Saturday, 16 May 2009

Trying Again.

sskwelcomegal5 Good afternoon after yesterdays fiasco with the pictures I thought I would try again with Live Writer to see if it would make a better job as it took me two hours to get as far as I did. I lost my temper in the end so that is why the entry ended so abruptly.


The River Turrett.

When we arrived at the dame we had a quick lunch in the car just a sandwich and a coffee then set of for a stroll up the side of the loch.  The sun shone and the wind that has plagued us all week did not seem so bad on Monday.


The colours of the mosses here have not come up as nice as they were was a bit disappointed with this one.



Again this picture does not do the lichen and the mosses justice the water was twinkling in the sun as it flowed over.


This is a common Sandpiper a lovely little wading bird that nests on moorland where there is water. Not a bad picture as we were a bit away from it.DSCF0860

The way back to the car with Stuart sorting his camera out look at that sky all blue what a treat.

That worked out a lot easier today after yesterday marathon. Speaking of Marathons its our local marathon today when the runners run round Loch Leven its a bit overcast but perfect for running hope it rain stay away for everybody as there are lots of things going on in the village today.  Till next time



Hollie said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure you guys had a wonderful day.

Julie said...

The shots are lovely and it would be a wonderful place to visit.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Lovely pictures Joan ~ your part of the world is so beautiful ~ hope the rain stays away so everyone can enjoy their day ~ Ally x

Sugar said...

beautiful pics! ty for sharing them.
have a lovely wkend.

Jeanie said...

Dear Joan

Your photos are wonderful. These are the sort of shots that catch my eye when out and about here in the Lakes. We are so like-minded!
Jeanie xxx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your pictures were beautiful. I was glad to hear you got out and had a lovely day for it. Little by little we'll be have more and more nice days. It is wonderful when they come. Blue skies and sunshine are a blessing.

Angie said...

To think, you live right there in that beautiful place. Breathtaking!
love, Angie, xx

Missie said...

I always use Live Writer. I think posting pictures using Live Writer is much easier.

Have a good week.

natalie said...

thank you
love, natalie

Jeannette said...

More gorgeous photos Joan! I hope the skies are still blue for you! Jeannette xx

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