Saturday, 3 July 2010

Come Walk With Me Again.


Good Evening we were out in the car today and had a lovely walk around Birnie Loch and Gaddon Loch.  I have mentioned this place before it is a disused gravel pit that was turned over to the council in 1991when it was all planted up with trees and shrubs it looked very strange at first but now it is all matured it is a wonderful nature reserve a great wintering home for birds and waterfowl. the site was gifted to the people of the county by the owners there is still work going on close by so hopefully the reserve will be extended when the gravel runs out.

I just wish I had a picture of it as it was in 1991 but did not have the wonders of a digital camera then.

So come walk with me around the loch on the lovely July day.


This the view from the car park a lovely spot to have your coffee that is if you have remembered to bring some.  We did not intend to be here so I was not prepared.


Not many ducks about today as they are in moult now and hiding in the reeds getting ready for the winter ahead.


This is the start of the path around the Gaddon Loch the trees have grown so much here you cannot see the loch until further up the path.


This is where a little viewpoint has been cut out, when we stopped here a Mute Swan sailed in with here 3 cygnets, it was as if she was showing them to us, that is one of the babies as they sailed away.


A Damsel Fly newly hatched was among the insects and butterflies that were flying around the grassy slopes. 


A little bridge that links Gaddon to Birnie. Gaddon is on higher ground and is more wild and windy.


Some of the wild flowers that were growing along the  path.  At this point you would have heard a bit of a scream as the batteries on my Fuji camera packed it in so we will have to finish our walk another day. Have had a lovely time writing this and showing you one of our favourite local places so till next time take care,





Jan said...

And I had a great time walking with you ,so peaceful and cool walking along those leafy paths ,talking about our favourite Authors ...lovely ,....well I can dream cant I ? Jan xx

Sybil said...

Thanks Joan, you know that I always enjoy the walks you take us on and the sights that you see for us. Looks like that walk could be wheelchair friendly ? One day I really must spend time just wandering around... when I get up to Elie it is always on a quick 4 day visist to check on my old friends...but one day...
love sybil

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan thanks for a lovely walk the pictures are beautiful ~ Ally x

Angie said...

As Sybil said, it DOES look wheelchair friendly. Is it? Always handy to know where you can go. You're a great photographer.

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