Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Its T time again.


Can you believe it's T in the Park time again. I scanned this photo from a leaflet we received this week to let you see the size the festival is.  It has grown and grown.  we are expecting over 1000,000 festival goers.  All our roads around Balado will be closed from Thursday till Monday afternoon, it does make getting about a bit difficult. It is strange all this money coming into our little town  and yet there is no money for plants for our flowerbeds in the centre town a few dozen plants are not all that expensive. During the winter the council has been round a dug up all the shrubberies to save on maintenance and just left them empty and bare it all looks very sad and this is just the start of our cutbacks. There has been a big furore as a fully mature beech hedge was chopped down by mistake.  It will be replanted in the Autumn but how long will it take to replace what we had.

I seem to have deviated  from the subject of the festival Stuart and I may try to go out on the back roads to get some pictures to show you but it is very difficult the last time we went near we were stopped by the police and that was not very nice you would have thought we were trying to get in free God forbid.

In my last entry about my latest walk I was asked if it was wheelchair friendly yes it is a wee bit of an incline but no steps and there is a shorter walk taking in just one loch. Hope this clears up this for you.

Think that's about it for today so till next time take care and I hope the weather stays dry for everybody coming for the festival. 






I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like a huge fest. It's sad that so many places are making cuts yet when something like this happens it brings in tons of people.

Jan said...

These cut backs are the excuse for all sorts of crazy happenings..love Jan xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan that looks like it is going to be a huge festival ~
It is such a shame they are digging up the shrubs and leaving bare ground ~ I can't imagine this will save a lot of cash ~ Ally x

Hollie said...

Wow that is huge!

Angie said...

Millionaires plead povertyand go bankrupt when they're down to their last few mill. Town councils are maybe the same? Makes you wonder where all that money went though.

Like Sybil, I'm always on the lookout for wheelchair friendly places to go. My chair is electric so steepness is, within reason, not a problem. What scuppers me is stony places which are a) a bumpy painful ride and b)stones can tip me over!

Did you catch that Tom Jones documentary last night? It reminded me why I thought he was gorgeous. I don't think I'd like to be in the middle of that crowd either at Glastonbury or up by you.

Angie said...

OOOH HECK...second para, last line of my prev comment, I meant to say "big stones"

Jeanie said...

That's a huge gathering Joan!
I'm sorry about the cuts. Like you..I don't think it can cost that much to cheer people up by planting a few flowers.
That seems like penny pinching to me.
I enjoyed the photos from your walk below. That's my kind of walk.
Jeanie xxx

Jeannette said...

What a shame that your council has done something like that. They can buy plants in bulk so get them cheaper and many councils have their own nurseries. I cannot understand people destroying anything beautiful and, of course, affecting the wildlife.

It sounds more like something that would happen down here but not up in your beautiful area.

I do not envy you having to get around with that festival. Get your shopping in early and then have a quiet and relaxing weekend in the garden if your weather permits.

Missie said...

WOW, that's a huge gathering.

Have a good weekend.

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