either from afar or on a photo but if it was to save my life I couldn't walk among those butterflies. You are lucky though, such beautiful countryside on the doorstep.

Kath said...

I could live there Joan it's like paradise.The young ones don't mind any weather.As long as the music plays.Lovely pictures thankyou for sharing them.Rained all day here in my part today (Monday),but the lawns need it badly,everything is scorched no matter how much you water it's been that hot,it will burn things..Just goes to show what it does to the skin,and still people won't take heed.Take Care God Bless Kath.xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan your pictures are just beautiful thanks for sharing them with us ~ you are so lucky to live among such beauty ~ Ally x


Glad the rain stopped so you could take that lovely walk. Wonderful photographs. It let me explore the countryside, right alongside you. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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